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Top 3 pretty streams as a picture in Phu Quoc
Posted By : Threeland Travel / Phu Quoc-Travel Tips

Phu Quoc Island - “Pearl Island” in Vietnam is not only famous for the most charming beach on the planet, but also attracts tourists by its freshness, and tranquility among the vast mountains and forests.

Phu Quoc island district also has other scenic attractions appeal to tourist. They are mysterious streams looking like a jewel nestled in a pristine forest. Tranh Stream, Da Ban Stream, and Tien Stream are the three streams that are pretty as picture popular with tourists on Vietnam package Tours lately.

Tranh Stream

Open: 07:30 - 17:30

Entrance ticket: 3.000 VND/ person

Topping the list of beautiful streams in Phu Quoc must definitely include Tranh Stream. This romantic and dreamy stream in the middle of the interlaced forest will be an ideal spot for you to immerse yourself in nature, find peace. Tranh Stream is located in the Suoi Tranh Tourism Area, located in Suoi May hamlet, Duong To commune, about 10 km from Duong Dong town.

Tranh Stream

Tranh stream is one of the most beautiful streams in Phu Quoc

To get here, you can go along the 30/4 road towards Ham Ninh. If you do not know the route, you should ask residents for directions. Tranh Stream is not large and the rapids are not fierce. The flow following the rocks is soft. There is a small stream running through the rocky rapids creating soft, white waterfalls. The rocks along the stream covered with green moss have attractive wild beauty but are also a challenge for those who want to go through because of the slippery.

Coming to Tranh Stream, you can admire the scenery, take several photos, camp, or relax in cool water. The scenery of this place is deserted, with few people, it will bring you really pleasant moments.

Tranh Stream, an ideal place for relaxing picnics and camping trips

The rainy season (from May to September)is the best time to visit Tranh Stream. Visitors will be appealed by the cool air along with the breathtaking beauty of Tranh Stream. At this time, the amount of water is abundant making the waterfall white and fanciful. The rainy season also makes the forest lush and the stream is now surrounded by green plants, the fragrance of wild flowers.

If you miss Tranh Stream during the rainy season, this stream will also attract you in the dry season. At this moment, quiet space covered the forest. The stream became more gentle. The forest is filled with the rays of sunlight that weave through the dense canopies, reaching the ground with a layer of dry leaves mixed with weeds.

Da Ban Stream

Open: 07:00 - 22:00

Entrance ticket: 50.000 VND/ person

From Duong Dong town, go to the northeast along Nguyen Trung Truc street, then turn right to Duong To commune for about 6km to reach Da Ban stream. This is the perfect place for outdoor dining because the stream has many flat rocks like the tabletop. This is also the reason the stream is named Da Ban Stream.

Da Ban Stream

The stream has many flat rocks like the tabletop

The way to the stream also has a small suspension bridge creating a sense of adventure for visitors. This is a place not to be missed when coming to “Pearl Island”. The creation of nature makes the scenery around the stream cool, poetic, and beautiful like a wonderland. In particular, the water in the stream is very clear and cool. Just by touching that cool water, all fatigue and stress are almost gone.

small suspension bridge in Da Ban Stream

Small suspension bridge welcomes visitors to Da Ban stream

Da Ban Stream is the most beautiful from May to November. Especially from June to September, the time when Da Ban stream has the most majestic springs, flows the strongest due to heavy rainfall, swimming is also very interesting.

Da Ban Steam in Phu Quoc

Visit Da Ban stream in Phu Quoc, visitors can bring the tent to camp. Just a little food and water you can chill out by the cool stream. In addition, you can also bring something to swim in streams, enjoy waving in the clear water, freely play around to forget the pressures of daily life.

Tien Stream

One of the destinations in Phu Quoc that few people know is Tien Stream - a small stream still retains its original beauty. This small stream is located in Suoi Da hamlet, Duong To commune, about 7 km from Duong Dong town.

Tien Steam in Phu Quoc

Tien Stream is still retained unspoil beauty

The road to Tien stream is quite narrow but also easy to go. It is a small path winding between the mountains and forests, the two sides of the road have a lot of the sim forest growing, creating a wild and romantic scene.

Tien Steam in Phu Quoc

It takes about 10 minutes to come here. You will see a clean lake with a view to the bottom and a small waterfall. In front of your eyes will be a small stream, flowing through the core of large rocks with the scenery almost like Da Ban stream. The sound of running water gurgling and the murmuring of the wind brings a really peaceful and relaxed feeling.

Tien Stream is a spring that originates from a ravine. The water flows along the rocky mountain, at the bottom of the stream, a small waterfall and a clear lake are formed, large enough for visitors to enjoy swimming on sunny days.

Around the stream is a network of green primeval forests. You can organize a fun picnic with family and friends. Need nothing but snacks, fruit, and water. Then find a small corner to cover the canvas and you can enjoy a moment of peace for yourself.

Referring to Phu Quoc, visitors on Vietnam tours often think of famous beaches such as Truong beach, Sao beach, ... But few people know that this place has 3 beautiful streams, Da Ban, Tranh, and Tien. If you are going to travel to "Pearl island", do not forget to schedule to explore these beautiful and unspoiled streams.