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Halong bay is designated twice by UNESCO as a World Heritage. The 7th installation of King Kong series had been eventually filmed in Halong Bay after a long road since the first foreign film “Indochine” made in the region and gained an Oscar in 1992. It is said that even during the fierce battles of King Kong, Halong has been gloriously shown as a pearl of the Tonkin Gulf and to be must-visit attraction in every tours to Vietnam.

Nowhere else on earth, even vulcanic islands are comparable with the expanse and distinctiveness of this bay, where you are surely get overwhelmed from the first sight of uncountable scattered rocky islets, with wind and wave-eroded grottoes. A little reminiscence of the fjords in Norway or the sea in Phu Ket, Halong with its rocks and islets stretches over 1,500 sq. km will enable all kinds of sea activities. You can choose to relax leisurely for sunbathing, swimming, kayaking, visiting pearl or shell-fish farms or to visit fishman’s villages. If you love adrenalin-inducing sports, you can extend the trip for rock-climbing and bouldering at tough mountains in Cat Ba island nearby.

During the last few years, in order to respond to speedy development of travel services, Halong has also become an epicenter of strong activities for ecologists and eco-activists. Responsible and Educational tour designers like Threelanders are trying hard to support eco project and maintain sustainable development for Halong against its fast growth.

Food & Drink

Halong bay area and surroundings are blessed with excellent geographic advantages, which create an abundant and diverse kinds of specialties from seafood. What is better than learning to cook authentic Vietnamese food on a cruise, under guidance of a superb chef under gorgeous backdrop of Halong Bay? Passengers can partake in Vietnamese cooking demonstration before dinner or simply enjoy dinners with delicious seafood dishes which can satisfy your thirst for seafood.

Travel Guide

Just two and a half hour driving from Hanoi, being designated twice by the UNESCO as a ‘’World Natural Heritage’’, Halong bay attracts about 90% of visitors coming to Vietnam. Since the 1960s Halong has become a must-see destination in Vietnam, then later to all travelers to Asia. With the number of limestone islets dotting over the bay up to 3,000 according to latest records, the area has become even more famous than Hanoi and Saigon.


Our pick: Spend 2 or 3 days on a deluxe cruise around Halong Bay for sunbath, swimming, sightseeing and other water activities.

Natural Sites

Kong’s view: Seaplane from Hanoi to Halong with panorama view of the bay before landing for a cruising in hours.


2 or 3 days luxury cruising in Halong bay with water activities, seafoods and cave visiting.


MICE activities, team building on beach and games at theme park in Halong city.

Soft Adventure

Kayaking, hiking, rural cycling, detour to high viewpoint with great panorama in close-by Cat Ba islands.

Recommended Tours

8 days / 7 nights


A comprehensive tour of Northern and Center Vietnam, visiting its greatest cultural legacies, iconic town and astonishing natural wonder

4 days / 3 nights


Discovering Hanoi Old Quater then staying on cruise in Halong bay is a perfect choice for you to recharge your energy for a short yet perfect holiday to Vietnam. Let's immerse yourself into spectacular scenery, dip your body in the turquoise water and kayak through the caves and release all your worry. This itinerary will give you a pleasant experience and help you to discover Halong Bay’s beauty as well as its values.

1 day


Famous for stunning view with thousands of caves and in all kinds of shape, Ha Long Bay is one of the most visited place in Vietnam. Spend a day in cruise to see the whole beauty of a World Natural Heritage.You will never get bored to explore around 2000 limestone islands, we will get you to the best places in the area while enjoying delicous seafood dishes on boat.

2 days / 1 nights


Mingle with Halong Bay, a mighty and unique artwork by nature with thousands of islets and Islands rising from the emerald water for 2 days 1 night. Check various cruise options below.