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Quang noodles - a hundreds of years old delicacy in Quang Nam

Posted By : Threeland Travel / Quang Nam - Hoi An

Quang noodles are present in many places, but its origin is from Quang Nam. Throughout Quang Nam, noodles are served from popular sidewalks to luxury restaurants, bringing many aftertaste to diners.

Quang noodles - a hundreds of years old delicacy in Quang Nam

History of Quang noodles

The name carried with it the country where it was born. When mentioning Quang noodles, people will immediately know that it is Quang Nam and not some other Quang land. And the recipe for this noodle dish has remained almost unchanged for the past 500 years. Chinese traders brought wheat flour noodles to Hoi An city (Quang Nam), then Vietnamese chefs applied the method of making noodles with rice flour to create the wide noodles they have today.

How to make Quang noodles 

Therefore, the main ingredient to make Quang noodles is rice flour and water. In the past, when there were no milling machines, people had to grind it by hand, which was very difficult. Rice must be soaked in water for 4 hours until soft before grinding. When grinding flour, it must be mixed with water in a certain ratio so that when coated with cassava leaves, it is neither too wet nor too dry, to produce attractive results.

When rinsing the noodles, people will boil a pot of water to get the heat, then stretch a straight cloth over the pot's mouth. When the water boils, people scoop out pieces of dough and pour it onto the cloth and then roll the dough out into a circle. Then, cover the lid and steam the dough until cooked, then use a flat stick to remove the cassava leaves from the cloth, place them on a flat surface and apply peanut oil all over the cassava leaves.

It is the smell of peanut oil that determines the characteristics of a bowl of Quang noodles. You don't need to apply a lot of phoenix oil, just apply a little on the noodles to give it a fragrant aroma, make it easier to separate one leaf from another, and keep the noodles soft. Cutting cassava leaves into strands is also an art. The noodles are not as small as vermicelli noodles or cao lau noodles, but must be about 1cm wide. Nowadays, with the help of machines, these steps are also done more quickly.

Quang noodles's ingredients 

Quang noodles become even more interesting when knowing that there are many variations in the ingredients of this dish. Cooks can use chicken, fish, pork, shrimp, crab, quail eggs, beef, snakehead fish, sardines, duck or even frogs in the rainy season. Therefore, Quang noodles are a dish that is not as restrictive as other dishes. People can add many types of ingredients together at once and still retain the original flavor.

Unlike pho or noodle soup, Quang noodle soup is cooked well and to taste. The water poured into the bowl of noodles is only enough to absorb the noodles, not overwhelming the bowl like pho broth, noodles, and vermicelli. A pot of delicious broth determines the deliciousness of a bowl of Quang noodles. And on the dining table of Quang noodle shops, there is always an extra cup of pure fish sauce with crushed garlic and chili for diners to season when eating.

After pouring water into the bowl of Quang noodles, the owner also sprinkled some crispy roasted peanuts, some herbs, cilantro, basil, perilla, fish mint, banana, lettuce... And absolutely indispensable is a piece of grilled rice paper or crispy shrimp chips and spicy chili. Just as simple as that, any diner who has ever enjoyed authentic Quang noodles will never forget it!

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