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Discovering Ba Mu Pagoda in Hoi An

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Ba Mu Pagoda in Hoi An - a famous historical relic that has existed for a long time, is a sacred place of worship, showing the culture and beliefs of the people of Hoi An. At the same time, with unique, magnificent but equally ancient architecture, Ba Mu Pagoda became one of the temples in Hoi An that you cannot miss.

As one of the oldest Hoi An pagodas, Ba Mu Pagoda in Hoi An, also known as Tam Quan Ba Muc pagoda, has an important meaning in the spiritual and religious life of Hoi An people. Besides, thanks to possessing billions of beautiful ancient check-in corners, tinged with time, Ba Mu Pagoda is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Hoi An in recent years.

1. Discovering Ba Mu Pagoda in Hoi An

1.1. Where is Ba Mu Pagoda in Hoi An?

Address: 675 Hai Ba Trung Street, Hoi An, Quang Nam

Ba Mu pagoda in Hoi An was originally named Cam Ha palace and Hai Binh palace. The reason why the name Ba Mu pagoda has been handed down to this day is because the indigenous people have reduced it to be easy to remember and read.

1.2. History of Ba Mu Pagoda in Hoi An

Ba Mu Pagoda in Hoi An was started in 1626 at another location, then moved to the present location. From 1848 to 1922, the pagoda was restored and shaped on a large scale, this place was evaluated by domestic and foreign researchers as a unique architectural work in Quang Nam, along with two other monuments. In Hoi An are the Cau Pagoda and the Assembly Hall of Chaozhou.

Over time and the brutality of war, Ba Mu Pagoda suffered heavy losses in the landscape, leaving only the entrance gate. Faced with the risk of losing this special historical site, Hoi An city has planned and constructed to upgrade, restore, preserve and preserve the temple.

1.3. Who does Ba Mu Pagoda worship?

Cam Ha Palace is located in the left compartment of Ba Mu Pagoda, which is a place to worship Duc Bao Sanh Dai and statues of 36 gods, arranged in two neat and majestic rows. The remaining space is a place to worship Turkey and Minh Huong Communal House.

In Hai Binh, Ba Mu pagoda is the place to worship the Goddess Thien Hau Thanh Mau, the auxiliary worships 12 Ba Mu along with the statues of two gods Thien Ly Nhan and Thuan Phong Nhi are worshiped in front. This cult of worship is maintained to this day, associated with the dream of a peaceful and happy life, and good descendants.

2.1. How to go to Ba Mu Pagoda in Hoi An?

The way to Tam Quan Ba Mu Pagoda in Hoi An is very simple, you should choose the starting point from Cau Pagoda, then follow the entrance to Hai Ba Trung Street until you find house number 675, there will be a small path leading to the pagoda. It only takes you about 5 minutes to walk 200m to get there.

In addition, if you want to enter Ba Mu Pagoda first and then visit the old town, please park your car at the intersection of Phan Chu Trinh and Hai Ba Trung, then just walk a few steps to enter the temple.

2.2. Entrance fee and opening time of Ba Mu Pagoda in Hoi An

For those of you who want to see information about opening hours and ticket prices to visit and check-in at the temple:

  • Reference opening hours: All day
  • Reference ticket price: Free

3. Check-in corners at Ba Mu Pagoda in Hoi An attract tourists

3.1. Tam Quan Gate – million-like background with nostalgic and magnificent architecture

In the overall landscape of Ba Mu pagoda relic, surely Tam Quan gate will be the most valuable check-in point, creating a strong impression for those who visit for the first time.

With ancient architecture with sophisticated textures, Tam Quan Gate deserves to be a "divine" background, just stand in and take a picture and you will have a "genuine" photo, no need to edit. .

3.2. The gate of Ba Mu Pagoda in Hoi An - ancient with impressive vintage colors

Another equally prominent gate is the Gate to Ba Mu Pagoda. The gate was restored with Vauban tile roof architecture, painted with classic colors, giving an impressive quiet look. The two sides of the wall are contrasting murals, exalting the beauty and historical value from the entrance gate.

3.3. Ba Mu pagoda lake - the ideal place for you to hunt for poetic views

Surely when visiting Ba Mu pagoda, you will see that right in front of Tam Quan gate is a spacious and airy lake area. Along the two paths are rows of green trees, stretching lawns and lighting systems that make the lake area sparkling and fanciful.

When sunset falls, the red rays of the sun print on the lake surface like a picture. You can choose this time to take pictures that will be very beautiful, sitting in front of the lake or taking pictures in front of Tam Quan gate so that the shadow is reflected on the lake is also very beautiful.

Above is the information that you can learn to know more about discovering Ba Mu Pagoda in Hoi An. To easily move to tourist attractions in Hoi An, contact Threeland Travel to have incredible Hoi An tour.