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Vietnam ecotourism - 6 famous sustainable tourism destinations in Vietnam

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Sustainable tourism brings great potential to develop Vietnam ecotourism activities, community... What is sustainable tourism? What are the famous sustainable tourism destinations in Vietnam?  What are the ecotourism destinations in Vietnam? Find out in the following article!

Vietnam has great potential for sustainable tourism development. This is clearly seen through the number of tourists visiting Vietnam increasing every year and the heritage system recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage.


1. What is the concept of sustainable tourism development?

The concept of sustainable tourism is understood as the development of tourism supply and activities in accordance with the needs and tastes of tourists and indigenous people. Along with that is maintaining and preserving resources to serve the development of tourism activities for the future.

Sustainable tourism is required to keep the cultural, biological and ecological values ​​intact while satisfying the aesthetic, economic and social needs of people.

In other words, sustainable tourism is a type of tourism that helps to reduce costs and maximize the benefits of tourism for the community and the natural environment.


2. Meaning of Vietnam sustainability tourism development

2.1. Sustainable tourism brings economic development

Sustainable tourism brings many benefits to economic development, generating fair and stable income for local communities and stakeholders. An example of a sustainable tourism model in Vietnam is as simple as exploiting the cultural specialties of a region, local people in the region can have more income and improve their lives by having tourists visit, use tourism services, buy typical products of the region. Then it creates Vietnam's sustainability.

2.2. Protect the living environment

Sustainable tourism development can help protect the living environment. This type of tourism has a low impact on the natural environment.

In addition to minimizing the impact on the environment, it also helps to ensure the living environment of people, through which people benefit.


2.3. Reducing social evils

Sustainable tourism development helps to reduce social evils by providing jobs for local people.

Looking deeper, sustainable tourism helps resource exploitation become scientific and conscious, ensuring resources multiply and develop for future generations to follow and take advantage of.

2.4. Cultural exchange and cultural preservation

Sustainable tourism development will create more opportunities for visitors to meet local people and learn about traditional culture. Community involvement adds value to sustainable tourism programs, and in the meantime, traditional communities often feel more proud of important visitor concerns. Sustainable tourism always ignores respect for the socio-cultural integrity of local communities, preserving cultural heritage and traditionally built value systems.


3. 10 principles of sustainable tourism development

  1. It is necessary to focus on rationally exploiting natural tourism in Vietnam resources to ensure long-term development. It is advisable to calculate the exploitation of tourism activities based on actual demand and capacity. 
  2. Consume natural tourism in Vietnam resources in moderation, avoiding massive exploitation.
  3. Appreciate the diversity of nature, society, environment, maintain and preserve diversity. Closely monitor tourism activities, prevent the replacement of long-standing traditional occupations with modern ones.
  4. To attach importance to tourism development within the framework of national, regional and local socio-economic strategies, which must be suitable to the locality and to the new sustainable and long-term planning.
  5. Tourism development must have an economic support factor for the locality because sustainable tourism does not only develop a single field but entails many other fields.Principle-of-sustainable-tourism
  6. Developing the integration of the local community into tourism development, which is a guarantee factor for tourism development, creating many favorable conditions for tourism.
  7. It is necessary to refer and consult with stakeholders and the community, organize ideas for the project, share the interests of the parties to harmonize the interests in the implementation process.
  8. The essential task is to train and develop human resources to bring economic benefits to the industry and improve the quality of tourism products.
  9. Focusing on scientific research in the tourism industry to develop strategies, planning, plans, training and implementation of tourism development activities.
  10. Proper training and awareness of environmental resources help to raise professional pride and enhance tourism products for tourists and the tourism industry.

