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Traveling to Cu Chi Tunnels - The most detailed experience

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Cu Chi Tunnels is an interesting "underground" Saigon tourist destination that attracts many tourists to visit. Coming here, visitors will explore a tunnel system like a complex underground maze with command bunkers, rest rooms, cafeterias... and many other outstanding works.

1. Where are the Cu Chi Tunnels? How many kilometers are they from Saigon?

Located about 70km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City, Cu Chi Tunnels is known as a unique "underground city.". Currently, this historical site is preserved in 2 locations:

Ben Duoc Tunnels: Phu Hiep, Minh Hung, Cu Chi
Ben Dinh Tunnels: Ben Dinh, Nhuan Duc, Cu Chi

Cu Chi Tunnels is a unique "wonder" built during the resistance war against the French colonialists in 1946–1948. This place has a 250km long tunnel system; inside, there are works such as kitchens, trenches, infirmaries, rooms, etc. This location is also likened to the transformation and creativity of Cu Chi's army and people during 30 years of fighting against invaders. In particular, this relic is one of the 6 most special man-made structures in the world and one of the 7 most exotic destinations in Southeast Asia.

2. Opening hours & ticket prices for Cu Chi Tunnels

How much the ticket price for Cu Chi Tunnels is is a question many tourists wonder when planning to visit this historical site. Below are the opening hours and detailed ticket prices of Cu Chi Tunnels:

Opening hours: 07:00–17:00, all days of the week
Ticket price: 35,000 VND/person/turn

3. How to go to Cu Chi tunnels

3.1. Road

Visitors can choose one of the following three road means to get to this historical site in the fastest and most convenient way:

Bus: You can refer to the bus route to Ben Duoc tunnels from Cu Chi bus station as route number 79. For the bus route to Ben Dinh tunnels, you can refer to routes 13 to An Suong bus station → route 122 to Tan Quy bus station, → line 70 to Ben Dinh tunnel.

Personal vehicle: Visitors can ride motorbikes or personal cars along the route Truong Chinh → An Suong intersection → Hoc Mon → TL15 → Cu Chi tunnels.

Taxi: Visitors can choose to travel by taxi if traveling in groups to save money on the tour. Among the taxi companies in Saigon today, Green SM Taxi is chosen by many tourists as it meets all their needs with outstanding advantages such as reasonable fares, professional drivers, etc.

3.2. Waterway

In addition to traveling by road, visitors can canoe on the Saigon River to reach this relic. Tourists will take the Greenlines train from Bach Dang wharf to Cu Chi tunnels with very quick travel time.

4. Explore 2 Cu Chi Tunnels conservation sites

4.1. Ben Duoc Tunnels

Stopping at Ben Duoc tunnels, visitors will have the opportunity to visit the tunnel system and the cellars of leaders who lived and fought during the war. Below is an image of the tour map of Ben Duoc area that will help visitors plan the most detailed visit:

Some outstanding attractions at Ben Duoc Tunnels that tourists should not miss include:

Actual tour of Cu Chi Tunnels: In the tunnel, visitors will visit works deep underground, such as food and weapons storage tunnels, surgical tunnels, military factories, etc.

Ben Duoc Martyrs Memorial Temple: This is a place to commemorate heroic martyrs and compatriots who fought and sacrificed for the cause of national liberation. Coming here, visitors can also admire the largest ceramic mosaic in Vietnam and the peaceful scenery of the "Iron Triangle" region.

Cu Chi Liberation Zone Reenactment Area: Stopping here, you will immerse yourself in the peaceful village scene, walk among the shady green bamboo streets, and visit thatched houses, rural markets...

4.2. Ben Dinh Tunnels

Stopping at Ben Dinh Tunnels, visitors will experience meaningful and memorable activities. Some outstanding activities at Ben Dinh Tunnels include watching documentaries at the hall, explaining about Cu Chi Tunnels, visiting the tunnel system, weapons manufacturing tunnels, and admiring tank carcasses. M41 of the US army, when caught in a mine set by guerrillas in 1970... In addition, when coming here, visitors can also hear the sound of guns echoing from afar and try the feeling of shooting at the national defense sports shooting range.

5. Experience going to the Cu Chi Tunnels 

5.1. What to eat, where to eat?

Experience of going to Cu Chi tunnels with delicious food and famous restaurants will help visitors have the most complete trip. Stopping here, visitors can choose two restaurants that are highly appreciated by many food lovers such as:

Ben Duoc Restaurant: With a large, airy space, diverse menu and professional service style, Ben Duoc Restaurant is an ideal stop for many tourists. Coming here, you can enjoy small fish rice paper, sour soup with giang leaves... and many other delicious dishes at affordable prices.
Ben Dinh Restaurant: Ben Dinh Restaurant is built on a spacious campus and serves rice dishes and plated rice dishes according to visitors' requests. Reasonable prices and attentive service are also big plus points for the restaurant.

5.2. What should I buy as a gift?

Coming to Cu Chi Tunnels, visitors will find an area selling war souvenirs that displays unique products made from bullet casings, such as oil lamps, lighters, ballpoint pens, straps, or sandals made from tires. In addition, you can also buy high-end lacquer and handicraft products, as well as rattan, bamboo, and leaf items typical of traditional craft villages in Cu Chi.

5.3. Accommodation location

If you plan to visit Cu Chi Tunnels and want to stay and rest here, you can refer to the clean room service, which is fully equipped with equipment such as a TV, air conditioning, etc. Tourists You can choose room service during the day, at night, or both day and night at a reasonable price.

5.4. Notes you need to know

To have the most complete visit to the historical relics of Cu Chi Tunnels, visitors should not forget to immediately note the necessary notes below:

  • Attire: Tourists should choose comfortable, neat outfits that are convenient for tunneling, sightseeing, and other exploration activities.
  • Find out operating times in advance: Knowing the opening and closing times of the Cu Chi Tunnels will help visitors plan their visit to the fullest.
  • Necessary personal items: Visitors can prepare extra drinking water, sunscreen, mosquito cream, etc. during this tour.
  • Book in advance: If you intend to stay here, you should book in advance to avoid running out of rooms at peak times.

6. Suggested 1-day Cu Chi Tunnels travel itinerary

If you have the opportunity to travel to Saigon, you can plan to go to Cu Chi tunnels on your own or go on a 1-day tour. Below is a tour schedule for famous historical sites that you can refer to:

Morning: Start departing for Cu Chi tunnels → Upon arriving, you will watch a documentary → Visit the tunnel system → Enjoy local dishes → Visit Ben Duoc martyrs' memorial temple.
Noon: Lunch at the restaurant
Afternoon: Visit the village space. → Participate in experience models such as pounding rice, grinding rice, → The car takes the group back to the city. Ho Chi Minh.

Cu Chi Tunnels is one of the famous attractions in Saigon, promising to bring memorable experiences to tourists from all over. With a maze-like tunnel system and many unique services, visitors will have memorable memories when visiting here. Hopefully, with the information shared by Threeland Travel above, you will have the most complete tour. What are you waiting for? Make plans today to visit this interesting place!

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