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Nguom Ngao Cave - The natural treasure in Northwest Vietnam
Posted By : Threeland Travel / Vietnam Travel Guide

Nguom Ngao is a priceless natural treasure that nature bestows, and it is one of the most beautiful caves in Vietnam, yet not all of its hidden natural beauty has been uncovered.

Nguom Ngao Cave is a big cave in the limestone mountain range of Gun village, Dam Thuy commune, Trung Khanh district, Cao Bang province, near Ban Gioc Waterfall.

After 89 kilometers of mountain road, Ma Phuc pass, and Khau Lieu pass, you arrive to Nguom Ngao Cave. Because the distance between these two places is just approximately 3km, most tourists who visit Ban Gioc Waterfall also visit the cave.

According to folk tales, in the past, there were many dangerous tigers lived in the cave, thus the Tay people named the cave: Nguom Ngao which means: Tiger cave. However, there is a hypothesis that the roars are caused by the sound of running streams, which sound like tiger roars, so the cave was named Nguom Ngao.

According to tourists with wide tourism experience, Nguom Ngao Cave is one of the most beautiful caves in the country due to the system of stalactites and stalagmites that produce lively and unique images that make people be surprised, be amazed. The cave's overall length is approximately 2,144m, comprising three main entrances: Nguom Ngao, Nguom Lom, and Nguom Ban Thuon... The temperature in the cave ranges from 18 to 25 degrees Celsius, with summers feeling cool and winters feeling warm. Nature's gift to Cao Bang, Nguom Ngao, is truly valuable.

The multicolored stalactites hanging from the high rock pillars will take tourists' breath away as they enter the cave. Nature has skillfully shaped lifeless rock blocks into human figures, forest trees, animals, fairies combing their hair, lotus blooms, and so on. All of these provide a fantastical area for guests to the cave. You will sense the harmony of ice and water.

Long-term weathering of limestone mountains generated this cave. Entering the cave seems like stepping into a magical realm. There are magnificent stalactites with seven glittering hues hanging from the high arch of rock. Nature has worked hard for many generations to create stone "statues" that captivate people's imaginations. There are stone statues in the shape of people, statues like forest trees and animals from myths, but there are also stone niches that look like "hanging curtains," and stalactites that look like a fairy, leaning over brushing her hair, like a gentle fairy, like a giant lotus bud... Stalactites seem to grow from the ground up, drop from the top, vertical emulsion, horizontal emulsion, giant emulsion, little emulsion layered on top of each other, intertwined, crowded with numerous layers, but not monotonous, keeping visitors from ever becoming bored.

Each sight is connected with a lovely story and folk tales, in addition to people's rich imagination. The upside-down lotus and lonely stone pillars, two of Nguom Ngao's most gorgeous scenes, also have fascinating stories. It is believed that once upon a time, there was a Buddha who sat on a lotus platform for eternity to practice, but never got the desired outcome. He flipped the lotus upside down and transformed himself into a stone pillar standing next to the reverse lotus because he was bored and dissatisfied. If you catch the drops of water pouring from the Buddha's palm and rub them on your cheek, you will be blessed... The more tourists that enter Nguom Ngao cave, the more impressed they will be by the gleaming, magical environment. Nature has blessed you with this location, so let your imagination go wild with the shapes that stalactites and stalagmites created in the cave.

The temperature of Nguom Ngao cave is perfect, ranging between 18 and 25 degrees Celsius, making it cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

A murmuring stream may be found in the center of the Nguom Ngao cave. Previously, locals escorted visitors to the streams, transporting them in tiny wooden boats. The stream flowing underground in the cave resounds with nonstop murmurs, which is soothing to the ears and also serves as the "air conditioner" that keeps Nguom Ngao cave cool and steamy at all times. 

Especially in Nguom Ngao cave, where there is a gap connecting to the sky, at exactly 14 pm on April 22 every year, three light streams intersect to making the cave as bright as day for a few minutes. Nature alone bestows this magnificent feature on Nguom Ngao cave.

Nguom Ngao Cave is a must-see when going Northwest Vietnam package tour. Nguom Ngao will definitely be an interesting destination to explore and let your imagination run wild.