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Must-see notes before getting a Vietnam holiday package at Tet Holiday

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The best time to explore a country is on its public holiday or national festival. In Vietnam, the time of Tet holiday will give you a chance to immerse into traditional culture and custom. And don’t hesitate to get a Vietnam trip on Tet holiday to understand thoroughly this incredible country. But before heading to Vietnam, let’s overview some points you need to know during this time of the year. 

1. What is the Tet holiday?

Tet holiday (also called Lunar New Year) has been the most important annual festival in Oriental countries for thousands of years. Based on the lunar calendar, the exact time of Tet holiday is determined, therefore the time of Tet changes every year, generally takes place around late January or early February. According to Vietnamese law, Tet holiday will last for 7 – 11 days depending on the condition of each year. In 2020, Tet holiday is from January 23rd to 29th. 
For Vietnamese, this is a special occasion for everyone to come back home, visit their parents, their relatives and friends after a hard-working year. 
Before Tet, in every market in big cities or peaceful villages, you will easily capture people's comings and goings, they carry behind their back a peach branch, an apricot branch or flower pots on their motorbike. In the whole of Vietnam, spring color covers every road, joyful and happy atmosphere suffuses to every small alley. Never in the year, people open and give each other sincere, sympathetic even nationalities, ethnics, ... as this occasion. 
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A colorful corner of a flower market in Hanoi

A colorful corner of a flower market in Hanoi

However, you need to be mindful of some notices to avoid unexpected situations. 

2. The volatility of prices

 “Does anything cost higher at Tet?” “What kinds of goods are often sold at high prices?” “Do shops open during Tet?” These are popular questions when visitors travel to Vietnam these days. 
It is a “Yes!” answer for most of the questions above. It is not because you are a foreign tourist that the vendors increase the price, it is the customs of locals. Most of the stores and markets will close until January 6th (lunar calendar) or until the lucky day each year. Take advantage of this occasion, some shops and stores open sooner than the other to have more guests as well as more income. And if you don’t want to involve in unpleased circumstances at the beginning of the year, avoid arguing with the vendors, ask the price first and have an appropriate deal before sitting down.

Join bustle asmotphere at Cai Rang floating market

Join bustle atmosphere at Cai Rang floating market

Not only foods, transportation, accommodation, and other services are also accelerated. In spite of the peak season of the year, it’s hard to find employment as well as other services as usual because this is the most important holiday for Vietnamese to come and visit their family and their motherland. So take your time and be patient if anything doesn’t run well.  
On the bright side, it is not a similar situation in every place. In most traditional markets, sellers will give higher offers than normal days but you can bargain a litter bit to get your favorite products. For price stabilization, many supermarkets keep the price the same as before, during and after Lunar New Year. There are abundant promotion programs for customers, so the chance to get good deals or discounts at shopping malls are easy. Or in popular restaurants and entertainment place, the price is still like that or just rise 10% which you will be announced before using.

3. Transportation 

This is only one of a few times in the year that there is no traffic jam in Vietnam, especially in big cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. Most of the time, they will walk or take public transport. 
The best optimal choice is catching a bus that serves throughout Tet. From 6 a.m to 9:30 p.m every day, many buses can take you to every place in the city. Remember to look for the destination first and note down in case you need to change another, avoid get lost on the bus, and check the timeline of the bus if you don’t want to be left behind.


Hanoi at Tet holiday

But that is another problem, it is hard to find a vehicle to move around the city as everybody has already gone back home to enjoy the holiday. So what we can do?
The solution is a booking app for private cars and taxis. This type is growing fast in Vietnam with various apps you can use such as Grab, Bee or Go-viet with many promotions. Due to the necessity of moving around the city, some drivers live in the city still run on these days. Although this way is harder to get and a little more expensive, you still can check the price before calling and you get more proactive than waiting at the bus stop.

4. Accommodation & Restaurant

Don’t worry that you can’t have a stay during Lunar New Year, there are plenty of hotels remain to open. This is one of the few services that working throughout the holiday, however, the price can be doubled or tripled. The sooner you book the room the cheaper price you can get, so plan your journey early and check again with them for sure, then you can freely enjoy your vacation. In some hotels and homestays, they organize a special night to celebrate New Year, ask them in advance to be part of the fun.
Another interesting thing you can try during Tet is living with the locals. Some travel agency provides this unique tour package for visitors to experience fully the atmosphere of Tet as a native. You will live in the local’s house, learn how to make traditional dishes such as Banh Chung (sticky rice cake), fried spring rolls or dried fruits and do all the things like truly Vietnamese. 
Notes: During Tet, check the open time of the traditional and famous restaurants in advance. There are few vendor shops and food stalls as well.

5. Sightseeing places

Northern Vietnam

Halong Bay
Halong Bay is one of the most stunning bays in the world, all services are available to create a wonderful holiday for your family. Moreover, sightseeing tickets are also kept stable during Tet. 

On this occasion, the capital of Vietnam is more tender because of no traffic jams, less pollution. You can pay a visit to Temple of Literature, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Tran Quoc Pagoda, etc. If you prefer to discover local life near Hanoi, a day trip to the Bat Trang Ceramic Village day tour or Duong Lam Ancient Village is an excellent idea. 
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Mountainous destinations

Tet falls in spring in north Vietnam, from the leg of the hills to the top of the mountain, the landscape is covered with colorful flowers: the pristine white of the Ban flower or the crimson blush of peach blossom, etc. Moc Chau, Mai Chau, and SaPa are the best attractions to contemplate the stunning scenery.
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Ban flower covers the landscape with the pure white

Ban flower covers the landscape with the pure white

Central Vietnam

Danang, Hue, and Hoian are three must-see places. Danang, the city of tourism, organize abundant interesting games and festivals which will not make you depressed. Hue, not far away from Danang, famous for the Nguyen ancient citadel, is waiting for you to discover lightness and seduction. Besides, Hoian is the consummate town to engage in the New Year atmosphere with a private tour.

Southern Vietnam

Flying to Ho Chi Minh city and then Mekong Delta will fill up your Vietnam package tour. The custom of residents in the south is quite different from other regions in Vietnam. After your Vietnam tour, you will entirely experience the diverse culture throughout Vietnam and own a package of the most interesting memories ever.

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Five fruit trays on the south alters

Five fruit trays on the south alters


 Tips for traveling during Tet holiday 

•    Preparing cash instead of using your card, Vietnam currency is recommended because most of the shops use cash and banks are closed during Tet. You should change first in your country or at Vietnam airport. 
•    Don’t loan or lean money during Tet, especially on the first day of New Year
•    Keep your clothes clean and tidy to show your honor to the locals. 
•    Dress red lucky icon or other bright colors except dark color, especially black because it stands for bad luck and sorrow
•    Climate in each region is not similar, remember to prepare comfortable outfits 
•    Respect specific customs in each destination and ask your tour guide first before you would like to communicate with local
Traveling to Vietnam during the Tet holiday is not difficult as you think if you take notice of some small details above. Plan your Vietnam trip to enjoy novel custom through the North to the South at Tet. To have the best experience, do not hesitate to contact local at, email [email protected], What’s App: +84342620068 or call +842439262056.



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