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Cycling in Vietnam: The Best Places to Have an Ultimate Experience!

Posted By : Threeland Travel / Vietnam Travel Guide

Cycling is an enjoyable activity. There is something intrinsically thrilling about pedaling through tight alleys with the sun shining on your face and the wind blowing at you that not only brings back childhood memories but also provides a buzz. Apart from this, bicycles are environmentally beneficial. Cycling around a tourist site can be both entertaining and instructive, giving you a unique opportunity to explore the cultural aspects of your region and help those in need in a unique way.

Vietnam is quite hospitable to cyclists and visitors who seek to go on bike trips. From seasoned pros to daring newbies, everyone in Vietnam has a cycling destination that meets their individual needs. A Vietnam cycling tour may be an unforgettable experience because the Vietnamese are quite warm and hospitable to visitors, and they will be pleased to have you around. Some of the more popular bicycle routes have been included here.

1. Mekong Delta

Best time: September to November

Mekong cycling tour may be an utter pleasure. The delta region's beautiful green rice fields and bubbling blue river are very pleasing. You may start in Ho Chi Minh City and go to My Tho before heading to Vinh Long via Cai Be. From there, continue on to Can Tho before cycling back up to Ho Chi Minh City. This is a long journey, and you may shorten it by avoiding My Tho. The route takes 3-6 days, depending on whether you bike via Can Tho or not. Throughout the tour, you will travel through Vietnamese villages teeming with residents going about their daily lives, farmer fields caring for their crops, young kids waving and shouting as you pass by, and watering holes where buffaloes and ducks coexist. You might even be able to visit some islands by boat and discover floating marketplaces!

2. Sapa

Best Time: March to May

Sapa's mountainous and challenging yet gorgeous scenery might be an ideal cycling destination. A day tour across the surrounding region is perfect for beginner riders. For experienced cyclists, you may ride all the way to Muong Khuon or Phong Tho, or perhaps Son La or Lao Cai. The terrain might be steep and hazardous, but the hillside views are among the greatest in the world and well worth the climb. You will gain a unique insight into the alpine lifestyle and the customs of the Sapa people. Cycling around Sapa is both aesthetically pleasing and educational.

3. Hoi An

Best time: February to April

Hoi An is one of the most bike-friendly cities in Vietnam. Bicycles are a better way to explore the city and surrounding area than motorcycles because many routes are off-limits to motorcycles. For simple cycling routes, visit Cam Kim Island, Ang Bang Beach, and Tra Que Vegetable Garden along the way. The trip through beautiful green rice fields and the sight of the sea rising to welcome you are just breathtaking. If you want to take a more difficult journey, proceed towards My Son or Tam Ky via Cua Dai Bridge. Cycling across the city at night provides a unique experience. The lovely lanterns hang low in the sky, and the colors and rustic mood add to the magnificent atmosphere.

4. Mai Chau

Best Time: October to January

Mai Chau is a hilly town in northeastern Vietnam. It is not a popular riding location, yet it caters to both novice and experienced bikers. Mai Chau has some riding routes? The trails range from very basic along the hillside to moderate ones to Ban Kho Phuong and Cuc Muong, as well as tough ones to Hanoi and Van Long Nature Reserve. Cycling through Mai Chau provides an excellent opportunity to explore real Vietnamese villages such as Pom Com and Sai Village and learn about the lifestyle of the White Thai. The people are quite kind and may even offer you to dine in their stilt cottages. The landscape is rugged and rocky. The landscape is rugged and rocky. Mai Chau is a nice spot to ride around and learn about the indigenous cultures.

5. Da Lat

Best time: November to March

Da Lat, also known as 'The City of a Thousand Pines', is distinguished for its many pine trees and mild climate throughout the year, as well as its French colonial architecture. Da Lat is an excellent cycling destination due to its 'eternal springlike' temperature. Da Lat bicycle routes range from modest rides around the city and adjacent villages to longer trips to Nha Trang and Lam Ha. This area's terrain is difficult to negotiate, so only experienced riders should attempt it. The short stretch, on the other hand, is simple enough for beginners. Da Lat is an amazing area to bike through and enjoy the thrill and beauty of Vietnam's highlands.

6. Hanoi

Best Time - February to April

Hanoi, Vietnam's capital city, serves as the starting point for some of the most challenging bicycle excursions and routes. One of the most notable is the cross-country bicycle track from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. The cross-country cycling course takes roughly 15 days and is characterized as a physically demanding yet very satisfying adventure. In addition, Hanoi has bike paths leading to Ninh Binh and Dien Ben Phu. Another remarkable cycling track runs the full length of Vietnam and a section of Laos. These cycling paths are frequently used for strenuous journeys and should only be attempted by people who are in good physical condition.

Rules for cycling in Vietnam:

1. Purchase a thorough map in addition to a reliable GPS tracking system. You could get lost, so a map can help.

2. Stock up on water, snacks, energy drinks, and energy bars because they may not be accessible all along the journey.

3. Avoid highways for the best experience. There is far less traffic, and you will meet more locals and learn more about the culture without the pollution and noise of vehicles.

4. Villagers may frequently let you sleep in their houses. Always compensate them well for the food and shelter they offer.

5. Always take a rope with you on steep, uphill slopes.

6. Locals on the road will wave to you. Spend your energy sparingly, as it becomes monotonous after a while.

The above-mentioned locations and cycling holidays in Vietnam represent only a small portion of what this wonderful country has to offer. If you're feeling adventurous, you may frequently plan your trip with the aid of local tour operators in Vietnam. Happy cycling!