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Amazing caves to visit in Vietnam

Posted By : Threeland Travel / Vietnam Travel Guide


Caves are perhaps the most magnificent and mysterious masterpieces of nature. The journeys to discover the secret inside the caves always make people more surprised and admired by the power of nature. The existence of such natural wonders proves to us that man himself and the things that we think are great are actually very small when standing in front of nature. Fortunately, our planet is blessed with countless majestic caves, most of which are located right at the World Natural Heritage - Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park. Therefore, Phong Nha is also known as Vietnam's Cave Kingdom.

Vietnam is not only a country with a unique culture and heroic history, but also a country favored by nature with the most magnificent wonders on the planet, which are also large and beautiful caves. best of the world. Vietnam's top caves make a sci-fi movie adventure come true!
Let's join Threeland Travel to learn more about the list of unique caves in Vietnam!

Trang An Cave Complex, Ninh Binh Province

The cave complex in Trang An is truly a perfect masterpiece of nature. The scenery here is likened to a natural geographical museum with a series of caves, mountains, forests, rivers and historical sites. Trang An cave ecosystem possesses majestic natural landscapes and the most unique caves in Vietnam. From survey documents and cave research, Trang An cave population has more than 310 species of plants growing in the area, including woody plants, rare herbs, even fungi, moss, etc. Trang An population is also home to about 30 species of wildlife, 50 species of birds, reptiles, and rare animals such as chamois or jaguars.


Trang An cave complex is famous for its 48 large and small caves, of which water caves are from 200m to 350m in length, including: Dark Cave, Bright Cave, Ba Giot Cave, Tran Cave, Nau Ruou Cave, Son Duong Cave. , Quy Hau Cave and Seo Cave. All of these caves can be visited by boat, you will surely have an extremely wonderful experience when traveling in Trang An!


Son Doong Cave

Son Doong is the largest caves in Vietnam and on the planet, also the most majestic cave in Vietnam. Son Doong Cave was discovered and discovered in 2009-2010 by cave experts from the British Cave Research Association (BCRA). The Son Doong cave exploration program has been put into operation in adventure tourism since 2013. Up to now, all expeditions for the purpose of scientific research or tourism have been organized and guaranteed. safe by one of the leading adventure tour companies in Asia - Oxalis Adventure company based in Phong Nha, Quang Binh. Oxalis Adventure has an international tourism business license and is licensed to organize and operate the Son Doong Cave Exploration program.


What makes Son Doong cave the most majestic cave in Vietnam is its incredible size. Son Doong Cave has a length of up to 5km, the largest chambers of the cave are up to 200m high and 150m wide, Son Doong cave is so large that it can accommodate a 40-story skyscraper in New York City. With a measured volume of up to 38.5 million cubic meters, Son Doong cave completely surpassed Deer Cave in Malaysia - the largest cave in the world at that time. Surveys of Son Doong cave also show that the stalactites in Son Doong cave are the highest in the world with a height of up to 80m. Therefore, the program to explore Hang Son Doong - the largest cave in Vietnam and the world is always on the list of must visit in Vietnam for adventure enthusiasts around the world. 


Dau Go Cave, Ha Long, Quang Ninh Province

Located on Dau Go Island, Dau Go Cave, also known as "Giu Go Cave", is one of the most unique caves in Vietnam with mysterious beauty. Behind this cave, there are many thrilling stories and legends hidden, which is also what makes the attraction of this cave. In 1938, a French journalist introduced the beauty of Dau Go Cave with an article titled "Cave of wonders", roughly translated as "Cave of natural wonders". Formed 2 million years ago, Dau Go cave is located 27m above sea level.


Besides the numerous massive stone pillars and stalactites, Dau Go Cave in Halong Bay also has a very rich vegetation, including ferns, mosses, woody plants, etc. A special thing about this cave is that the cave has a very large blue stalactite block that looks like a giant jellyfish. The ceiling of Dau Go cave is 25m high with hundreds of stalactites hanging down like a waterfall pouring down from the ceiling of the cave. These interesting features have helped Dau Go Cave become one of the most unique caves in Vietnam.


