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Phu Quoc Specialties -  What to eat in Phu Quoc?

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Traveling to Phu Quoc pearl island, you not only admire the wild and dreamy beauty with blue sea and white sand; visit famous landmarks; learn, discover the life, culture and customs of the people here, but also enjoy the delicious and famous food of Phu Quoc. However, in Phu Quoc there are delicious dishes that you definitely have to enjoy once. So Phu Quoc specialties - What to eat on Phu Quoc island? Threeland Travel will suggest some of the following dishes.


Seafood, dry food - famous Phu Quoc specialties

Ham Ninh crab - Phu Quoc specialty

Ham Ninh crab is one of the most delicious and attractive seafood dishes that no visitor to Phu Quoc can ignore. In particular, if you want to eat or buy fresh seafood at an affordable price, according to Threeland Travel, you should go to Ham Ninh fishing village, which is famous for its fresh, cheap, firm meat and many more bricks.

Ham Ninh crab - Phu Quoc specialty, just steamed and dipped with salt and pepper lemon is the "best" delicious!


Sea cucumber - Phu Quoc specialty

Sea cucumber is a high-quality and nutritious dish from the sea. In Phu Quoc, people often call sea cucumbers sudden or sudden. Crispy, delicious and rare, the price of sea cucumber is quite high. But the delicious taste of Phu Quoc specialties still urges diners to try at least once.

Phu Quoc sea urchin

Sea urchin is a dish that men especially love in the journey to discover Phu Quoc food. Nhum, also known as sea urchin, is often grated meat to cook porridge, or halved to bake and eaten raw with lemon. The most popular way is probably grilled urchin with salt, pepper, and lemon, which is super delicious and nutritious.


Vietnamese herring salad

Vietnamese herring salad is a Phu Quoc specialty dish famous for its strange taste. First, you need to prepare rice paper, put vegetables such as lettuce, herbs, cinnamon, coriander leaves and other wild vegetables of Phu Quoc, then add onion, grated coconut, and finally one to two pieces. Herring, rolled up like spring rolls with dipping sauce to eat. The dipping sauce is a blend of minced chili, ground peanuts and the famous Phu Quoc fish sauce. If you want to enjoy the famous Phu Quoc herring salad, you can refer to the addresses below!


Phu Quoc grilled egg squid

Squid eggs are squids bigger than an adult thumb, almost as long as a hand, found in the central seas, but most concentrated in the waters of Phu Quoc.

Squid eggs are washed, marinated with chili salt, cooking oil for about 15 minutes to infuse the spices. Then put the marinated squid on the griddle and grill on the charcoal stove. Grilled evenly on both sides, when the squid body is firm, stretched, yellow and fragrant, the squid is cooked. Serve hot with fish sauce or lemon pepper salt, accompanied by a little cucumber and laksa leaves, it's delicious!

Grilled snail with onion fat


Grilled snails have a unique delicious taste, this is a dish not to be missed at Phu Quoc night market. Before eating, you should choose the ones that have just been cooked, use a sharp bamboo toothpick to poke the meat out, the aroma rushes to the nose to stimulate the taste buds immensely. Snail meat is milky white, full and round, slowly chewing it in the mouth will feel both fat, tough, crispy, and has a rich flavor that is different from the taste of fat snails, clams or clams and oysters.

Cakes, snacks - delicious Phu Quoc specialties

Dried abalone

Dried abalone is an extremely delicious specialty and is a Phu Quoc seafood. Dried abalone is not only delicious but also brings many nutrients to the body, so even though it is expensive, many customers still buy it.


Chou Chou peanuts

Chou Chou peanut is a very famous Phu Quoc specialty that has been roasted and sold by a French person at Duong Dong night market for more than 15 years. This is a familiar popular snack in Phu Quoc, but for tourists, this is a unique dish that is worth experiencing.

Currently, Chou Chou peanuts have more than 30 different flavors such as cheese, salt and chili, coconut, durian, matcha,... Visitors can easily choose their favorite flavors as well as buy them as gifts for them. relatives and family. Chou Chou sweet taste like cantaloupe, mango, caramel,... suitable for women and children. Or Chou Chou with shrimp salt, garlic chili, pepper, sesame, tomyum, ... will be an appetizer for men to sip on a glass of wine and chat with each other.


Palm Sugar Honeycomb Cake

Palm Sugar Honeycomb Cake is phu quoc street food. The characteristic of this dish is that it is made directly from jaggery, combined with rice flour and fresh coconut, creating a cake with a delicious aroma and flavor that is hard to resist.

Palm Sugar Honeycomb Cake is quite cheap, a bag of only about 20,000 VND is enough for you to eat. The golden cakes are usually wrapped in banana leaves, with a pinch of grated coconut on top that looks extremely pretty. As simple as that, but you won't be able to stop eating palm Sugar Honeycomb Cake if you just enjoy one.

Banh Kheo


Phu Quoc's specialty cake is made from flour combined with many kinds of fillings such as coconut, green beans, taro, etc., has a sweet taste, low in fat, does not cause boredom when eating. By skillful hands, the cakes come out of the oven with beautiful small shapes, all shapes are very eye-catching, sometimes round like miniature dumplings, sometimes thorny, sometimes spiral... Tourists are fascinated and excited but do not want to eat.

Some Phu Quoc specialties as meaningful gifts

Wild sim wine


You think forest sim is a specialty fruit of Phu Quoc? It's not. When "hunting" for delicacies in Phu Quoc, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy scrumptious sim wine. Phu Quoc sim wine is made from ripe myrtle fruit, picked from Ham Ninh forest myrtle. This is a very special wine only available in Phu Quoc, often bought as gifts by tourists.

Melaleuca mushroom - Phu Quoc specialty

Melaleuca mushrooms are delicious Phu Quoc specialties, diverse flavors and have many health benefits. Mushrooms often grow on hillsides, on decaying foliage in Melaleuca forests. After picking, mushrooms are often used to make soups, eaten fresh, or dried.

This is also a Phu Quoc dish that is often bought as a gift by tourists. Mushrooms are very effective in treating colds, headaches, and physical supplements. If you come to Phu Quoc in April or July, you can buy fresh melaleuca mushrooms.

Tamarind Squid - Phu Quoc specialty


Tamarind Squid is Phu Quoc street food “the number 1 delicious” among all specialties in Phu Quoc. The Tamarind Squid here is sophisticatedly prepared with a sweet, chewy taste from squid, spicy from chili and sour from tamarind.

Tamarind Squid is a gift you can buy for your friends who are extremely meaningful snack lovers. When buying Phu Quoc tamarind squid, pay attention to choose boxes with a long shelf life and the ink inside looks the same, honey yellow, slightly red, beautiful shiny, that's how good ink is!


Phu Quoc specialties are a big attraction for domestic and foreign tourists. Besides, the friendliness and professional service of the people of the sea and island contribute to the attractiveness of this beautiful island. Take your backpack with Threeland Travel and "fly" right away to Phu Quoc!