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Corona Virus – Vietnam Breaks The Outbreak

Posted By : Threeland Travel / Travel Alert ( Top News )

Dear Valued Partners,

Greeting from Threeland Travel dba Gray Line Vietnam.

Hanoi, 31 January 2020

In view of the evolving situation as well as a part of precautionary measures to ensure the health and wellbeing of all Travellers and staffs, we would like to share with you the additional health and hygiene measures that Vietnam government is implementing as well as our actions on the working procedure during this sensitive time.

Corona Virus in China

As you might aware that 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is a new coronavirus identified as the cause of an outbreak of respiratory illness first detected in Wuhan, China. It could be infected from people to people. The basic principles to reduce the general risk of transmission of acute respiratory infections include the following:

• Avoiding close contact with people suffering from acute respiratory infections.

• Frequent hand-washing, especially after direct contact with ill people or their environment.

• Avoiding unprotected contact with farm or wild animals.

Prevent yourself from Corona Virus

Prevent yourself from Corona Virus

• People with symptoms of acute respiratory infection should practice cough etiquette (maintain distance, cover coughs and sneezes with disposable tissues or clothing, and wash hands).

Vietnam’s situation with new Corona virus.

In Vietnam, the number of people infected with nCoV is 5 cases, of which are 2 Chinese nationals (2 has recovered and cured completely in Cho Ray Hospital, Ho Chi Minh city ) and 3 Vietnamese citizens returned from Wuhan: one case is being quarantined and treated at Thanh Hoa General Hospital, the other two cases are isolated and treated at facility 2 of the Central Tropical Diseases Hospital in Hanoi.

Case of infection in Vietnam

Case of infection in Vietnam

Vietnam government measures to prevent this new corona virus.

Vietnam raised its health protection operation to the highest level in line with guidelines announced by the WHO to safeguard traveler's wellbeing. Within healthcare facilities, all hospitals enhance standard infection prevention and control practices, especially in emergency departments.

WHO declares the corona virus outbreak as a global emergency

WHO declares the Corona Virus outbreak as a global emergency

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc announced on 30 January that Vietnam had blocked all flights to and from China after the country confirmed its first cases of the coronavirus. Stop issuing visas for Chinese citizens to enter Vietnam. Officials said they would investigate the movements of the two people, Chinese tourists, and try to identify those they may have been in contact with. All Vietnam residences are included in the surveillance procedures. The government will comply with international recommendations to deal with the virus outbreak and collaborate with local people, tour operators, travel agents, hotels and residence owners to ensure an effective prevention and control measures in place to safeguard all travelers.

Vietnam has been proactive, has policies and early measures and is well controlling the disease situation

Vietnam has been proactive, has policies and early measures and is well controlling the disease situation

Vietnam also discourages trade and crossing the border gate at this time. Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuc directed the health sector to closely monitor and keep track of the health of the citizens, overseas students, and tourists from China when entering Vietnam for 15 days. He also has assured that the country has taken full control of the outbreak of nCoV in the country through concerted efforts by authorities concerned.

 Quarantine station at the airport

Quarantine station at the airport

Meanwhile, Vietnam’s Ministry of Public Health has provided hotline 19003228 to have immediate support and advice, as well as reassured travelers and residents, are at the highest level of checks and preventative measures at all international airports in Vietnam such as Noi Bai, Danang, Nha Trang, Tan Son Nhat, etc. thanks to their experience in dealing with medical conditions: such as SARS, MERS, avian flu and others. Especially, Noi Bai International Airport has 4 remote checkpoints for body temperature. All entry passengers must go through a telemetry monitor, the screen shows the face of the visitor and takes a photo, giving an alert signal if a fever is detected above 38 degrees Celsius.  

Airport thermometers

Airport thermometers

Furthermore, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports also issued advisories to tour agencies and airlines instructing them to monitor and scale up checks to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all visitors to the country.

Threeland’ measures and actions to prevent the virus.

  •   All Threeland’s clients will receive a Health Advisory letter with mask and take a hand-cleaning gel before getting in vehicle upon arrival at all international airports in Vietnam and Cambodia from 1st February.
  •   All staffs must follow our company's mandatory rules of health protection and will be regularly monitored by managers. Continue the high level of personal hygiene and environmental hygiene office to prevent the virus. Practice frequent hand washing with soap (e.g. before handling food or eating, after going to the toilet, or when hands are contaminated by respiratory secretions after coughing or sneezing). 
  •  Company’s vehicle drivers and attendants ferrying travelers must fill in the Health Declaration Form and take temperature daily.  We will work closely with transport vendors to ensure cleanliness and ventilation of all vehicles.

We sincerely thank you for your strong support and cooperation, and will keep you updated on any development and measures to be taken accordingly. We are certain that if we do our part diligently, we will keep our Vietnam environment safe by controlling the spread of the virus.  Everyone has a part to play your role in keeping safe and happy.