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Check out 7 attractive destinations that you must visit when setting foot on Con Dao island
Posted By : Threeland Travel / Vietnam Travel Guide

Con Dao island is voted as the 10 most attractive islands on the planet by Lonely Planet Magazine. Despite going through a dark time and once an obsession of many Vietnamese people it is today being chosen as a paradise for leisure travel and for exploring nature. 

Formerly associated with the name "Hell on earth" of Vietnam when this place was once a prison "no return", Con Dao is located in Ba Ria - Vung Tau and built under the French colonial government and US imperialism. The war ended at the same time the prison was dissolved. 

Nowadays, the Con Dao island appeal to tourists with long beaches, beautiful white sand-like paradise. Especially here, tourism services are not yet developed, so the beaches are still unspoiled and very beautiful. This is the only place in Vietnam where you can see sea cows or turtles lay eggs or monkeys sitting around the cliffs kicking and catching crabs and snails on both sides of the road, etc. There are many interesting experiences here. 

Con Dao island

Panorama picture of Con Dao island

Let's check out 7 attractive destinations that you must visit when setting foot on Con Dao island.

Dam Trau Beach

Dam Trau beach is one of the beautiful destinations in Con Dao that visitors should check-in. The beach is located near Co Ong airport and about 14 km from the town center. Beaches with golden sand stretches, emerald green sea color, and pristine rocky beaches, create beautiful scenery. 

Dam Trau Beach in Con Dao

Dam Trau beach is famous for golden sand and emerald green sea color

The beauty of Dam Trau beach converges between the wild, dreamy, and a bit of mystery. Visitors here can nestle under the shade of trees to enjoy the sea breeze, play on the sand or swim in the cool water. In the afternoons, you can also go here to watch the sunset slowly go down,...

Shark Cape

Contrary to the fierce name "Shark Cape" the landscape here is beautiful and peaceful. From the center of town, following Ben Dam Street will see a headland appear like a shark lying in the sun. Shark Cape is a beautiful check-in spot no less than Dam Trau beach. The panorama picture with impressive beauty, poetic of Shark Cape promises to bring many memorable experiences. 

Shark Cape is a majestic picture thanks to massive rocky mountains, standing high upright. The seawater here is blue and clear, the sandy beach stretches and smooth white under the brilliant sun. In the distance, there are some fishing boats anchored, making the picture of Con Dao more poetic.

Shark Cape in Con Dao

Sunset on Shark Cape

In addition to possessing breathtaking beauty, Shark Cape is also a place to watch the beautiful sunset on Con Dao island. At about 5 pm, visitors can admire the moment the sun gradually fades away. The clear blue sky at noon gradually turns into a romantic orange-yellow, crimson, and dark purple color.

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590 radar station

The 590 radar station is a beautiful check-in corner in Con Dao that you should once set foot in. This radar station is located on a mountain nearly 600 meters above sea level, hence its nickname "the roof of Con Dao". 
Standing from the top of the mountain, you can almost see the overall beauty of Con Dao, the green forests, the stretches of beaches, and the islets around Con Dao.

The view from 590 radar station

This mountain is located in the southwest, about 3km from the town center. To conquer the top of the radar, the only way is to walk. But don't lament because when you reach the top, you will find the climbing journey is worth it.
See coral reefs at Hon Tai and Hon Trac

Traveling to Con Dao, visitors definitely see coral reefs on the island. The sunny season is beautiful, the sea is blue and the waves are smooth, suitable for waving the underwater area and admiring the brilliant coral reefs. 

Coral in Con Dao

The brilliant coral reefs

The area of Hon Tai and Hon Trac is home to the most beautiful coral reefs. For the convenience of enjoying the beauty of the coral reefs, visitors should buy a day tour or a half-day tour. You will be taken to this place with a life jacket and diving goggles ready prepared.

Dam Tre Bay

Dam Tre Bay is a pristine, mysterious beach in Con Dao, about 17km north of the center of Con Son town.
Dam Tre Bay in Con Dao

The reason is called Dam Tre Bay because there are many bamboos around the Bay. They cluster close together, as dense as a solid citadel. Dam Tre Bay is strictly protected, so nature is still very wild and is considered one of the most attractive ecological attractions in Con Dao.

The route to Dam Tre bay is not on the map. Therefore, you need to ask local people for specific instructions or ask the military. It is also an ideal place to stay overnight, immerse yourself in nature, hear the waves and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the bay at night. However, camping overnight must be allowed by the military.

Con Dao Prison

Coming to Con Dao island without visiting the Con Dao prison is probably a big mistake and regret. This place was once hell on earth, each holding about 20,000 revolutionary soldiers.

Con Dao Prison
Many domestic and foreign tourists have been stunned when witnessing the "Tiger Cages" - a form of solitary confinement room made of many iron bars or barbed wire that is only 5m2 wide.

Tiger Cages in Con Dao

Tiger Cages – special cells in Con Dao jail

Prisoners were forced to lie under damp concrete and endure a series of brutal tortures. Must visit the Con Dao Prison, visitors understand the so-called war crimes and the great sacrifice of Vietnamese in exchange for national independence.

Con Dao Musuem

Con Dao Museum is a famous historical relic in Con Dao. The museum consists of many artifacts and documents reflecting a heroic period of Vietnamese people and accusing the brutal tortures of colonialism and imperialism. 

The display space inside the Con Dao museum has a large space for important events and a showroom with 4 galleries: Con Dao - Country and People, Con Dao - Hell on earth, Con Dao - Revolutionary School, and Con Dao – Today. Each topic is on display differently and brings indescribable emotions to visitors. 

Here you will admire the portraits of heroes who have been indomitable throughout the long years of history. Today Con Dao is peaceful and simple, no one can see the tragic loss when it was a "Hell on earth", coming to Con Dao Museum is a quite interesting experience, understanding more of a calendar heroic history but full of tragedy, loss. Surely you will be quite regretful if you miss the opportunity to visit Con Dao and Con Dao Museum.

Con Dao - the beautiful and sacred island of Ba Ria - Vung Tau province is a very hot destination in the summer. This place was once honored to be in the top beautiful destinations in the world. So, if you want to travel to the sea, go to Con Dao right away. There are the many beautiful destination you can refer when you have a tour to Con Dao. Keep in touch with Threeland Travel to enjoy a memorable Vietnam holiday.