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Vietnam news: Cua Dai beach has recovered from erosion

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Cua Dai Beach is a famous tourist destination in Hoi An, Quang Nam, which is in the top 25 most beautiful beaches in Asia. It owns white sand beaches for relaxation and fun, surrounded by a comfortable resort area with full facilities. Thanks to environmentally friendly planning, Cua Dai always promises to become a destination not to be missed when coming to Quang Nam.
Cua Dai - Beach in Hoi An has an important location, only 5km from the center of Hoi An. So you can move easier. Cua Dai is the intersection of three major rivers in Quang Nam: Thu Bon River, Truong Giang River, and De Vong River.


Cua Dai Beach on a sunny day

What is the current status of Cua Dai beach erosion?

In the past few years, Hoian beach erosion has made beaches such as Cua Dai, An Bang Beach, Tan Thinh, and Tan Thanh deep in 10-15 meters. It also pulled away houses and shops along the coast, significantly affecting the daily life and livelihood of people.

The main cause of erosion are the construction of upstream hydroelectric projects and massive sand mining on the Thu Bon River, causing a shortage of sand sources.
The Government of Quang Nam province had a plan to build embankments to protect the dyke. At the same time,

They are completely banning sand mining on Thu Bon River and Cua Dai beach. Increased sediment discharges from the Thu Bon estuary to the North coast; dredging channels 200m wide and 8m deep, along the left bank of the river mouth. 

Results through 2 months, thanks to sand deposition, beach farming, Cua Dai have been filled with sand which is getting longer and wider. The obvious change contributes to promoting the tourism development of this area.


Sand embarkment on Cua Dai beach

Solution of Government for Cua Dai beach

In 2022, the People's Council of Quang Nam province has planned to build an anti-erosion embankment for the coast of Cua Dai, Hoi An with a budget of up to 210 billion VND ($9 millions). This funding is financed by the National Budget and supported by other socio-economic development programs.


View of Cua Dai beach, Hoi An, Quang Nam

The embankment has a length of 550 meters extending from Cam An ward to An Bang area which is the area with the highest risk of Hoi An beach erosion.

Before that, 70 billion VND was spent by Quang Nam province to embank the beach in 2010. Then Quang Nam Province continued to invest 74 billion VND to build the dyke in 2014 and 2015. In 2020, Quang Nam continues to an embankment up to 250 meters along the coast extending parallel.

What are interesting things for you to visit at Cua Dai beach?

The most beautiful time is in the morning and at sunset, so you will be delighted to soak in the cool blue water. Immersing yourself in nature also helps escalating, enjoy life and moments of peace, not hustle and bustle.
Why don't you try fishing in the sea, where the intersection of 3 rivers should have many species of fish. If you have enough patience, you will definitely have an interesting grilled fish party at the sea.

We will list some extremely attractive dishes for your reference: Grilled Cua Dai Stingray with fragrant lemongrass and turmeric, fried squid with crispy golden fish sauce,...

Cua Dai seen from above

Cua Dai seen from above

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Tips for going to Cua Dai beach in Hoi An

The best time to discover Cua Dai are from April to October of the Lunar calendar every year. When there is no storm, the weather is cool, the wind is calm, the weather is beautiful. Visitors choose this moment to travel to sea, participate in outdoor sports activities with family and friends.
You should prepare all beach equipment as well as necessary items before starting the trip. Following the weather to choose the good tour date and schedule. Moving needs to be safe, for your family you can rent a car. If you go with your friends, you can ride a motorbike comfortably.

When swimming in the sea, you need to ensure bathing in a safe range, avoiding danger warnings.
Before coming to the best beach in Vietnam, you should book a hotel room. In case of the overcrowded tourists, it will be more difficult to find accommodation.

Cua Dai beach environment is clean and fresh

Cua Dai beach environment is clean and fresh

Journey to discovering Hoi An

If you intend to come to Cua Dai, you cannot miss Hoi An. Beach in Hoi An is a really popular destination for international tourists. Which has long been considered an ancient town with typical architecture of the feudal period of Vietnam.
Hoi An Ancient Town was built in the 16th century, recognized as a UNESCO heritage site since 1999. The number of domestic and foreigner tourists visiting Hoi An increases year by year. Now, when they come to Hoi An, most of them are impressed with the unique beauty and friendliness of the people of Quang.
We are Vietnamese people that love travel and want to contribute to the development of the country, ready to introduce extremely attractive destinations.

