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How to get Visa Approval Letter to Vietnam 2022 - Latest guidelines
Posted By : Threeland Travel / Vietnam Travel Guide

For Vietnam Entry Requirements. What is the Vietnam visa approval letter?

“Vietnam Visa approval letter” is a document issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department via a local travel agency to clients. It is considered as an official permission to board the flight to Vietnam and get visa stamped on the passport at Vietnam international airports on arrival. This is one of Vietnam entry requirements for certain citizen from different countries to Vietnam. 

How to get Visa Approval Letter with Threeland Travel

For our clients coming to Vietnam by air, Threeland Travel can support and offer Visa Approval letter to get visa stamp at the airport on entry.  

Basically, our clients need to provide most important document beforehand for visa approval letter (also known as pre-approval visa letter or visa on arrival approval letter).

1.    Please send us client’s passport scanned (Valid at least 6 months from departure date to Vietnam), confirmed round trip air ticket. We will also send a form for you to fill in detailed information. Complete the online application form with the following information: Full name, Nationality, Gender, Passport number, Passport expiry date, Visa type, Travel dates.

2.    As soon as we receive the Vietnam Visa approval letter from the Immigration Office, we will send you via email. It takes normally 5 to 7 days. 

3.    On client’s arrival date, our clients can bring along their original passports, 1 printed Visa approval letter copy and 1 passport size photo (4x6) to take the visa stamp at international airport on arrival. Clients also have to pay for visa stamp fee. It costs about 25 USD. 

Halong bay

There are also few points to take notices below:

- Requirement for Photograph: straight forward face as in your passport image.
- Vietnam Visa application process takes at least 5-7 working days, except weekend and Public Holiday.

For fast track service, it takes 1 working day or even 2 to 4 working hours depending on your emergency in pre-covid time.

What does a Vietnam visa approval letter look like?

When you get visa approval letter for Vietnam visa, you should also check information on it: 

1.    Statement on allowing its holder(s) to enter Vietnam, meaning the holders can get visa stamped at Vietnam airport. 

2.    Details of holders who are permitted to enter Vietnam with this letter including full name, passport number, date of birth, nationality.

3.    The letter also will mention permitted duration to stay in Vietnam.

Here is how a visa approval letter looks like. 

Visa approval letter to Vietnam

Types of Vietnam visa approval letter?

There are 2 kinds of Visa approval letter. 

•    Visa approval letter for a shared group that includes details of other clients whose application is submitted to the Vietnam Immigration at the same time for processing.
•    Visa approval letter for your private group which contains details of yours or your group only. This type of letter is provided upon your request.

Please be informed that a visa approval letter for Vietnam is issued by the Vietnam immigration department via legally operated Vietnam travel agency like Threeland Travel in Vietnam.  So, with a valid approval letter, you completely can get the visa stamped at Vietnam airport on arrival.

Hoi An Vietnam

How much does a Vietnam visa on arrival letter cost?

The cost of a pre-approval letter for a Vietnam visa also depends on the type of visa you wish to get, how fast you want to get it and also the number of applicants in your group. Please contact Threeland Travel for further advice and update the latest news on Vietnam travel restrictions 2022. We are available via What’s App at +84342620068 or Email: help@threeland.com. 

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