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5 Best Experiences To Have Amazing Vietnam Travel Packages
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Vietnam now is one of the most favorite destinations of tourists around the world.  Your best Vietnam trip includes activities which are not only sightseeing, enjoying local food but also getting to know each region, each community about their typical customs, their daily routines, and surounding nature. However, what is the best way you can experience Essential Vietnam while there are tons of exciting things to do here. Let save your time by reading our below article to have an overall of the highly recommended activities and destinations for Vietnam Travel Packages from Threeland right here. 

Welcome to Vietnam

1.    Liven up your Vietnam tours with the top destinations

Possessed by the Mother Earth, Vietnam has millions of stunning views stretching from North to South. Every inch of this country can likely become a masterpiece because each place has its own charm that you can’t find it anywhere else.  Besides, the unique style of the locals is also an interesting key that attracts tourists.
Do not forget to pocket the most impressive Vietnam.


The capital city is a must-see site in each country. In Vietnam, Hanoi plays a core role in the development of the whole country. For over 1000 years, it is the symbol, the pride of every Vietnamese. Tourists are often surprised at the hustle & bustle and strange lifestyle of Hanoian nowadays. Your Hanoi trip will be much more astonishing when an expert accompanies you as your tour guide.  

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Dive in the fresh cool air of nature and get amazed at majestic mountainy landscapes in Sapa to forget sorrow of modern life. The most appropriate period to have a wonderful trip to SaPa is spring. 

Sapa is covered by the colorful spring flowers

Sapa is covered by the colorful spring flowers

UNESCO Heritages

As you know, Vietnam has diverse topographic creating distinct and valuable beauty and customs, which explains why Vietnam is the homeland of many world heritages. 

Halong Bay is the most outstanding one. From Hanoi, it is just about 2.30 hours to reach here by highway. When boarding a cruise, you will get lost in the enchanted world of limestone islands with numerous shapes and sizes. Moreover, it is also the ideal place to do kayaking, swimming, sunbathing or relaxing, etc. 

In central Vietnam, Hoian Ancient Town owns itself the cultural beauty of a bustling trading city centuries ago. With the effort to preserve the inherent features, Hoian now still attracts a large number of tourists each year. 

Your Vietnam world heritage journey is not wonderful if you skip Southern Amateur Music. Are you curious why an “amateur” music became an Intangible World Heritage? Do not ask your tour guide and it will be more interesting by finding yourself the answer. 

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Southern Amateur Music - The treasure of the Mekong Delta

Southern Amateur Music - The treasure of the Mekong Delta

Ho Chi Minh City

Reach Ho Chi Minh City, you may realize that the traffic is as similar as in Hanoi. However, at every moment, you will feel the vitality of a young city though it once was the center of Indochina. 
All the above are just a few places in the long list of places waiting for you to explore. Want to meet your best local friends, simply visit with your inquiry. 

2.    Soak up the marvelous Vietnam beaches

Along the coast with over 3000 kilometers of soft sand and clear water, Vietnam has plenty of beautiful beaches. On the other hand, beaches on the pretty islands of Vietnam are also extraordinary. Thanks to the division of climate in the country, it is not a lie to say that you can add an awesome beach in your Vietnam tour package at all times of the year.

Let's take a look at the nonpareil beaches now. 

My Khe Beach: known as the most picturesque beach in the country, My Khe Beach is a fantastic place to dive into the cool water and relax. With 32 kilometers of white sand and a wide range of recreational activities, this place stays on the top of most visited beaches in Da Nang City.

Relax in My Khe Beach, Top 6 the most beautiful beach in the world by Forbes

Relax in My Khe Beach, Top 6 the most beautiful beach in the world by Forbes

Nha Trang City: The city is located near the most beautiful coast of the world, own abundant spectacular beaches are scattered on Nha Trang Bay. This city is always lively with tourist activities both on and under the sea. Accompanied by these activities, the security and the quality of services are quite well managed. 

Phu Quoc Island: A true paradise for visitors who want to run out of busy daily life and get relax. Located in the south of the nation, this is the largest island in Vietnam. With rustic beautiful beaches, pristine green forests and a fresh atmosphere, I guarantee that whenever you come to this place, you never want to leave.

