Every travel tips you need about Hoi An
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Ancient, peaceful and also colorful, Hoi An is one of the most popular attractions in Vietnam that intriguing with its narrow cobblestone streets, bright lanterns, abundance and warm-hearted local. The little town is just the perfect candidate of what Vietnam tourism ministry is aiming to show to the world. Here a everything you need to know for your Trip in Hoi An:

1. When to go?

Best time to Visit Hoi An is from February to April and from September to December when the weather is quite cool and dry. Especially, come to Hoi An on the around 15th lunar month, visitors can experience the unique night of old street with colorful lanterns flashing across streets and river.

2. Transportation in Hoi An

You can visit Hoi An by taxi, motorbike, bicycle, cyclo or walk. In the evening you can take a walk or cyclo along the Thu Bon river to see the charming beauty of Hoi An at night. According to travel experiences in Hoi An, it is best to walk in order to enjoy the scene especially the street food here.

3. Places to visit in Hoi An

Let's start the trip to Hoi An with interesting attractions in the city. If you think that the old town is the only thing in Hoi An city, you should experience those destination: - Kim An Pagoda: 46 Tran Phu, Hoi An - Bridge Pagoda: Hoi An ancient town center. - Museum clusters: Museum of folklore, Museum of Hoi An Cultural History, Hoi An Trade Museum, Sa Huynh Culture Museum. - Old house : Quan Thang Ancient House, Tan Ky Ancient House, Phung Hung Ancient House. - Other: Traditional arts and crafts showroom, handicraft factory and traditional musical instrument, legendary wall at Hoang Van Thu street, etc.

4. Places to visit near Hoi An

A visit to Hoi An could not complete if you just stay in Hoi An. You should also explore some tourist sites located in a 10km radius around Hoi An, such as: - Cu Lao Cham: An island still keeps the wild and rustic beauty. You can stay at homestay or experience the more natural trip by camping on this island. - An Bang beach: Visit it and you can find the answer why it is one of the 50 most beautiful beaches on the planet. - Cua Dai beach: One of the most romantic beaches in Vietnam with white sand stretches endlessly and famous coconut . - Hoi An village: Kim Bong Carpentry Village, Thanh Ha Pottery Village, Tra Que Herb Village.

5. Some special type of tour in Hoi An

Besides sightseeing and adventure tour, here are some types of tours in Hoi An you can experience:

  • Bike cycle Tour: You can bike around the countryside of the outskirts of Hoi An, exploring the village, corner and enjoy authenticity the life of the village here.
  • Boat tour: If you visit My Son, you can come by car and back by boat. This is the wonderful way to discover My Son, which you could not only explore all the ancient landscapes of My Son, but also enjoy the peaceful river view by fantastic way.
  • Tra Que herb village tour: You can ride a bike or walk around the village. Visiting the herb garden, spraying vegetables by yourself and enjoy clean vegetables. This may be the unforgettable memory you can try in nowhere.
  • Cooking class tour: Eat like a local and also cook like a local in Vietnam, this tour is the is a must for food lovers. Even if the recipes don’t look like something you can make again back at home. It may include a tour of the market and then the instructor will support you to learn how to cook Hoi An’s fantastic food.

6. What to eat

Hoi An is special well-known for its street food such as Cao Lau, Quang noodle, Sam Dua tea, Hoi An bread, Chicken rice, wet cake ( Banh Uot), ...

Here are some food you must try:

  • Chicken rice: Mrs. Buoi chicken rice (26 Phan Chau TrinhStreet), Ba Huong chicken rice ( Kiet alley), Mrs. Minh chicken rice (Phan Chau Trinh street), Mr. Xie (Kiet Ba ceremony) ...
  • Cao Lau: Mr. Hai (near Yaly textile factory, located on Truong Minh Luong street)..
  • Hoi Am Bread: Phuong bread (2b Phan Chau Trinh Street) and Madam Khanh (115 Tran Cao Van Street)
  • Dumplings, cauldrons: White Rose Restaurant( 533 Hai Ba Trung Street).
  • Hoanh Thanh: Van Loc Restaurant on Tran Phu Street, or 26 Thai Phien.
  • Cakes: Banh Xeo Hoi An Cake (45/51 Tran Hung Dao Street); Wet cakes (food street along Hoai River).

Last but not least, there are numerous thing you can buy as souvenirs like lantern, cake, silk, carving…but tourists always recommend clothing tailor-made.

Tailor-made clothes in Hoi An are not only cheap and beautiful, but also fast to get and customize as well. In just a few hours, the tailor will give you the wonderful fit clothes for you. If you can not wait until it finish, just leave some information and your address, the shop will send the clothes to you as soon as possible. Here a some famous shops: Thu Thuy (60 Le Loi Street), Yaly (358 Nguyen Duy Hieu Street), A Dong silk (40 Le Loi Street), Bao Khanh (101 Tran Hung Dao Street).