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Explore Mui Ne Phan Thiet - the leading attractive sea paradise in Vietnam

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Mui Ne is a favorite destination in the Vietnam tour. This place is not only famous for its blue sea and white sand, but also many busy food courts and luxurious resorts that make every visitor fall in love.

Mui Ne is a beautiful cape of Phan Thiet that is loved by many travel enthusiasts. If you are planning to travel to this beautiful "sea paradise", do not forget to ignore the outstanding places in Mui Ne introduced below! 

1. Basic information about Mui Ne

Where is Mui Ne? Mui Ne is the name of a cape and also a ward of Phan Thiet city (Binh Thuan province). About 20km northeast of the city center, Mui Ne is the key tourist area of Phan Thiet.

Mui Ne owns a favorable geographical position and covers an area of about 35.41 km2. Therefore, this place has become a prominent tourist capital, attracting many annual visitors of Binh Thuan province. Visitors can easily move to Phan Thiet by car, coach, or train depending on the starting point.

Location The East and South borders the East Sea
The West borders Ham Tien ward and Thien Nghiep commune
The North borders Bac Binh district and Thien Hiep commune
Region South Central Coast
Nickname Resort capital, resort capital of Vietnam
Acreage 35,41 km2
Climate There are 2 seasons: dry season and rainy season

2. Why is it called “Mui Ne”?

There are two explanations for the name "Mui Ne". First, this is where fishermen anchor their boats to avoid storms. "Mui" is the headland facing the sea, and "Ne" is to avoid storms or thunderstorms.

The second theory comes from a folk tale of the Cham people. Legend has it that there was a princess of Champa king named Mouse. She fell ill and died when she was only 16 years old. The people mourned, so they built a temple to worship the princess in Hon Rom, calling her nickname Ba Na Ne. Later, people here misread the name "Na Ne" into "Mui Ne" and called this land "Mui Ne" to this day.

3. Mui Ne tourism, what attracts so many visitors?

Traveling to Mui Ne is an attractive experience for travel enthusiasts. This place attracts many tourists to visit because of its beautiful natural scenery, attractive and rich cuisine and friendly and hospitable people.

3.1. Beaches with pristine beauty

Mui Ne beach still has many unexploited places, so it still has pristine beauty, clear blue sea, long white sand beach under the immense blue sky.

Mui Ne has many beautiful beaches waiting for you to explore. All of them put on their idyllic beauty, very poetic and lyrical. When coming here, visitors can in turn visit: Hon Rom Mui Ne, Bai Rang, Co Thach, Ganh Son, Thuan Quy, Cam Binh ...

3.2. The sand dunes attract many photographers, poets, painters

The immense sand dunes of Mui Ne are always an attractive tourist destination for all visitors. Magical flying sand dunes, changing with each wind, bearing 18 different colors have long been the inspiration of many poets, painters and photographers.

Besides, Bau Trang Mui Ne with pristine beauty is also a destination you should not miss when coming to Mui Ne. Visitors can sandboard, ride an all-terrain vehicle and take countless virtual live photos at this place.

3.3. Convergence of many enchanting beautiful landscapes

Not only has poetic beaches, Mui Ne also converges many enchanting landscapes, making visitors nostalgic forever. First of all, the "place of fairyland" must be mentioned Suoi Tien Mui Ne, where there are stalactite cliffs that are naturally eroded, sparkling magically under the golden sun and a clear, cool stream flowing all year round.

Mui Ne fishing village is a place where you can watch hundreds of ships bustling about on the sea, enjoy many delicious dishes from fresh seafood caught directly here and experience the fishing village life of fishermen. .

After that, try the trekking experience on Ta Cu mountain. After conquering about 1000 steps to the mountain, you will be overwhelmed by the beautiful surroundings, enjoy the fresh, green air.

3.4. Unique culture

Not only is an ideal "resort paradise", Mui Ne is also a place for visitors to experience many unique beauties of culture. You will admire and learn about Cham culture at the ancient Poshanu Cham tower, which is delicately carved and is more than 1,200 years old.

Besides, Duc Thanh school is also a historical place that you must definitely visit when coming to Mui Ne. This is the school where President Ho Chi Minh used to teach. After more than 100 years, the school still retains its original architecture and scenery.

You should also not miss the Fish Sauce Museum of Ancient Fishing Village, where visitors can discover the 300-year history of the formation of Phan Thiet fishing village and visit the traditional fish sauce making process.

3.5. The resort capital for a great stay and resort experience

Mui Ne is favored by tourists with the name "resort capital". There are many luxury resorts here. Hotels, resorts and homestays in Mui Ne have affordable prices, excellent service quality, ensuring to bring tourists the perfect experience of staying, resting and relaxing.

3.6. Mui Ne cuisine has a very attractive coastal characteristic

Coming to this beautiful cape but you have not discovered the cuisine here is a huge omission. Mui Ne specialties make every visitor fall in love from the first time. You definitely have to try banh can, banh re, cha lui, ... and can't miss the countless delicious dishes from fresh seafood caught directly here.

3.7. There are many interesting games and activities

What to play in Mui Ne? When traveling to Mui Ne, you don't have to think about what and where to play today. Because here there are many interesting games and activities waiting for you. In your itinerary to explore this place, try to experience:

  • Sandboarding: For those who love speed games, while looking at the vast sand dunes, and enjoying sandboarding from the high hills.
  • Off-road riding on sand dunes: This is an interesting, unique experience at this cape. You will be adventure on sand dunes and organize challenging races.
  • Sitting in a jeep to visit and explore Mui Ne: You will have the opportunity to admire the poetic panorama of Mui Ne and feel each cool sea breeze around.
  • Skydiving: This is a game for those who love thrills and want to see the blue sea, white sand from above,
  • Swimming in blue, clean water: How can you ignore the experience of swimming in the cool, clear blue water in Mui Ne, right?
  • Water motor racing: Just satisfying for those who are passionate about speed and freely watching the vast blue sea.
  • Sitting on a basket boat: You will be sitting on a basket boat, floating on the sea to admire the beautiful scenery and welcome each cool, pleasant breeze.
  • Golfing: A must-do activity for professional golfers.
  • Wading stream: You will feel the cool, fresh water under your feet and enjoy the peaceful and pleasant natural scenery.
  • Learn the process of making wine, fish sauce - famous Phan Thiet specialties.

Du khách sẽ được tham gia nhiều trò chơi thú vị, độc đáo tại Mũi Né mà không cảm thấy buồn chán

Mui Ne is an outstanding tourist center of Binh Thuan. Coming here, you will not need to worry about what to play, where to eat, or what to eat. Because this place has countless attractive tourist destinations, high-class resorts and rich cuisine are waiting for you to explore. Contact Threeland Travel to plan a exploration to Mui Ne Phan Thiet right now!