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Ho Tram tourism - Travel experience from A-Z
Posted By : Threeland Travel / Vietnam Travel Guide

Ho Tram tourism - a place that is not noisy and bustling but is captivated by the clear blue water and smooth white sand creating a gentle and wild beauty. Traveling to Ho Tram, you can leisurely walk along the tens of kilometers long beach and sip fresh sea specialties here.

Ho Tram also has a very wild and green forest ecosystem. Ho Tram is an unspoiled beach area. You can spend time relaxing in a space filled with trees, dropping your soul into the cool green space of the sea, casuarina forest and cool melaleuca forest. Let's explore Ho Tram tourism with Threeland Travel!


Best time to travel Ho Tram

Ho Tram has the characteristics of tropical monsoon climate and is divided into 2 distinct seasons in the year. In which the rainy season is quite short, only lasts from June to October and the dry season starts from November to the end of May. So you can rest assured to travel to Ho Tram at any time of the year to recharge. 

Where is Ho Tram tourism?

The center of Ho Tram tourist area is a high-class resort, coming here you will enjoy the fresh and airy air, but the price is quite expensive, you should consider booking in advance on the holidays. Some resorts you can refer to when traveling to Ho Tram 1 day such as: Ho Tram Beach Resort & Spa, Sanctuary Ho Tram Resort Community, Sao Mai Boutique Villas or MGM Grand Ho Tram Beach...


What to eat when traveling to Ho Tram?

Traveling to Ho Tram, visitors will always be impressed with the fresh seafood dishes here, especially visitors who can buy them right at the beach, where fishing boats and nets go back during the day.

With abundant seafood due to the way boats catch such as shrimp, fish, crabs, squid, snails .... Cho Luoi is a crowded seafood trading spot of Ho Tram with cheap prices but many and abundant items. The best time to go to the market for you to buy fresh seafood from the boat is at 6am,7am, 4am to 5pm. One of the must-do things not to be missed when traveling to Ho Tram.


In addition, if you stop in Vung Tau, you can visit many delicious restaurants in this city to enjoy pigeon porridge on Do Chieu Street; Hoa Sua rice pot; Bay Giai fish head hot pot; hot pot stingray, frog Truong Cong Dinh; Truong Cong Dinh fish hot pot…

Which hotel to stay in Ho Tram?

Carmelina Beach Resort

Carmelina Beach Resort is an extremely famous 4-star luxury resort in Ho Tram, featuring luxurious space, modern room system, super beautiful outdoor swimming pool overlooking the sea and especially the surrounding space. The surrounding is extremely quiet, so it will be very suitable for relaxation. This is a hotel near Ho Tram beach not to be missed.

Melia Ho Tram Beach Resort


Staying at Ho Tram Vung Tau is definitely not to be missed at Melia Ho Tram Beach Resort. Is a 5-star resort designed in a modern style with full of attractive amenities such as: Restaurant, outdoor swimming pool, Spa, Gym, modern room system,... enjoy the throttle. This is a good choice for travelers who are looking for hotels in Vung Tau.

Ho Tram Beach Boutique Resort & Spa

Ho Tram Beach Boutique Resort & Spa is built around lush green mountains with beautiful sea surface, bringing a feeling of harmony with nature. The hotel has an extremely large swimming pool, a private beach and dozens of diverse rooms for you to choose from.

InterContinental Grand Ho Tram


IntelContinental Grand Ho Tram (also known as The Grand Ho Tram Strip) is a 5-star luxury hotel located quite near Vung Tau city, located on the beautiful Ho Tram beach. It is not an exaggeration to say that this is one of the accommodation spaces loved and chosen by many tourists, the most perfect place for a Vung Tau trip that is beckoning you this summer.

Ho Tram tourist attractions

Ho Tram Beach

Ho Tram Beach possesses a beautiful turquoise color, clear water see the bottom, on the shore are white sand beaches and green poplar forests. There are very few houses around, so this place still retains the wild character, very suitable for those who like quiet. Don't miss Ho Tram beach during Vietnam tours.


In addition to soaking in the cool water, you can also camp, enjoy seafood, snorkel or go SUP boating. Ho Tram beach is so beautiful that it's too sad to not "live virtual" anymore, isn't it!

Ho Coc Beach

Ho Coc - a "tourist paradise" of people who love to explore. This is a very "quality" virtual living photography check-in point, attracting many local residents and tourists when visiting Vung Tau.

Ho Coc falls in love with tourists near and far because of its inherent wild beauty with blue sea, white sand, trees, wide beach, mixed with a little bit of poetic beauty of the mountains and forests. We call each other "the place of the fairyland", which is a place to choose to come on occasions to rest after the chaos of life.

Looking to Ho Coc to relax, people not only immerse themselves in the salty smell of the sea, but also listen to the sound of the waves crashing offshore, hear the rustling of the poplars whenever there is a breeze. inadvertently passed by, along with the sound of birds chirping somewhere.


Ho Coc Beach has a Ho Coc tourist area open to visitors to swim, day visit suitable for all types of visitors coming here. Ho Tram from Ho Chi Minh is 145 km, so it is very suitable for a day trip to the beach if you are a busy person, or you can stay one night to immerse yourself in the quiet nature here.

Binh Chau - Phuoc Buu primeval forest

Not only Ho Tram beach, Ho Tram Vung Tau also has a forest for us to explore, which is Binh Chau - Phuoc Buu primeval forest. This place covers an area of ​​11,293 hectares with many rich primeval vegetation such as: Red goose, Ko Nia, Giang Huong, Go honey, Son peach, Binh Linh art, ... And there are many kinds of diverse animals for you to enjoy. You can admire many species of reptiles, amphibians, mammals, ... listed in Vietnam's Red Book.

Minh Dam Mountain


Ho Tram tourism also has a historical site of Minh Dam mountain for you to explore. This was a military base in the past and has now become a green tourist destination, the landscape here is extremely wonderful with 3 sides facing the beautiful sea. On Minh Dam mountain, there are many other places such as Truc Lam Chan Nguyen Zen Monastery, Da Che island, ...

And that is also "all" of the tourist information Ho Tram needs to know for you. Ho Tram tourism today still retains many unspoiled natural beauty, so it will be ideal for us to explore. Going to make a trip to Ho Tram, what else is there?