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Backpack on Amazing Trip with an Affordable Cambodia Package

Posted By : Threeland Travel / Cambodia Travel Guide

Cambodia is a great destination for anyone who wants to travel on a budget. With its inexpensive food and low cost of accommodation, this country is truly the paradise for backpackers and those who like to explore culture and architecture. Here, we compiled some useful tips as well as can’t-miss destinations for your upcoming Cambodia Package trip.


Phnom Penh 
Phnom Penh is one of the unique destinations for you to make a journey on a budget. You can stay in the new town Siso Quay or near an independent monument in order to save the cost, these are also two ideal neighborhoods in the crowded center, easy to visit famous attractions. Make sure to get around Central Market to enjoy delicious street-foods at an affordable cost! 


                     Sisowath quay town

Koh Rong 
The Koh Rong island is home to backpackers from all over the world and also the most attractive spot in Cambodia package. Koh Rong is well-known for its marvelous sunset on the uninhabited island called "Lonely". Snorkeling and watching coral, excursions to Koh Rong Salem island paradise and diving at night to watch the ephemeral glow creatures - these are amazing experiences that we’d highly recommend you do at least once in your life! The total cost for all services is only about 10$. 


Angkor Wat 
Angkor Wat is the most remarkable site in Angkor, making it one of those destinations you can’t ignore in your Cambodia Package. The large temples are extremely majestic, and you will need a few days to explore them all. One of the works recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site. Waiting for the sunset or come early to admire the view of the sunrise is deserved to experience once in a lifetime. Renting a bicycle or sharing tuk-tuk rides with other visitors are also good ways to save money. 


                                                                  Angkor wat cycling


Enjoy street foods
Cambodia is a destination of the immense cheapest food in Southeast Asia. Food, accommodation, and transportation are all very cheap. However, if you still want to reduce costs to the maximum, trying out the street foods is probably the best option.

Save on drinks
Compared to food, drinks in this country seem more expensive. You should be considered before you spend more money on beer than food and accommodation. Be noticed that the cost for your drink may be more than 80,000 KHR per day and you will need a slightly higher budget.

Hire the hostel 
Instead of splurging on a luxury hotel, staying in a hostel will help you save a lot of money and give you an opportunity to make friends from all over the world and share transport fees. In most of the hostels in Cambodia, you can prepare your foods in the kitchen also.

Bargain for you tuk-tuks cost
Tuk-tuks do not have a cash meter like taxis, so before getting on this, you’d better negotiate the price with the driver if you don't want to pay a lot of money. Most taxi drivers are quite good at communicating English, so feel free to bargain, if you feel expensive or unreasonable you can find another car. 

Rent a bicycle
Renting a bicycle from any bicycle rental shops to get around is the best way to explore Cambodian life. This service is available all day at a very cheap cost. 

Cambodia is one of the cheapest destination in Asia. This beautiful country always makes visitors surprised with the exquisite culture, stunning landscape, mysterious temples and a ton of other amazing things. Hope you will have a mesmerizing trip with Cambodia package