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Hoi An ancient town in Quang Nam, Viet Nam

If you have a vacation of 7 days, it is possible to schedule a trip to Hoi An. You will be able to expand your view of the typical traditional architecture, the bridge is printed on the face of the 20,000 VND bill. Experience an interesting architectural style that blends Vietnam, Japan, and China. Hoi An at nights, it has interesting festivals, you will enjoy delicious food and unique dishes at extremely reasonable prices. There are many souvenirs such as conical hats, ao dai for you to try and buy as gifts for friends at the markets. 

After that, you can go by car or motorbike to Cua Dai beach to cool off, relax and have dinner for one night.
Cua Dai has many restaurants with unique styles and delicious dishes to help you change your taste. The 5 stars resort to Cua Dai beach provides most of the quality services, promising an enjoyable experience trip for you.

Detailed Hoi An travel experience

Choosing when to visit the Vietnam holiday packages with the beach is important. Because you can have a successful trip and many worthwhile experiences.

The best time to visit Hoi An are from February to April. Beautiful sunshine makes traveling to Hoi An city by bicycle easier and more enjoyable. The cost of renting a bicycle is less than $2/day, so it's very cheap. 
This time is spring with the cool wind, mild sunshine, little rain and dryness. You should avoid the rainy season, from September to the end of January. However, if you still choose the rainy season, you should carefully check the weather forecast information before deciding.

When tourists choose Vietnam as a best destination for traveling, they may have to travel by plane or car to get to Hoi An. In addition, cyclo is also a good choice for many tourists because it is quite unique in the inner-city.

5 Best Vietnam Beach Holiday Packages 2022

The demand for Vietnam holiday packages with beaches is very large, so we want to provide visitors with many attractive programs.

Vietnam is famous for its long coastline with many beaches in the top of the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

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Phu Quoc is an island in the south, in the territory of Kien Giang province. It is known as a tourist paradise, a prominent destination of Vietnam on the tourist map. Phu Quoc belongs to the tropical monsoon climate of bustling night markets, rich and unique cuisine.

Phu Quoc Island in Viet Nam

Phu Quoc Island is the most famous destination in Vietnam

Da Nang Seaport for 4 days/3 nights

Da Nang is a province in central Vietnam, not far from Hoi An. It is famous for the beautiful My Khe beach. With only 4 days, you can visit tourist attractions such as Ba Na Hill, Fantastic Park and Golden Bridge,...


The view to Da Nang sea is extremely beautiful

Quy Nhon Beach Break for 4 days/3 nights

Quy Nhon beach is located in Binh Dinh province, South Central Vietnam. This beach is extremely popular with tourists for activities such as swimming, diving, bathing, camping, picnicking,... Warm sunshine and clean environment, good service is always recognized by customers coming here.

Quy Nhon beach in Binh Dinh Province

Quy Nhon Beach in Binh Dinh Province

Nha Trang Beach Break for 4 days/3 nights

Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa is famous not only for its beautiful sea, but also for its extremely high-quality service. You will be surprised when all services from dinner to accommodation and resorts are of international quality. The number of tourists coming to Nha Trang is always at the top of the most attractive tourist destinations in Vietnam.


Nha Trang beach in Khanh Hoa Province

Mui Ne Beach Break for 4 days/3 nights

Mui Ne is a beach that is also an entertainment center that attracts tourists to Binh Thuan province. This locality is also outstanding when there are Cham people living and preserving the ancient culture of the Cham people with historical and cultural relics. You will be going through sunny, windy sand dunes like in the desert by a cool off-road vehicle.


Mui Ne beach is an attractive destination of Vietnam tourism

The above beaches are truly a masterpiece of nature for our country. Vietnamese people are extremely proud to introduce their homeland and landscapes of Vietnam to international friends.

We are proud to be the unit that receives the trust and love of domestic and international tourists.
Currently, we offer many attractive tour programs with suitable time so that you can fully explore the beauty of Vietnam.