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One day tour to the Southeast of Phu Quoc Island

Posted By : Threeland Travel / Phu Quoc-Travel Tips

When visiting Phu Quoc, you should also take the one-day Southeast Phu Quoc Island tour, especially if you enjoy seeing traditional and historic sites. A journey that gave me plenty of education, insights, and so much laugh. 

Locations on the Southeast coast of Phu Quoc island have taught me a lot of knowledge that I did not previously know, like how to grow pearls, grow pepper for a high yield, and brew the highest-quality beverages. I still use a few drops of fish sauce every day. Touching, seeing with my own eyes, holding shiny pearls in my hands, observing pepper while it was still on a tree, visiting a temple in Vietnam with the most breathtaking view, getting photographed, strolling on the white sand, looking cool, and swimming in the spotless water at Bai Sao are just a few of the things I enjoyed doing. When visiting Phu Quoc prision, in particular, experiencing goosebumps with horrifying tortures and pride inspired by the intelligence of our ancestors. 



Personally, I feel that visiting traditional and historical tourist destinations on your own is no different from riding a horse to view flowers, arriving to take photographs or make purchases, and then leaving. What is intriguing and significant? Because the attraction of these locations is in learning about the history of Phu Quoc Prison, the cultivation of wonderful pepper, how to make a bottle of wine, or sweets from myrtle, or even the tales that not everyone is aware of about Ham Ninh Fishing Village... If you listen to a qualified guide describe the tour to explore the sights in Southeast Phu Quoc, the vacation will be more beautiful, meaningful, and unforgettable. And that's a benefit I always value, giving one day tours the top priority for Phu Quoc vacation. You can contact Threeland Travel for booking this interesting tour. 


  • 9 a.m.: Pick up by car and guide from the hotel, together with a companion, to begin the tour of Southeast Phu Quoc. Along Tran Hung Dao street, the car continues to go as it picks up more passengers.
  • 9:20 a.m., the vehicle pulls up to the Ngoc Hien pearl factory, the first stop. The tour leader proceeded to the entrance on Ngoc Hien's side after taking the card for the entire group.The part when the pearl is put in an oyster to be raised, then it will develop a pearl, is the part that I find most remarkable and that others find most intriguing. It must have been implanted in that manner, since it was still living and producing pearls. Really fascinating
  • 9:50: The group departs the Ngoc Hien pearl farm for the second stop, the Huynh Thy pepper garden. Two guides imparted their expertise of pepper cultivation with me at this location. 
  • 10:25:  The group next proceeded to the myrtle wine manufacturing plant, whose name I can no longer recall, but which is located close to the pepper farm. The guides initially escorted the group to the myrtle garden. In reality, it's merely a model myrtle garden that is open to the public and not the actual myrtle garden. But at least you are aware of how myrtle and myrtle flowers are.
  • 10:50: The group departs the myrtle wine to proceed to the next location. We really traveled to Suoi Tranh as well, but everyone in the group decided to skip it as it is a dry and sparsely populated time of year. Instead, visit the fishing town of Ham Ninh, where I was two years ago.
  • 11:30: Group leaves Ham Ninh fishing village to go to Ho Quoc Pagoda, another place that left me a lot of impressions in my visit to Phu Quoc 2 years ago.
  • 12:30: The group leaves Ho Quoc Pagoda to go to Sao beach, and this is also the place where the group will stop for the longest time, so that the group can have lunch, swim, and take pictures. Group go to Bai Sao, after leading the group to the restaurant, the tour guide left everyone to eat, drink, and play on their own. Eating at this restaurant is so lovely that it is beyond expression. The view is stunning and cool since Bai Sao, one of Vietnam's most gorgeous beaches with white sand and crystal-clear water, is just in front.
  • 14h30: The tour guide gathers together and prepares to go to the last two places of the trip, the fish sauce barrel house and Phu Quoc prison. It is also near Sao beach.
  • 15:30: Group leaves Phu Quoc prison area. The car to take the group back to the hotel was picked up.

When visiting Phu Quoc today, you should also think about taking a one-day tour to Southeast Phu Quoc. A tour that provides me with a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding topics I have never heard, experienced, or felt. I hope they will be helpful for your planned vacation to Phu Quoc.