Paradise Cave, Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, Quang Binh Province

Thien Duong Cave - also known as the "Royal Palace in the ground" is ranked in the list of the most magnificent caves in Vietnam. At the same time, Thien Duong Cave is also a famous tourist destination in Phong Nha in recent years thanks to its huge size, along with countless magnificent and rare stalactites. Visiting Paradise Cave will give you great experiences and be overwhelmed by the beauty of Paradise Cave and Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park. Before Thien Duong Cave was discovered, Phong Nha Cave was considered the longest cave in the area. However, when discovered, Thien Duong Cave surpassed Phong Nha to become the longest cave with a length of up to 15km.


Located 200m above sea level, Thien Duong Cave has an estimated height of 72m, while width is up to 150m, the majesty of Thien Duong Cave is truly beyond imagination. In addition, cave experts have also concluded that the stalactites in Thien Duong cave are among the most magnificent ever seen, proving that Thien Duong cave deserves to be one of the most magnificent caves in Vietnam. 


Mua Cave, Ninh Binh Province

Mua Cave is one of the most beautiful caves in Vietnam and a famous tourist destination in Ninh Binh. Currently, Mua Cave belongs to Hang Mua eco-tourism area, surrounded by immense green rice fields like a silk strip embracing rolling hills and mountains, creating a beautiful natural picture. To get to the entrance of Mua Cave, you will have to climb nearly 50 steps running along the top of Ngoa Long mountain. From here you can freely admire the spectacular natural scenery, not only of Mua Cave but also the entire Trang An landscape. You will have to conquer quite a challenging road to climb up to the mouth of Mua cave, especially the jagged stone steps around the top of Ngoa Long mountain.


What makes Hang Mua one of the most famous caves in Vietnam is not only the beauty inside the cave, but also the natural scenery seen from above all the way to the top of the mountain. As soon as you reach the top of Ngoa Long mountain, you will enjoy a mesmerizing watercolor painting covering the entire landscape of Trang An, Tam Coc, Ninh Binh.


En Cave, Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, Quang Binh Province

Hang En is one of the most majestic caves in Vietnam, and also the third largest cave in the world in terms of volume (after Son Doong and Deer caves in Malaysia). Hang En is one of the most famous and beautiful caves on the planet, located deep in the tropical forests of Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park. The program "Explore En Cave 2 days 1 night" organized by Oxalis Adventure offers visitors dramatic experiences, with many activities to explore the mountains, explore and especially camp right in the heart of Hang En.


Among the most famous and beautiful caves in Vietnam, Hang En - the third largest cave in the world stretches up to 2km in the area of ​​Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, Quang Binh province. En cave has 3 cave gates, in which the largest and most beautiful cave gate is up to 120m high and 140m wide. Surrounded by dense mountains and forests covering the cave, creating a wild and beautiful natural scene. In the heart of Hang En, there are some areas up to 100m high, 180m wide, so large that the intense light from the flashlight shining in the cave can barely reach the cave wall. With its beauty and huge size, Hang En is one of the most magnificent caves in Vietnam that you must definitely explore once in your life.


Tu Lan Cave System, Quang Binh Province

Tu Lan cave system is a complex of beautiful and famous dry and wet caves located in Tan Hoa, Quang Binh. Located only 70km from Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, Tu Lan cave system hides behind vast corn fields or green rice fields, right next to Tan Hoa village - where the community lives. localities and ethnic minority groups. Tu Lan's majestic poetic beauty is also one of the main scenes of the famous Hollywood blockbuster Kong: Skull Island. Especially, when participating in tours to discover Tu Lan, visitors will be able to swim in the mysterious underground river right in the heart of the wet caves of Tu Lan. This is a unique experience that helps Tu Lan cave system to enter the list of the most unique caves in Vietnam, an ideal destination for anyone who is passionate about adventure exploration. Deep inside the cave is also located a variety of masterpieces of stalactites that will make you more overwhelmed by the natural beauty of Tu Lan.


The wet caves of the system such as Ken cave, Tu Lan cave have a relatively young geological age, about 3 million years old. Dry caves such as Tu Lan cave, Hung Ton cave are higher and older, geological age up to 5 million years. Stalactites, stalagmites, and limestone in these caves are all very large and beautiful. The majestic beauty of Ken Cave is also featured in the world famous geographical magazine National Geographic, taken by famous photographer Carsten Peter.


