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Fantastic things to do in Kampot cambodia 2023

Posted By : Threeland Travel / Cambodia Travel Guide

Kampot is a province located on the Cambodian border, long considered by Vietnamese people as "neighbors". Kampot is a small town along the coast of Cambodia. The buildings and monuments built during the French colonial period give this town a special atmosphere. It will be interesting to walk around the center of town. Vibrant restaurants and bars have added to the undeniable beauty of this place.

The bustling nightlife also makes Kampot tourism one of the best places in Cambodia tours. Every weekend, with Threeland Travel coming to Kampot, you will feel the bustling atmosphere in the markets, the peaceful beauty of the mountains and forests of Kampot… The following article will share details about “Kampot cambodia things to do” is constantly updated and latest.


Kampot - A moment of peace in the South of Cambodia

Located in the South of Cambodia, Kampot puts on an extremely peaceful and peaceful beauty. Because it is located close to the Vietnam border, Kampot is a Cambodian attraction chosen by many tourists.

According to Cambodia travel experience, the first time you meet Kampot, you will not be overwhelmed when you witness the majestic natural mountains and forests. Experiencing many ups and downs over time, many buildings have been abandoned and decayed, but there are still works that keep their ancient beauty… all create an attractive and ancient Kampot. This is the answer to the question “Is Kampot worth a visit?”.


When should you travel to Kampot?

It seems the question is: “when should I go to Kampot?” How many days do you need in Kampot? is always the question of many tourists. That is also because only when you choose a reasonable time to visit, your self-sufficient Kampot itinerary becomes perfect.

If you have been to Vietnam, you will find that the weather and climate in Cambodia are quite similar to Vietnam. However, in the hot season in Cambodia, it is more sunny and sultry than in Vietnam. You should go around November to February every year. At this time, the climate is quite mild, not too hot and also less rainy.

Otherwise, you can also choose the time to go in April. Because this is the time when Cambodia begins the New Year season of Khmer. You will experience a lot of activities when participating in the festival. At the same time, you can also enjoy and learn a lot of useful information about Cambodian culture! This is the best thing to do in Kampot.


Famous destinations in Kampot

Coming to Kampot, you will have many things to do in Kampot cambodia: durian fruit rotation, Kep sea, Bokor mountain ... and enjoy many delicious dishes that attract diners.

Durian fruit rotation

Why is Kampot a good place to visit?. Because Kampot is the administrative center, focusing on ancient architecture, markets, temples, entertainment areas... Traveling to Kampot you will visit a huge fruit barn, which is popular especially with delicious durian specialties. Especially, in Kampot town, there is a huge durian monument surrounded by mangosteen, coconut, rambutan... 


You can take a tuk tuk ride around Kampot town to enjoy the special aroma. As is typical of durian, most people here grow durian. Durian prices in Kampot are very cheap, you can enjoy and buy them as gifts at the market or fruit cart.

Kep Sea

The next destination to mention is Kep beach, which is one of the most memorable beaches for tourists and one of the attractive tourist attractions of this country. Kep beach with light waves, gently sloping coast, clear blue sea brings a sense of peace to every visitor when coming here. In addition, you will have the opportunity to experience kampot resorts and straw and leaf accommodation along the coast.
Along the road behind the beach there will be empty yards with many hawker stalls. Coming here, you will really relax because on weekdays it is quite deserted. The beaches are only busy and crowded on weekends.


Phnom Chhngok Cave

If you want to explore the landscape, you can conquer Phnom Chhngok cave, about 1.5km from the center of Kampot towards the Kep coast. Visiting Phnom Chhngok cave, you will discover the experience, in the cave there is a temple. Experience when conquering Phnom Chhngok cave, you should bring bata shoes. This will be an interesting experience in the list of things to do in Kampot.

Teuk Chhou Stream

What do you thing to do in Kampot? Teuk Chhou Stream attracts visitors with a peaceful atmosphere suitable for relaxation, ideal for relaxation away from the hustle and bustle. This place is about 15km from the center of Kampot, the nature is green, there are mountains and hills and listen to the murmuring water, the birds chirping. If you are a lover of natural scenery, then Teuk Chhou stream is the ideal destination.


Mount Bokor

Bokor Mountain has the Vietnamese name "Ta Lon" - a legendary noun that goes into many stories about the sublime magicians, martial arts masters with excellent martial arts descending the mountain to help life... Now Ta Lon became A place that attracts many domestic and foreign tourists.

Bokor is located in the Damrei mountain range of Kampot province, 150 km from the capital Phnom Penh to the west - southwest of Cambodia. This is a sacred land with cool air all year round with forests and mountains covered in a green color everywhere, abundant water from scattered rains all year round gives the mountain scenery here full of character wild and lush. On the top of the mountain, white clouds cover and float, creating a feeling of sacred mystery.


Enjoy Kampot specialties

What to eat when traveling to Kampot? In general, eating in Kampot is quite diverse and cheap, you can enjoy delicious specialties such as:
Cambodia Kampot Burnt Chicken: The very famous grilled chicken dish in Kampot is loved by many tourists. Address: 1331 Rd, Teuk Chhou Stream, Angkor Chey, Kampot.
Durian: Kampot specialty durian cannot be ignored with its characteristic aroma. Durian is sold a lot at Kampot market.


Breakfast: Pizza, veggie burger, apple pie, veggie burger, pumpkin, tortellini blue cheese, french bread, steamed corn, sweet potato…
Epic Arts Cafe: The restaurant specializes in Western dishes such as sandwiches, cakes, eggplant rolls, feta cakes, tarts, mango chutneys, couscous salads,...
Mea Culpa: Very famous for grilled pizza, garlic bread, salad.
Ecran noodle shop: Specializing in vegetarian dishes, fried noodles, vegetarian dumplings.
Divino serves pizza, bruschetta, pesto e tagliatelle.

Kampot tourism deserves to be the number 1 resort and relaxation paradise in the country of Thap pagodas. Hopefully, the information shared about Kampot Cambodia things to do above will help you have a memorable discovery trip and many memories in cambodia tours.