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Enjoy your Vietnam holiday in Phu Quoc Island - the pearl in the middle of the ocean

Enjoy your Vietnam holiday in Phu Quoc Island - the pearl in the middle of the ocean

3.    Riding to explore local activities

Unlike most western countries where cars are the king of roads, motorbike occupies 86% of vehicles used every day in Vietnam. Driving a motorbike by yourself is an ideal choice to explore the city. Within 100.000  - 200.000 VND/ a motorbike/ a day (approximately 4-8 USD), you are free to go anywhere, explore any place without worry about the price increase of taxi or miss the bus.    

Notes: Before using a motorbike in Vietnam, make sure that you understand traffic laws and have your own driving license accepted by Vietnam. 

While motorbike domains big cities, bicycle takes place in old towns or peaceful places like Hoi An, Da Lat or Da Nang. Let enjoy a sunny day with cool fresh air and the tranquil atmosphere while riding a bicycle and feel the wind blows your hair. How chill it is! And during your vacation in Vietnam, sometimes you will be in love with Vietnamese food, this is also a good way to relax and stay healthy.

Leisurely riding on your bike to enjoy the rhythm of Hoi An Ancient Town

Leisurely riding on your bike to enjoy the rhythm of Hoi An Ancient Town

4.    Enjoying Vietnam street foods

One thing that can’t be missed in every journey to a new place and determines a 60% chance of returning to the place is unique gastronomy, and the street food culture of Vietnam will not let you down. The great of Vietnamese gastronomy doesn’t come from a 5-star restaurant with high-quality service, it comes from rural things of the locals’ life, right on the street we pass by every day. 

Some chairs situated on the street sides, a cooking-stove with a pot, a box of chopsticks and some bowls, all is enough for a street inn in town. And sometimes it is not stable in one place, with a bicycle or a cart, the inn can move to every spot in town.

Bun Cha (Vietnamese Grilled Meat Vermicelli) - The best dish to try
Bun Cha (Vietnamese Grilled Meat Vermicelli) - The best dish to try

You can find every kind of food on the street, from Vietnamese famous dishes such as Pho, Banh my or Buncha to sweet desserts for your beautiful afternoon likes sweetened porridge, fried sweet potato cake or banana cake. With cheap price and delicious flavor which is not the same in each inn.

And sometimes your food becomes tastier not just because of its flavor, also the experience it gives you. Who can imagine a tall big man accepts to sit on a tiny chair to enjoy a bowl of noodles or students hustle around a food-bicycle parked right next to the school gate after class. This makes a unique street food culture in Vietnam.

5.    Visiting pagodas and temples

Buddhism plays an important role in the life of Vietnamese people, that is the reason why it exists more than 14.000 temples and pagodas across the country, occupies 36% of Vietnam’s total relics. Besides, there are many other Vietnamese worship places such as a shrine or communal house built for a certain purpose of the locals in an area.

Visiting these places, you have a chance to explore the culture, religion as well as the history of Vietnam. Each place is a different story of Vietnam’s period in the past, and it reflects the characteristics and the art of the city. The more you come, the more knowledge you get.

Don’t hesitate to pay a visit to the following must-see pagodas and temples in Vietnam:

- One-pillar Pagoda (Hanoi) located in the centre of the capital, this unique structure likes a lotus flower growing up out of the mud which represents the valuable quality of Vietnamese people. 

- Perfume Pagoda (Ha Tay Province) a culture and religious complex that is one of the most famous and important places of Vietnamese Buddhists

- Giac Lam Pagoda (Ho Chi Minh City) this is the oldest pagoda of the city as well as one of the most ancient place and the center of Rinzai school in the southern region of the country.

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Because temples and pagodas are secret places, there are some notes that you need to follow:
- Don’t wear shorts, skirts, tanktops or hat while going inside the temple, it shows disrespect to the Buddha and God. In some places, you will have to take off your shoes, so pay attention to the sign
-  Usually, there are 3 doors in a house of worship, don’t go in by the middle door, it is only for god, deities and the king.
- Keep quiet while inside because it is a tranquil place for everyone to relax and find peace in their souls.
- Do not stare or try to touch the Buddha statue, you can take pictures, but try not to use the camera’s flash
There are still many things to do and to see, hope you can find your own enjoyable things to entertain while in Vietnam.

The poetic way to get in Perfume Pagoda

The poetic way to get in Perfume Pagoda

Now, your Vietnam holiday package is fulfilled with top cities to visit, top beaches to enjoy and the best way to try Vietnamese cuisine. Throughout the country, from north to south, you can discover the timeless charm of Vietnam nature and culture. If you have any inquiry, do not hesitate to contact your local Threeland via email or What’s App: +84342620068 or call +842439262056.



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