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Travel Tips to Mui Ne – Part 3
Posted By : Threeland Travel / Vietnam Travel Guide

Mui Ne is a small coastal city which has been a rising new attraction in the south of Vietnam. The area is just 5-hour bus ride away from the bustling Saigon (aka Ho Chi Minh City), it seems like a new planet away from work and responsibility. There are endless reasons to pay a visit to Mui Ne: gorgeous sunsets, stunning beaches, surreal ambiance, and picturesque scenery. Find out what things to see and do in Mui Ne and how to get the most out of Mui Ne.

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6. Go kitesurfing

Go Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing in Mui Ne, Vietnam

From September to February, it’s the windy time in Mui Ne. During that time, the weather is pleasant as the average temperature is about 27°C, skies are brightly sunny and windy, resulting in optimum temperatures and wave conditions. Thanks to that advantage, the area has become one of Asia’s most popular sites for kitesurfing. For beginners, there are many kitesurfing schools offering lessons with professional instructors, the prices are affordable. They will help you to learn kitesurfing fast and safely. The main beach in the town is the safest area for beginners. If you want more challenge, find other bays and beaches sprinkled nearby.

7. Find a secluded beach

Beach in Mui NE
If you prefer spending some quality time alone and find inner peace, go off the map and driving around on a scooter or bicycle to explore areas. By riding around, you may end up in secluded areas of the coast with no one else around. These isolated beaches are hardly touched and perfect for an ad hoc picnic, skinny dipping in the sun, or just watching the magnificent sunset.

8. Fill up with fresh seafood

Not only amazed by Mui Ne’s untouched natural beauty, but travelers are quickly addicted to the local food. Along Mui Ne’s main road, Nguyen Dinh Chieu, many eateries for you to stop by and fill up well your stomach. As tourism has developed a lot in recent years, the variety and quality of food have been catching up with both Vietnamese dishes and Western food alike.  

Try some seafood cooked in local style, they will never let you down. Steamed fish, grilled clams, squid teeth, and sweet and sour prawns are all surefire tries with the taste of the coastal area. In addition, Mui Ne is well-known for Iguana food. As you know, Mui Ne has huge sand dunes, there are many Iguana inhabited here. Grilled iguana dipped in salt and pepper is the favorite one. It’s tasty and wild.

Grilled Iguana in Mui Ne

Grilled Iguana in Mui Ne

If you love to listen to the sound of the waves crashing softly on the shore whilst having your meal, you should opt of a beachside restaurant. Jibe’s Beach Club (at 90 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street) is recommended by many visitors as a cosy restaurant with one of the best menus in town. They offer both the local dishes and Western options such as burger and pizza. Just so you know, Jibe’s Beach Clu offers kitesurfing lessons here, too.

If you are not a seafood lover, you can find something tasty El Café (at 246 Nguyen Dinh Chieu street) which is fully vegetarian.

Nightlife in Mui Ne

Otherwise, you can ask your local staff at the hostel for a good place to try some seafood. They know the best, although their suggestions may lead you to some simple places which don’t look like much. Or you just watch for the eateries with big crowds of Vietnamese eating outside. The more crowded, the better - it’s a fail-safe indicator.

9. Nightlife in Mui Ne

After doing enough exploration or relaxing on the stunning beach during the day, Mui Ne is fascinating at night to experience. As a matter of fact, nightlife in Mui Ne is a bit limited in options, but its pros are affordable and fun. Check out some things to do at night in Mui Ne:
-    Having a Night Squid Fishing Trip: It would be a miss not having a night squid fishing trip when travelling to this coastal town. Normally, the boats that take you to the sea departing at 5pm at the fishing village. The locals know the places having abundant squids to sail. They will teach you how to use racquets and fishing rods to catch the squids. You may have chance to listen to some interesting stories from the locals whilst waiting for the squids. After squid fishing, you can enjoy delicious dishes made from the squids caught by you. A squid fishing night tour is supposed to last for 4 hours.

Sailing club resort
-    Live music at Joe’s Café: Joe’s Café is the most famous café in the town among the travelers and the locals alike. It’s located at the street along Ham Tien Beach. Its decoration is cosy and restful with giant grass roofs, beach chairs, dining tables, or deck lounges. People love to come here every night to listen to live shows performed by beautiful voices from Vietnamese singers fusing together in the sounds of the beach waves.

Joe's cafe
-    Fisherman Show: Another way to learn about the local culture is to watch the Fisherman Show. With folk music and cultural dancing, this unique Vietnamese show in Mui Ne recreates cultural features of fishing villages. The performances are lively and attractive with skilled dancers dancing on the water. Only 60-minute length, Fishermen Show is about the local fishing village daily life and their respect for the sea, for the whale bone belief, and many interesting things to learn from its 6 chapters.

Fisherman show
If you enjoyed reading these series of Mui Ne in Vietnam and would like some more fun info about what to see, do, and eat in Mui Ne or any other places in Vietnam tours, follow us at Threeland Travel’s blog or ask for the local guides from Threeland Travel’s experts. We are happy to support you!