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Vietnam vaccination requirements & when people can travel to Vietnam with a vaccine passport
Posted By : Threeland Travel / Travel Alert ( Top News )

Vaccine passport in Vietnam is one of the most searched keywords not only for travelers who need a business trip to Vietnam but for those who love traveling to Vietnam as well.

The Covid-19 vaccine can be considered as “the light at the end of the tunnel” after nearly 2 years of the world being engulfed in isolation, blockade, and travel restrictions. People who have been fully vaccinated usually have a certificate called a Vaccine Passport that can help them travel easily to several countries. 

The question asked by many travelers: “When will Vietnam apply to the vaccine passport? Can people travel to Vietnam with a Vaccine passport?”

What is a Vaccine passport?

vaccine online passport

Vaccine passport in Vietnam is one of the most searched keywords.

A vaccine passport is a certificate of those who have received 2 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine. Many countries have applied to vaccine passports in digital on Smartphone and hard copy form. 

covid 19 -passport

Vaccine passport is known as “digital green pass”

It is referred to as vaccine pass or “green pass”, “digital green pass”. The Covid vaccine passport may become a required item to enter any country, in addition to a valid physical passport and visa so it is also referred to as a “vaccine visa”.

How does the Vaccine passport work for Vietnam?

At the moment, Vietnam only allows foreign experts, their spouses/children, and Vietnamese citizens to enter Vietnam if they have a Vietnam entry permit. All of them are subject to Covid test upon arrival and then 21-day quarantine at a designated facility. 

Vietnam Airlines

Vietnam Airlines would work with domestic and foreign agencies in building and applying for a “COVID-19 vaccine passport” project.

Despite having not approved any policy on entry of foreigners with a Vaccine passport, the government has made some positive moves in this regard as follows:

-    March 16, 2021 - Plans for “Covid-19 vaccine passport” implementation is initially considered.
-    March 19, 2021 - The Deputy Prime Minister chaired a meeting to discuss the implementation of vaccine passports in Vietnam with officials of Vietnam.
-    March 24, 2021 - Vietnam Airlines would work with domestic and foreign agencies in building and applying for a “COVID-19 vaccine passport” project.
-    March 31, 2021 - Proposed centralized quarantine exemption for foreigners who have been vaccinated since September. If passengers show a certificate confirming they had tested negative for the novel coronavirus and an international vaccination certificate proving they had been inoculated with the Covid-19 vaccine recognized by Vietnam they will be exempted from 21-day centralized quarantine.
-    April 6, 2021 - Urgent resumption of regular international flights and early application of “vaccine passport” in Vietnam is proposed. According to the proposal, the entrants to Vietnam who have been vaccinated and have negative Covid PCR test results will be allowed to enter Vietnam with minimized centralized quarantine duration.
-    April 9 - Vietnam readies for entry of foreigners holding vaccine passports, including tourists and investors 
-    April 17, 2021 - Quang Nam province has been supported by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism and is waiting for the Prime Minister’s permission to become the first locality to welcome foreign visitors to travel to Vietnam with a vaccine passport after nearly 2 years of being closed to prevent the COVID-19 epidemic.

Can people travel to Vietnam with a Vaccine passport?

Is it safe to travel to Vietnam with a Vaccine passport? Since the Covid 19 outbreak, Vietnam is one of the best countries dealing with coronavirus. The number of confirmed Covid 19 cases is well-controlled in the 3 waves of the pandemic. Therefore, Vietnam will be a safe destination until the government decides to welcome foreigners to travel to Vietnam with vaccine passports.

When will Vietnam apply to the Vaccine passport?

From February 2021 up to now, the requirement to deploy the vaccine passport, the necessary technical solutions, how to implement the vaccine passport safely... has been approved by the Ministry of Health. However, so far, there is no expected time to deploy. 

travel with mask

When will Vietnam apply to Vaccine passport?

Recently, according to the plan of the Vietnam Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism, the reopening of international routes carrying passengers to Vietnam will be piloted from July to September this year. The first tourist destination that will open to visitors is Quang Nam, the priority group of visitors is people who have a vaccine passport going to sea resorts and tourism combined with golf from Korea.

Can people travel to Vietnam with a Vaccine passport?

Quang Nam was selected as the first place in the country to welcome international tourists with vaccine passports. This is good news for international tourists who want to travel to Vietnam with Vaccine passport and for the entire tourism industry in Vietnam after a long delay due to the pandemic.

Quang Nam is the first place in Vietnam accept Covid19 Vaccine passport

International visitors can travel to Vietnam with vaccine passports in the near future

In Quang Nam, there are 2 pilot resorts to welcome tourists with vaccine passports, including the TUI Blue resort complex (Nui Thanh district) and the Hoiana complex (Duy Xuyen district), located far away from residential areas.
Quang Nam will choose a charter flight with a group of visitors from Korea and land at Chu Lai airport. From here, guests will be taken to Hoiana Resort (Duy Xuyen), Tui Blue Nam Hoi An (Nui Thanh) to stay and relax for 5-10 days.
In particular, the Hoiana complex has a capacity of 450 rooms with many outdoor living facilities such as golf courses, relaxing on the beach, especially a casino area.

The Hoiana resort complex

Hoiana is the most modern complex resort in Central Vietnam. Possessing a prime location on the pristine with great views of Cu Lao Cham and the East Sea, Hoiana fully converges traditional cultural beauty, vibrant life rhythms, and the natural landscapes of Central Vietnam. Visitors to Hoiana will discover the world of modern entertainment and exciting amusements at Hoiana Suncity, experience a high-end golf course, and enjoy relaxation while staying at Hoiana Hotel & Suites - one of four luxury hotels on the Hoiana campus.

Tui Blue Hội An

TUI Blue resort complex

Located on the southern axis of Hoi An, located on Tam Tien beach, TUI Blue resort has an area of more than 25 hectares but only 318 rooms and villas. Most of the area for planting trees, and outdoor sports activities. This resort is safe to welcome international tourists to Vietnam

The process of picking up tourist travel to Vietnam with a vaccine passport in Quang Nam, Vietnam.

1.    Passengers entering Chu Lai airport will be channeled and arranged a separate entrance to limit contact.
2.    After immigration procedures and health check-ups, visitors are taken to their accommodation by private car.
3.    Drivers, guides and tourists must wear masks throughout the journey.
4.    Upon arrival at the accommodation, tourists will be sampled for testing. If the tourist stays for more than 10 days, a second test is required.
5.    Before leaving Quang Nam, I also had to retest to make sure I wasn’t infected.
6.    During the stay, you will be free to move, go seeing and rest in a safe area.
7.    Service staff who come into contact with tourists must be under regular medical monitoring, arranged in concentrated accommodation.

Although there are still many difficulties and challenges when applying to international visitor travel to Vietnam with a vaccine passport, we believe that Vietnam will soon welcome visitors with this green pass. Please follow our website to update the latest information on the epidemic situation in Vietnam as well as Indochina.