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How To Get Fabulous Honeymoon Destinations On A Tight Budget?

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We all know the amount of rest we need after the completion of the wedding. One day of tying knots requires months of planning. We think that is why the concept of the honeymoon was bought into existence. Just kidding! Everything aside, we all want our honeymoon to be special and within budget and hence we take time to decide on the honeymoon destinations. Yes, you can either go to one place and relax or travel to different places.

Whether you want to go for the best tour of Vietnam for a romantic getaway or choose the best honeymoon destinations, we got you covered. Hop on the list of best tourist destinations that are also among the perfect places for honeymoon ideas.

7 Best Honeymoon Destination On A Budget!

Below we are mentioning the seven best honeymoon destinations a couple can decide on for a budgeted honeymoon. From Paris to Hawaii and Thailand, all the exotic and most places are on the list. So now, if someone says a honeymoon destination on a tight budget is a myth, share this article with them!

1. Paris

Paris, a city of love and for lovers was obvious to be on the list. Yes, we know it is also among the premium honeymoon destinations. With proper planning and research, you can make your Paris trip budgeted and spend an evening under the light of the Eiffel Tower.
Visit flea markets, River Seine, and other tourist attractions on foot. Instead of catching a cab, travel in metros and go for a walk hand-in-hand. To cut the cost further, opt for a homestay rather than a 5 or 7-star hotel. When in Paris, don’t forget to click a picture of yourself proposing to your partner at the Effiel Tower! 


2. Vietnam

The best way to travel to Vietnam on a tight budget is to contact the Best tour Vietnam. Vietnam makes the most alluring place to go for a honeymoon. You can explore Love in Dalat or enjoy scenic views of the Muong Hoa Valley & Fansipan mountain. If you want to relax and have a perfect romantic getaway, explore the beaches and spas.


The tour package to Vietnam will cover all the places to visit as a couple, from off-beat to the most famous places there. You can cut down your cost further by picking the comfy homestay, rather than 5 or 7-star hotels.

3. Florida

If you don’t want to go very far and are willing to spend your honeymoon at a warm place to get all cozy, Florida is the right tourist destination for you. Pack your bikinis and shorts and head to Florida for much-needed beach time.


You can indulge in water sports and explore the national park. Pick the resort that offers a luxurious stay with a private beach, amazing food, a spa, and an outdoor pool. What can get better than this?

4. Hawaii

Hawaii is relatively a high-budget honeymoon destination, but if you want to experience the Hawaiian vibe, try Honolulu, on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. It is a city that sits on the beach and has the most beautiful places to explore. You can surf on Waikiki Beach and no need to carry to surfing board, you can get it for rent there. 


Apart from that pick the beach-side resort to experience a real romantic getaway with an outdoor pool and beach view as you open the window! Pack your florals and matching outfits to get the most amazing pictures clicked in Hawaii. 

5. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the place where everyone goes to experience wildlife. This rugged and rainforested terrain makes the perfect honeymoon destination on a budget. You can book yourself a house, condo, or honeymoon suite, and you’ll be still within your budget. Try taking a yoga class in Nosara, go ziplining, or visit Manuel Antonio National Park, when you want to explore beyond the beach. 


You might want to use Google Translate in some places, as the primary language over there is Spanish, and very few people know English or any other language. Apart from the beach, you can also explore La Fortuna Waterfalls, and Tabacon Hot Springs, and eat most Instagrammable cafes in Costa Rica.

6. Mexico

Another budget-friendly honeymoon destination for newlyweds is Mexico. You can pick the classic beach-side resort or couple’s retreat where you can enjoy the vibe and food too. Whether you are an adventurous couple or one that prefers the luxurious stay, Mexico is the right place to pick for a honeymoon. 


Many cities in Mexico are perfect for the honeymooners like Cabo, Riviera Maya, Puerta Vallarta, and much more. The sun, sand, local cuisine, cultural sites, and amazing cocktails will make you feel like a prince or princess on your honeymoon in Mexico. Don't forget your sunscreen and swimsuit!

7. Thailand

The last place on the list is Thailand, however, this isn’t the end. There are other honeymoon destinations that you can travel to on a budget. First, let’s learn about Thailand, and will talk ahead after that. This one is the most exotic honeymoon destination on a budget and offers the best experience at very little cost.


You’ll likely spend more on flights than on food, accommodation, or any other activity. You can spend your honeymoon period and explore the Thai culture in floating markets, and temples. You can also visit Chiang Mai for hikes and explore the mountains & elephant sanctuary. If you want the beachside vibe, try exploring Phuket and Koh Samui.

Wrap Up On Honeymoon Destinations On A Tight Budget!

So, this is the end of Honeymoon destinations you can visit on a tight budget! We only helped you with the 7 best tourist destinations that act as amazing Honeymoon destinations too. If not any of these, you can check other places too! We would recommend picking the tour packages for the destination. If you want to look for tour packages for Vietnam there are many couple travel packages available on Threelad Travel.