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Adventure tour - Admire the beauty of the mountains and forests of NORTHWEST

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The magnificence of the Northwest mountains and forests is shown through the 4 passes of the Northwest. Conquering all four great peaks of the pass is always the top goal of many backpackers when choosing an adventure tour.
Possessing an impressive height and length, coming to the roads at the Four Great Peaks, visitors will be able to admire the majestic beauty of the Northwest's nature.

The rugged terrain with rows on rows of mountains is considered one of the outstanding features of the Vietnam adventure tour. As a legendary road for those who love backpacking, 4 great peaks of the pass, including the O Quy Ho pass, Pha Din pass, Khau Pha pass and Ma Pi Leng pass. Let's explore these 4 passes with our Threeland!


The four great peaks of the pass - 4 legendary roads in the adventure tour

Four Great Peaks Pass is known as the 4 most dangerous passes in Vietnam that any traveler will choose when going on an adventure tour. Anyone who drives these roads on their own must be "hidden" by the danger of these passes.

Despite the danger, all four of these great peaks take you to the places with the most beautiful scenery in the northern land or the pass itself is also the "main character" in this excursion. The Four Great Peaks are located in four northern provinces: Yen Bai, Ha Giang, Lao Cai, and Dien Bien.

O Quy Ho Pass - Admire the fairy landscape in the mountain town

With an altitude of 2000m above sea level, this 50km road is holding the record for the length, and is also considered the most dangerous pass in the Four Great Peaks of vietnam adventure tours. Located on Highway 4D, crossing Hoang Lien Son range, O Quy Ho pass connects and is the boundary between Lao Cai and Lai Chau provinces.


On one side is a high, steep cliff, on the other side is a deep abyss, walking on the pass of the Four Great Peaks of this Pass, visitors will experience a stimulating feeling with beautiful scenery, green hills and mountains. coincide with the sea of ​​white clouds like cotton full of poetry. Playing in the middle of the vast sky, O Quy Ho Pass is also known as Cloud Hill or Heaven Gate. Located on the top of O Quy Ho pass, Rong May glass bridge, the second glass bridge in Vietnam, is also becoming an attractive destination in the journey to conquer adventure travel.

As the most difficult pass in the Four Great Peaks of the Northwest Pass, the journey will pass through the roads that follow the abyss, or the winding bends that need to be firmly driven.

Pha Din Pass with a majestic and poetic scenery

Associated with the historic Dien Bien Phu victory, Pha Din Pass is a 32 km long road, located on Highway 6, connecting the two provinces of Dien Bien and Son La. The highest point of the pass is up to 1,648m, the pass possesses rugged mountainous terrain, there are zigzag roads with sleeve bends, Z-shaped bends only have a curve radius of about 15m, slopes up to 19 %. The pass is on the list of adventure tours not to be missed.


To the right of Pha Din tooth beetle with flying clouds and fog, next to it are hills and mountains. The classroom is foggy, with a few small villages, precarious between the cracks. Up to the peak, it is difficult to find any house, only green hills and mountains continue endlessly, as if merging with the vast blue sky. The high-speed deflection channel, the sharp peak area always has a lower temperature of about 5 to 7 degrees below.

Khau Pha Pass - one of the Four Great Peaks in Yen Bai

Possessing a length of about 30 km, an altitude of more than 1200m above sea level, Khau Pha pass is winding between steep cliffs, connecting two districts of Van Chan and Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai province. Along Khau Pha Pass, when traveling on an adventure tour, visitors will pass through many famous places such as Tu Le, La Pan Tan, Che Cu Nha, Mu Cang Chai, etc.

With the majestic natural scenery of the mountains, as well as the house close to the slopes, Khau Pha brings the strong vitality of the Northwest land. From the top of the pass, looking out into the distance, visitors will capture the image of undulating mountains like curved horns, hidden in the white clouds.


Unlike other hills, Khau Pha is close, rustic and simple with the image of a farmer busy preparing for a new rice season with the hope of a full and prosperous life. The H'Mong also consider Khau Pha Pass as a sacred place, listening to people's supplications. Therefore, every time something bad happens, they pull together to Khau Pha pass to pray to Giang.

Despite its impressive length and height, Khau Pha Pass is considered the easiest road to travel in adventure tourism in Vietnam. But, this place still owns the graded roads, bumpy rocks and risky bends. On thick foggy days, the pass is especially dangerous as there are no barriers on either side as well as danger signs. The journey in Khau Pha will give visitors the feeling of being with nature as one, the pride and happiness of conquering the distant roads of the country and the majestic landscape in the Northwest.

