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Feel the full beauty of the land of Thap Pagoda in the Cambodian Tet Holiday tour

Posted By : Threeland Travel / Cambodia Travel Guide


This New Year, travel with Threeland Travel to the land of Chua Thap on the Lunar New Year - Tet holiday tour in Cambodia to feel the full beauty of this land through attractive famous destinations, experience cultural activities here. 

Sihanoukville – The port city

At the beginning of this Cambodian Tet holiday tour, visitors will visit Sihanoukville - a port city in the south of Cambodia, named after former Cambodian King Norodom Sihanouk. It has the only deep-water port in Cambodia and owns many beautiful beaches.


The sea here has light waves, calm wind, smooth white sand and absolutely no shells, shells, rubble or broken coral, so this is always an ideal place for visitors to check-in and enjoy the fresh air.


Koh Rong Samloem Island

Koh Rong Samloem is an island off the coast of Sihanoukville, Cambodia, this is said to be an ideal place to relax with must-try activities when coming to this island such as diving, fishing, and watching the plankton develop. morning at night.
With extremely beautiful scenery and many cool trees, white sand beach next to blue water will make you feel great and much more interesting in this journey.


NagaWorld 5 stars – Phnom Penh

Amid the picturesque scenery of the Mekong River and Tonle Sap is Nagaworld, a highlight of the capital Phnom Penh, built and operated by Hong Kong's NagaCorp entertainment group in 1995. NagaWorld is recognized as a guest The best integrated casino hotel in the Vietnam - Laos - Cambodia region, competing with the leading casinos in Southeast Asia and the world.


NagaWorld offers everything visitors need for an indoor entertainment area: 27 restaurants and clubs, two luxurious spa rooms; art galleries, shopping malls, diverse game areas, high-end meeting spaces with modern facilities as well as Cambodia's largest convention center with a capacity of over 1,000 delegates and Naba Theater with 2,000 seats brand new.


Cambodia – Vietnam Memorial Monument

This is a concrete monument, built in the late 1970s in the capital Phnom Penh, is a monument consisting of two soldiers, a Cambodian soldier and a Vietnamese volunteer soldier holding a tree. gun in hand, to protect a woman holding a child in her arms in front. The monument is placed on a pedestal paved with marble, on which is the words "Vietnamese Volunteers Memorial" in Vietnamese and Cambodian.

Right behind the monument are two tall, solid stone pillars in the middle with a large circle similar to the drum face. The top is designed with a roof in the style of traditional Khmer architecture in Cambodia's common temples with pointed and soaring roof tops.


Independent Square

Independence Monument is located in the heart of Phnom Penh, both a memorial to the soldiers who died for the country's independence and freedom, and a place to recall the memories of the wars . The memorial is a unique architectural work, conveying many meaningful messages about the war against foreign invaders.


Cambodia Royal Palace

The Cambodian Royal Palace's full name is Preah Barom Reachea Vaeng Chaktomuk in Khmer. This is the residence of the King and his royal family, and is also the place where royal ceremonies and national ceremonies take place. This palace is the place to serve the food and drink, activities of the King, the king's family, as well as to facilitate the King in receiving foreign guests. In addition, this palace is also the place for court meetings, important royal ceremonies, or solemn ceremonies to receive diplomatic delegations and is the place to organize major and important events of the country Cambodia country.


Silver Pagoda (Wat Preah Keo Morakat)

The name Silver Pagoda is derived from the building materials of the pagoda. There are more than 5000 silver bricks used with a weight of more than 1kg each. In addition, the temple is also known as the Golden Temple because it houses a gold-plated Maitreya Buddha statue.

This temple is the place to hold ceremonies and prayers of members of the royal family and aristocrats, so the temple does not have an abbot. Silver Pagoda is a place to store treasures and culture more than a place to worship Buddha, precious objects were offered by Queen Kossamak and the royal family to pray for peace, prosperity and happiness for the people - the land country.