Surprise Cave, Ha Long, Quang Ninh Province

Sung Sot Cave is the largest cave in Ha Long Bay. Located on the beautiful island of Bo Hon, Sung Sot Cave is so named because of its incredible beauty. As one of the caves with the most fanciful beauty in Vietnam, Sung Sot Cave owns an area of ​​​​up to 10,000 m2, 30m high and 500m long. As soon as you step into the cave, you will admire two large separate arches. The first cave arch is quite similar to a small stand leading to the second cave arch through a narrow passage.


This second dome is much larger, so large that it can hold more than 1000 people at once. You will feel overwhelmed by the magical shapes created from stalactites and stalagmites in the cave. Therefore, Sung Sot Cave is always praised as one of the most beautiful cave wonders in Vietnam.


Hang Va, Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, Quang Binh Province

Possessing the rarest tower cone stalactites ever seen, Hang Va is considered as one of the most unique caves of Vietnam and the world. Hang Va is located very close to Hang Son Doong, so it is said to belong to the same cave system as Son Doong Cave. With a charming beauty that captivates anyone who sees it for the first time, Hang Va becomes one of the most beautiful caves in Vietnam. The entrance to Hang Va is inherently a hole formed by the cave ceiling collapsing into a rather steep valley, so to enter the cave visitors must use ropes, safety belts, climb about 15m down a section of the water cave. about 5m wide to lead to Hang Va. Deep in the heart of Hang Va is a rare population of Non Thap stalactites rising from the heart of natural shallow lakes. That unique thing has helped Hang Va become one of the most mysterious and unique caves in Vietnam.


Stalactites in the heart of Hang Va are very diverse and are classified as the most beautiful and rare in the world, the most prominent is the population of stalactites of Non Thap formed deep in the cave, with a tower so large that it has a diameter of up to 85m. Hundreds of such towering stalactites rise all over the ground, creating a mysterious scene like a miniature city. All these are enough for Hang Va to become one of the most beautiful caves in Vietnam.


Hang Tien, Quang Binh Province

Hang Tien, is likened to the cave of the fairy world thanks to its mysterious beauty like a fairyland. As one of the most beautiful caves in Vietnam, Hang Tien owns large caves, the main cave is the layers of stalactites layered like beautiful terraced fields, combined with the high and wide ceiling exalted by the caves. The sun's rays penetrate into the cave creating the most spectacular sight you'll ever see. Standing before the majesty of Hang Tien, you will feel like you are lost in the world of some giant. The vegetation at the mouth of Hang Tien has many special features. The light shining on the cave entrance area combines with the moisture in this area, creating an ideal environment for mosses and fungi to grow. They grow so fast that they can cover almost the entire entrance of the cave, even spreading to the nearby stalactites, so the stalactites and cave ceilings in this area have very special colors.


As one of the caves with the most enchanting beauty in Vietnam, Hang Tien is also the largest dry cave in the Tu Lan cave system, divided into two parts, the extension of Hang Tien 1 is Hang Tien 2. up to 3km long and 100m high. Groundwater from the surrounding limestone hills flows into the cave, condensing over millions of years and creating a stalactite shelf layered like extremely beautiful terraces. Not to mention the magnificent veins on the ceiling is what makes Hang Tien one of the most beautiful caves in Vietnam.


Phong Nha Cave, Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, Quang Binh Province

Phong Nha Cave is the first cave found and also the origin of the name Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park. Phong Nha Cave is not only one of the largest and most beautiful caves in Vietnam, but also an iconic cave with many historical values. With a length of up to 7729m, Phong Nha Cave is also the cave with the longest underground river in the world. It is a huge underground river flowing through Phong Nha Cave, and has a length of up to 13,969m. Phong Nha cave consists of a large dry cave and is divided into 3 main parts, ranked according to the level of light and dark in these areas: the cave entrance area receives the most light, the area in the middle of the cave is quite bright, and the area in the middle of the cave is quite bright. dark cave. Each area is inhabited by a group of organisms with unique adaptations.


The very large area of ​​the cave entrance is inhabited by light-dwelling species such as fish, insects, etc. The area in the middle of the cave is equipped with an artificial lighting system to serve visitors, and there are species such as shrimp, eel, etc. Finally, there is the dark cave area, where there is only darkness all year round, there are creatures that are only suitable to live in the dark such as blind fish, blind spiders, bats, etc. Phong Nha cave is not just one of the caves. The most beautiful cave in Vietnam, which deserves to be a destination not to be missed by anyone who loves natural beauty and is passionate about discovery.