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Leg-rowing fishing boats, blue crystal water merging with deep blue sky, quaint workshops and floating gardens, you are at the Inle Lake of Myanmar. Every tourist wishes for a boat trip on this beautiful lake and what they see always exceeds imagination. Despite the weather in other areas, the Lake is mostly quite pleasant for hanging around. Official data mentions that the lake is about 116 - 120sq km, yet it hardly defines the lake’s boundary due to the high water level and thick aquatic plants growing around the shore. A boat trip here is a great leisure to the souls and eyes, beside unique leg-rowing boats, you will be surprised by lively colors – blue, pink, green, purple - the lakemen use to paint their houses and boats. Chatting with the locals at their weekly markets, pagodas or workshops of silk, cigarettes, blacksmithware and silverware is such a pleasure, when they openly tell you about their lives and the traditional way of fishing or planting vegetables without chemicals. To the Southwest of Inle, you will arrive at Indein, a great hub of hill trekking. Should you feel that traveling is all about living next to the locals and see their living, trekking from Indein to Kalaw or back will be the most excellent way. Many families living in Indein, Kalaw and Nyaungshwe have become brilliant trekking guides, along with whom you will have a rare chance to spend several days in rural villages with local people, visiting their very ancient monastery in the forest, or admiring their gardens and textile hamlets. More than a lake for sightseeing, Inle Lake and the surrounding are such a little world, where you can enjoy the real life of Myanmar people. As a result, more and more tourists are rushing over this place for a trek before taking the popular boat trips.

Food & Drink

Like cuisine in other parts of Myanmar, popular food in Inle Lake and Kalaw is also under the influence of Chinese, Indian and Thai cuisine. It contains much green tea, salads, rice and noodles.

Travel Guide

Inle Lake is a 13.5 mile (21.7 km) freshwater lake in the township of Nyaungshwe in the Shan State of Myanmar. Floating Markets, the pagodas of Indein and much more - the area around Lake Inle in Myanmar offers many exciting attractions for nature lovers and explorers.



Our pick: Boat trip at Inle Lake, enjoying the pass-by floating gardens of cucumber, bean and tomato, visiting and shopping at silver, silk and local cigarette workshop.

Photography tours

Photography tours all year round; visiting in September, when lotuses bloom; visiting in October when unique boat races take place.

Trekking tours

Trekking in Kalaw hills, from two to four days, before or after the boat trip.


Staying at a deluxe resort on the lake for several days.

M.I.C.E. tours

M.I.C.E. tours, walking and biking tours.

Recommended Tours

10 days / 9 nights


Benefit from different types of experience in only one trip throughout Myanmar in 10 days from visits to prominent religious sites to romantic boating on Inle Lake, from gorgeous temples at Yangon to thousands of relics at Bagan. Let's conquer yourself by trekking through Kalaw and Hti Tain monastery and get insight to local life at floating gardens and handicraft villages in the Inle Lake. Your trip will end with a leisure stay in Yangon.

10 days / 9 nights

In the heart of Southeast Asia, hidden behind closed doors under military rule for the larger part of the last century, Myanmar is a country of glistering natural beauty and culture, of golden pagodas and monasteries, of aromatic food and warm people. Starting from Yangon, this in-depth journey throughout Myanmar that will lead us through all the unique places Myanmar has to offer. With fabulous nature landscape and top hospitable people, Myanmar tour will leave you an extraordinarily pleasant experience.

10 days / 9 nights

With the system of Mekong and Irrawaddy rivers crossing the country, Myanmar obviously offer great chance for river cruise

1 day


A visit to Inle lake bring you to a different world to the rest of Myanmar. Enjoy the daily local life in Myanmar.