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Lastest International Flight Schedule To Vietnam

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The covid 19 pandemic has been having an impact on the Vietnamese economy in general and the tourism industry in particular. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the tourism industry has had to close almost all tourism activities, and countries have closed international flights for a long time.

Today, when the epidemic has been gradually controlled, Vietnam has welcomed the return of tourism by reopening international flights with a number of countries. Vietnam holidays promise to bring international tourists exciting and explosive experiences during the strong recovery of the tourism industry after the pandemic.

Lastest Vietnam International Flight update 

Vietnamese nationals, foreigners with a 5-year visa exemption certificate, or valid permanent or temporary residency card, visas are among the targets of commercial flights to Vietnam by March 15, 2022. Foreign specialists, managers, and investors with a valid entrance assurance letter from the Vietnamese Immigration Department
Passengers may track and register their flights in order to obtain assistance in buying tickets back home as quickly as possible. The following is the most up-to-date commercial flight schedule to Vietnam:

Country of origin

The flight

Estimated flight schedule


Commercial flights from Japan to Vietnam

Narita (NRT) - City. Ho Chi Minh (SGN)

Every Thursday, Saturday

Vietnam Airlines, All Nippon Airways

Narita (NRT) - Hanoi (HAN)

Every Thursday, Sunday

Every Thursday, Sunday

Commercial flights from the US to Vietnam

San Francisco - City. Ho Chi Minh

Every Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday

Vietnam Airlines

Commercial flight from Korea to Vietnam

Incheon - Hanoi

Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air

Incheon - City. Ho Chi Minh

Every Friday

Vietjet Air

Commercial flight from Taiwan to Vietnam

Taipei (TPE) - Hanoi

Tuesday every week

Commercial flight from Laos to Vietnam

Commercial flight from Thailand to Vietnam

Bangkok - City. Ho Chi Minh

Every Wednesday & Saturday

Vietnam Airlines

Commercial flights from Singapore to Vietnam

Singapore - Hanoi

Every Friday

Vietnam Airlines, Singapore Airlines

Singapore - City. Ho Chi Minh

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Vietnam Airlines, Singapore Airlines

Commercial flight from Laos to Vietnam

Vientiane (VTE) - Hanoi (HAN)

Every Wednesday and Sunday

Vietnam Airlines

Commercial flight from Cambodia to Vietnam

Phnom Penh (PNH) - City. Ho Chi Minh (SGN)

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday

Vietnam Airlines

Phnom Penh (PNH) - City. Ho Chi Minh

Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

Cambodia Angkor Air

Siem Reap (REP) - Hanoi

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday

Cambodia Angkor Air


Vietnam's tourism industry is making specific plans to catch the wave of tourism returning during the pandemic. It is expected that in March 2022, Vietnam will welcome international tourists back to Vietnam. So, Vietnam has reconnected with which countries in the world?

Open flights to Cambodia

According to information from the Ministry of Transport, in February Vietnam has gradually deployed domestic flights with increasing frequency. As for international routes, Vietnam has been allowed to re-operate routes with 20 countries including Cambodia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand Lan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Laos, China, France, Germany, UK, Australia, Russia, and the USA.

Currently, there are only 8 countries that have not been able to reconnect flights: Brunei, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Macau, Finland, Italy, and Switzerland. The frequency of operation of international routes to/from Vietnam is 370 flights/week/way, equivalent to 53 flights/way/day, while the frequency of international routes is operated according to the winter flight schedule in 2019 is 4,185 trips/week/way, equivalent to 598 trips/way/day.

In order to stimulate demand to attract international tourists to Vietnam, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has issued policies to support businesses to build attractive, new, and highly breakthrough Vietnamese tours with tourists' international friends.

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