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Vietnam tour - top 6 famous man-made works in Vietnam
Posted By : Threeland Travel / Vietnam Travel Guide

Stretching from the North to the South, through the Central or to the West, few people dare to claim that they have discovered all the beautiful places of Vietnam. As you know, Vietnam tour is not only famous for its natural landscapes, but also for man-made architectural works that are highly appreciated by friends from all over the world. Let's explore with Threeland Travel how 6 man-made structures have been honored by the world!

Famous man-made constructions in Central Vietnam


The first project to mention is Ba Na Cable Car, a place that any tourist will visit when choosing Vietnam tour package 2023. Cable car to Ba Na mountain of Da Nang tourist city has arranged 3 in the list of "11 most impressive cable car routes in the world" voted by The Telegraph, one of the three largest and most prestigious electronic newspapers in the UK with a huge number of visitors.


What to do in Ba Na Hills?

Go to Ba Na Hill to visit the Golden Bridge

Located at an altitude of 1414 meters above sea level, Ba Na Vietnam tourist area is located at an extremely impressive design, drawing an enchanting curve in the middle of the sky, nearly 150 meters long. The Golden Palm Bridge has become a very attractive new VIRTUAL LIVE place because of the wonderful experience of walking in the clouds.

Travel to Ba Na Hill to visit Linh Ung Pagoda 2

Linh Ung Pagoda is a very sacred temple that you must definitely visit when choosing a Vietnam tour. The pagoda is located at an altitude of nearly 1,500m above sea level, if the sky is clear and cloudy, standing from the gate of the pagoda, you will see the majestic panorama of Ba Na mountains and forests, if you are lucky, you will have a feeling. It feels like being in the sky, when in front of you is a sea of ​​white, floating clouds.


Take Ba Na Hills to Debay Wine Cellar

In some Vietnam tours 2023, visitors will visit Debay wine cellar. Traveling to Ba Na Hill, visitors will visit the Debay Wine Cellar, which was built by the French himself, with an age of nearly 100 years, carefully brewed in the mountain. The wine here is very precious and delicious when this place always keeps the temperature from 14-18 degrees Celsius.

Traveling to Ba Na Hill to experience the French Village

No need to go far, Vietnam tour 2 in 1, both discover Vietnam and discover France. Many people have spent time and money to travel all the way to Europe just to take pictures of a lifetime. But now you just need to travel to Ba Na and visit the FRANCE VILLAGE and a whole European architecture appears. Therefore, this is one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Ba Na Hills.


Le Jardin D'amour flower garden

Le Jardin D'amour flower garden includes 9 gardens associated with extremely rich stories. Each area is built in a very unique and different architectural style, which is the most beautiful place to visit and play in Ba Na. When participating in the Vietnam Tour, you will be immersed in Suoi Mo garden with many kinds of Arapang flowers with dreamy purple colors and warm yellow color.

Travel to Ba Na Hill to check in to the top of Nui Chua

The highest place of BA NA HILL is the bell floor. This is probably the place you want to go the most to fully see all the attractions of Ba Na Hills. Standing on the top of the bell floor, you will admire the whole majestic and beautiful scenery of Ba Na at noon when the fog is gone. You will not be disappointed when you visit this viewpoint in your Vietnam tour itinerary.

Experience traveling to Ba Na, I recommend you to go up here around 11pm. Because it's a bit slow to go up, everyone is crowded, so you can't climb up to capture the whole view of Ba Na Hill comfortably. And if the weather is good, you can even see the Son Tra Peninsula.


Among the world's best resorts in Asia voted by CNN Travel, The Nam Hai Resort in Hoi An was honored to be present. The Nam Hai Resort will bring visitors interesting experiences with its ingenious design, modern and modern, with an Asian touch.

The space and design style of The Nam Hai Resort, Hoi An is painted and portrayed by many famous designers such as Reda Amalou, Jaya Ibrahim, Koichi, Yasuko Omura and Karl Princic. Four Seasons The Nam Hai Resort  appears as a splendid and different picture.

The Nam Hai Resort's space

Overall, it is a luxurious and classy space, but it still preserves the cultural beauties imbued with national identity in harmony with the nature of a land rich in polite values.


Five horseshoe arch bays have created a Four Seasons The Nam Hai Resort ,Hoi An nestled between a green coconut garden with an area of ​​35ha with 100 beautiful Hoi An villas with "no dead corners", including 40 with swimming pools. independence. All are fully equipped with indoor and outdoor facilities.

The Nam Hai Resort is highly appreciated for its architecture, design, interior and exterior decoration and the most modern equipment. As an invitation for visitors to stop and experience, The Nam Hai exists as an impressive stage on wind and water, inspired by the law of feng shui in ancient philosophy and the solemn look of the royal tomb from Tu Duc in Hue. Vietnam tour don’t forget to visit The Nam Hai resort, Hoi An.



Located on the beautiful My Khe beach of Da Nang, Fusion Maia Resort is the only representative of Vietnam that has passed the rigorous evaluation criteria to be in the list of the best hotels in the world by the prestigious magazine. and the UK's leading reputation - Tatler Travel Guide voted.

Fusion Maia Resort Danang is a unique 5-star resort villa area in terms of architecture and service. Fusion owns a vast stretch of beach with white sand and clear blue water. In particular, the large swimming pool located in the middle of a quiet garden with bold Zen architecture surrounded by a "fence" of ferns will impress and delight visitors when coming here. What are you thinking without choosing Fusion Maia Resort in your Vietnam tour itinerary.

Artificial works in the South



In the list of the most attractive underground works published by CNN of the US, Cu Chi Tunnels was named with the introduction of a 120km long tunnel system built and used since the 1940s war years. The tunnel has many facilities such as dispensaries, offices, houses, etc. to serve the Vietnamese troops to shelter in fierce wars, although it is located quite deep in the ground.

Cu Chi Tunnels always welcomes visitors to explore and experience the feeling of living in the tunnel like the people and soldiers of the resistance war. Besides, inside Cu Chi tunnels, they also recreate their lives through very realistic and impressive models of people and objects. This place is one of the attractive destinations of Ho Chi Minh tours that you should not miss on vietnam tourist places.



The International Commercial Property Awards 2010 sponsored by the famous television channel Bloomberg (USA) honored the Six Sense resort in Con Dao with the award for the world's best construction and design for small hotels. .

Six Senses Resort is one of the important factors in the transformation from "hell on earth" into a tourist paradise of Con Dao. This is the first 5-star resort of Con Dao - one of the 10 most charming mysterious islands in the world. With 50 villas designed entirely of wood and located along the 1.6 km long romantic coastline, Six Sense always attracts many tourists when they come to explore the pristine island of Con Dao.


News Distractify page has voted the Wind and Water bar in Binh Duong as one of the 24 most impressive bars in the world with a unique design with rich ethnic nuances built mainly of bamboo, a type of tree. popular bamboo in Binh Duong.


The Wind and Water Bar is shaped like a golden mushroom growing on a blue artificial lake. The building uses wind and water to form a natural air conditioner, so it is quite cool and saves electricity. The design of the dome made of bamboo leaves also brings a comfortable and pleasant feeling to the diners. According to the evaluation of many tourists, this is a beautiful and affordable place to stay when traveling to Binh Duong.

It will be a pity if you have chosen a Vietnam tour not to visit this beautiful unique Wind and Water bar!

The 6 artificial architectures introduced by Threeland Travel have brought great pride, helping Vietnam's tourism industry increasingly assert its position on the world stage. Do not hesitate any longer without arranging yourself trips to discover the amazing beauty of these works!