Ma Pi Leng Pass where clouds spread the way back

Continuing the adventure travel journey is the pass in the Four Great Peaks. This pass is a mountain pass in the territory of Dong Van Plateau, on the road of Happiness, connecting 3 areas, Ha Giang city, Dong Van city and Dong Van city. Meo Vac town.


Ma Pi Leng in the H'mong language means "horse nose bridge", indicating that the pass is too dangerous, the horses passing through die and die, or it also means that the mountain slope is steep like the bridge of a horse's nose. . About 20 km long with unique scenery on both sides of the road. The pass has a wild and mysterious beauty of nature like the time when the site was reclaimed.

Ma Pi Leng rocky mountain is high and sharp, as if poking straight into the deep blue sky. In the deep valley is the Nho Que river crossing poetically. The water color is as clear as the sky, clouds and green mountains on both sides. Along the adventure travel journey, visitors can stop and sit on the mountain rocks as if they were flat, protruding below is a majestic natural panorama. Looming under the hill are a few simple houses of the villagers, surrounded by stone fences next to the precarious precipice.

What is the most beautiful season of the Northern Adventure Tour?

O Quy Ho Pass

In winter, many areas around the top of O Quy Ho are covered with snow and fog, and the roads are slippery and difficult to walk. However, in return, a scene of O Quy Ho in winter under the dreamy white snow, mixed with a bit of cold and solitude. Coming to O Quy Ho is safest in the summer. At this time, the weather in the Northwest is very pleasant, the sun shines to dispel the fog, a little cold of the high mountains.


Pha Din Pass

Summer is considered the most ideal time to conquer the adventure tour in Pha Din Pass. In the summer, although in the cities in the delta, the weather is very hot and sultry. However, the summer in Pha Din is extremely pleasant, you can rest assured with an altitude of 1,648m above sea level, so the climate on the pass is always cool.

In winter, when the cold and drizzling rain seeps into the skin of the passerby, you can feel the freezing cold characteristic of the high mountains. Step by step slowly on the top of Pha Din pass; let your soul go with the wind, mingle with the clouds of the sky; Seen from above, the mist becomes a wonderful work of nature.


In spring, the Northwest forest flowers race to show off their vibrant colors, the white color of plum blossoms, the red-pink color of peach blossoms and the fading pink color of the banyan flowers on the mountain slopes blend into the mountains and forests, the majestic clouds and sky paint a picture poetic painting.

March is probably the most beautiful period of Pha Din Pass, because at that time the banyan flowers are in full bloom in the Northwest mountains on this occasion, visitors will have a close-up view of the strange beauty of the mountains. When traveling on an adventure tour this season.

Khau Pha Pass

Each season of Khau Pha has its own beauty, but perhaps the most beautiful is around September, October every year. This is the right time for the Vietnam adventure tour so you can see the golden terraced fields, and also the paragliding festival in Khau Pha. Enjoying the cool breeze with the scent of young rice in bloom, looking down at the eye-catching golden rice sea, standing out on the immense green of the forest trees is an experience you cannot miss when coming to Khau Pha.


Not only has "Flying over the golden season", Khau Pha also owns the unique beauty of the pouring water season. Around May and June, when the showers rain down on Khau Pha mountain forest, like a waterfall pouring through layers, layers of terraced fields. Water slowly overflows through each terraced field, helping the soil layer to become porous for easier plowing. The months at one of these Four Great Peaks are also the time when farmers start sowing and transplanting rice.

Ma Pi Leng Pass

Possessing the unique beauty of the Northwest region, when spring comes, Ma Pi Leng also changes her shirt color with red peach blossoms, pure white plum blossoms. But perhaps the most special thing here is the colorful but idyllic buckwheat flower like a Northwest girl. Buckwheat flowers usually bloom from October to December, the flower color changes from white to pink and then darkens to purple red until it fades. From the top of Ma Pi Leng pass in the Tu Dai Dinh Pass, visitors will see the fields of buckwheat flowers blooming in a corner. In the middle of the mountains and forests with thorny and mysterious features, the buckwheat flowers bring a dreamy, fragile beauty that is both opposite and very harmonious.


The beauty of the Northwest mountains and forests is clearly shown and reproduced when you travel on an adventure tour to conquer the four great peaks of this pass. Above is some information about the four passes and the best time to conquer the passes. Threeland hopes that the article will bring you useful information.