4. 17 Vietnam sustainability tourism development goals

  1. Eliminate hunger and reduce poverty in all forms throughout the region
  2. Ensure food security, develop sustainable agriculture and improve nutrition
  3. Improve welfare for all people of all ages, ensure health
  4. Enhancing learning opportunities for all, ensuring quality, open and equitable education Moving towards gender equality, empowering women and girls
  5. Sustainable management of water resources, improvement and assurance of sanitary conditions for people
  6. Towards access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy
  7. Promote economic growth, create good job opportunities for everyone
  8. what-is-sustainable-travel
  9. Promote industrialization, build a solid, open and sustainable infrastructure
  10. Reduce inequality within and between different countries
  11. Building safe and solid open residential and urban areas
  12. Ensuring and firmly grasping sustainable production and consumption models
  13. Responding to climate change and its adverse effects
  14. Storing and sustainably using resources from the ocean for Vietnam sustainable development
  15. Protect, sustainably use and regenerate terrestrial ecosystems, ecotourism destinations in Vietnam, forest resources, combat desertification, soil erosion and biodiversity loss
  16. Building effective institutions that promote peaceful and open societies for sustainable development
  17. Promoting the way of doing, creating new life to the global partnership for sustainable development

5. Trends of Vietnam sustainability tourism development  

Tourism in general and sustainable tourism in particular is gradually becoming one of the spearhead economic sectors of Vietnam. In particular, sustainable tourism development plays an important role in economic growth and environmental quality improvement.

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, sustainable tourism is tourism that meets the needs of present tourists and host regions while protecting and enhancing opportunities for the future. The objective is to maintain the economic and social advantages of tourism development while minimizing any undesirable impacts on the natural, historical, socio-cultural environment in the area concerned.


Vietnam has great potential in developing sustainable tourism to attract tourists, with many famous scenic spots with long-standing historical and cultural values.

The proof is that Vietnam's tourism in recent years has attracted a large number of tourists to visit and is more widely known.

Currently, the trend of sustainable tourism development in Vietnam is increasingly focused, as can be seen from the fact that businesses organize tourism development based on the principle that it must be accompanied by creating profits for the community, improving awareness of environmental protection, balancing tourism development and nature conservation, and creating eco tourism.

6. Suggestions for sustainable tourism development locations in Vietnam

6.1. Ha Long Bay

Traveling to Ha Long Bay, visitors can admire the beautiful landscape, explore the unique cultural space with traces of the indigenous people's life over the centuries. Traveling to Ha Long, visitors will clearly feel the attraction of the destination of Ha Long Bay, which is gradually improving to become an attractive tourist product.


6.2. Hue royal art architecture

Hue royal art architecture is an item in Hue's tourism development strategy, promoting heritage cultural values. The tourist destination attracts a large number of tourists, thereby introducing and promoting the value of the heritage, and at the same time using the revenue from tourism to directly invest back in heritage conservation.
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6.3. Sustainable tourism development in Da Nang - Hoi An Ancient Town

Hoi An tourist sites are gradually being expanded, with appropriate development investment solutions. From the space of tourism to the old town, diverse craft villages such as Thanh Ha pottery village… to various types of the cultural, ecological, resort, homestay tourism, are all very focused, towards Vietnam sustainability tourism development in Hoi An. 

6.4. Cai Rang floating market

The location of Cai Rang floating market - Can Tho tourism is being focused on developing green tourism projects - Eco friendly tours to preserve and develop tourism. It can be clearly seen through activities such as building a model of garbage collection on the river, ensuring order, beauty and safety when participating in maritime transport...

6.5. Marine Ecosystem in Nha Trang

Traveling to Nha Trang, visitors can visit Nha Trang Bamboo Island, Nha Trang Tam Island, Xuan Thieu Beach is one of the attractive tourist attractions in Da Nang. Located in Xuan Thieu ecotourism area.... to experience the diverse marine ecosystem of Vietnam ecotourism in these areas. This place is famous for its beautiful, long beaches, mild climate, beautiful nature, and unique marine ecosystem.

6.6. Sea and island system in Phu Quoc

The Phu Quoc tourist island system has great potential to build a Vietnam sustainability tourism development. Through strategies to increase investment in developing marine tourism products, tourism infrastructure, increase the quality of tourism human resources, bring differences and diversify marine tourism products.

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Hopefully the detailed information in this article helps you better understand the concept of sustainable tourism and this mainstream tourism development trend in Vietnam. At the same time, firmly grasp the famous sustainable tourism destinations in Vietnam to carefully prepare for the journey to discover this superior type of tourism in the near future.

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