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Phu Quoc - one of the top 100 best destinations in the world for holiday

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Experts and travel reporters from the famous American magazine TIME created a list of the Top 100 Best Destinations in the World in 2021, which included countries, regions, cities, and market towns, in July 2021. And the island city of Phu Quoc has for the first time entered the top of this list because its natural beauty is compared to the "jewel of Vietnam". Pearl Island is a work of art, with exceptional natural beauty, a refreshing tropical environment, and tempting local cuisine and culture.

Along with four other well-known locations, including Chengdu, China, Fukuoka, Japan, Jeju Island, Korea, and Perth, Australia, CNN named Vietnam's Ngoc Phu Quoc Island as the greatest autumn destination for beach lovers. 

We return to the sea and the island, to nature, to the quiet pace of life, to let our minds relax, caress in the sound of the waves, for the water, temporarily away from the rush and bustle of the city. Warm blue sea water and deep fine sand beaches refresh our minds after months of pressure and city life.

Phu Quoc is a lovely island in Kien Giang province, deep in the Gulf of Thailand. In the country's southern sea, "Pearl Island" Phu Quoc - Vietnam's largest island - is also the largest island in the population of 22 islands here. The outstanding benefits of Phu Quoc tour with Threeland Travel include clear sea water, peaceful streams, and a variety of unique seafood.

Make the journey with Threeland Travel through must-see locations when booking the "tropical paradise" tour of Phu Quoc. 


1. Bai Sao Beach 

Bai Sao, located to the south, is one of Phu Quoc's most stunning beaches. This location has a long stretch of beautiful white sand like cream, a soft curved form like the moon, and the sea is transparent to the bottom.

When you visit Bai Sao, you may throw yourself in the sea water so that the blue water touches you, or you can travel like Robinson by sailing to the sea or lying on the sand to rest and enjoy the fresh air.

2. Bai Dai Beach 

If Bai Sao has the beauty of shining white sand, Bai Dai, selected by the BBC as one of the world's ten most beautiful and clean beaches, has the brightness of golden sand sparkling with emerald green sea. Bai Dai Phu Quoc features a 1500m shoreline with sea sand and a row of tall blue poplars growing in straight rows.

3. Watching the sunset at Dinh Cau

Dinh Cau Point is a well-known Phu Quoc tour destination. Watching the sunset at Dinh Cau, in particular, is something that no tourist to Phu Quoc should miss. The sea surface, like a mirror, reflects the golden hue of the sky in the afternoon, producing a lyrical and romantic image that softens, cleanses, and warms people's emotions

4. Tranh Stream

Coming to Phu Quoc without visiting Tranh stream is believed to have missed an attractive tourist site of "Pearl Island".Tranh Stream flows from the Ham Ninh mountain range, and is created by little streams of water that weave between rocky cracks, woodlands, and waterfalls, producing stunning beauty.

The towering waterfalls falling down their feet, forming white snow foams that mix into the pure blue water, are the centerpiece of Tranh Stream.

You may bathe in the stream, immerse yourself in the clear, refreshing waters, lie down on the flat rocks and listen to the whispering streams and birds singing in the air if you visit this ecotourism destination. The aroma of woodland flowers along the stream. You may also camp, catch and cook fish, and have a great time on the place.


1. Dinh Cau Nighmarket 

Dinh Cau night market is a popular market on Vo Thi Sau street, which extends over 200 meters from Bach Dang street to Tran Hung Dao intersection. The market gathers along the shore, in the heart of Duong Dong town, around 100 meters from Dinh Cau. The market is open from 5 p.m. until 9 p.m. Over 100 booths spread down both sides of the road, selling souvenirs, handicrafts, cosmetics, jewelry, and Phu Quoc pearls. The most well-known is still the food court, which specializes in offering unique dishes produced from fresh seafood for evening meal, such as seafood porridge, seafood rice, and fish cake soup.

2. Diving to see the coral

The various marine ecosystems of the An Thoi island chain in the south and the Mong Tay, Doi Moi, and Thay Boi islands in the north of Phu Quoc island are good areas for travelers to experience the ocean world, especially the ocean world. The coral reefs here were the most numerous in Vietnam, with 17 distinct species of hard, soft, and sea urchins. 

3. Fishing, Night Squid Fishing

When night falls, it's time for fishermen to enjoy exciting moments of relaxation with night squid fishing. Nothing compares to personally catching squids searching in the water or swordfish, bone blue fish lying on the sea surface. Squid or fish caught as treasure will be served on board.


Herring salad: Fresh herring wrapped in rice paper with various vegetables, a little shredded coconut, and dipped in delicious fish sauce is a beloved meal in Phu Quoc. It is fully fish-free, with only the scent of wild vegetables and the fatty flavor of herring. The crunchy and sweet coconut and fish chunks are delicious. Diners and restaurants in Phu Quoc serve herring salad for a reasonable price, with plates for two people costing around 30,000 VND.

Ham Ninh crabs: Ham Ninh crabs range in price from 100,000 to 150,000 VND/kg, depending on size, while Phu Quoc giant crabs are only comparable to those born in the Central area. Crabs that are too large do not taste well, and crabs that are too little do not have meat. Choose around 6-7 fish per kilogram, female crabs if you prefer bricks, male crabs if you have a lot of meat, crabs are likely to be excellent.

Grilled Coi Bien Mai: Coi Bien Mai is made up of two layers of muscle that link two pieces of Bien Mai scallop. Nothing beats grilled Coi BIen Mai with salt and pepper for gourmets who wish to appreciate the clean taste of the sea. The saline flavor of salt, as well as the tongue-slicing spiciness of pepper, complement the sweetness of Coi Bien Mai. Only in this manner can the Coi Bien Mai preserve its crispness and freshness.

As you may know, Phu Quoc Island is also known as "Fish Sauce Island" since it is the birthplace of the well-known Phu Quoc fish sauce brand. You may purchase it as a gift or for personal use.

- The ideal time to travel to Phu Quoc is from October to May - the most beautiful time in Phu Quoc with an average temperature of about 250 to 270.

- Transportation:

 AIRLINE: You can choose one of many airlines to Phu Quoc

 Fly from HCMC about 45 minutes. Direct flight from Hanoi about 2 hours.
You can also travel by both water and land. By bus from Ho Chi Minh City to Rach Gia, and by high-speed train from Rach Gia to Phu Quoc. 

The clear blue beaches, the long fine white sand, or the golden light, the beautiful sunset at Dinh Cau point, the bustling image of the night market, or the discovery tourism activities such as fishing and Squid fishing, scuba diving to see corals, and enjoying delicious cuisines, all of which you will feel perfectly when booking Phu Quoc tour for your upcoming holiday!