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Hoi An Ancient Town – Fascinating itinerary for Hoi An One Day

Posted By : Threeland Travel / Quang Nam - Hoi An

Hoi An offers many more gorgeous sites than just the famed old town. If you just have one day in Hoi An and don't have much time, explore the highly appealing sites listed below.

A one-day trip to Hoi An is an interesting experience that everyone should undertake at least once throughout their lives. Hoi An enchants tourists not only with its gorgeous surroundings, but also with its particular cultural, historical, and gastronomic qualities. How can I make the most of my one-day vacation to Hoi An? If you're still not sure where to start visiting Hoi An, have a look at the Hoi An one day itinerary below!

1. Introduction to Hoi An Ancient Town

The Hoi An Ancient Town was designated a World Cultural Site by UNESCO in December 1999. Together with the My Son Sanctuary, Hoi An Ancient Town gives the Vietnamese people pride by being a "living museum" of traditional East Asian architecture, lifestyle, and culture that is remembered across the world. world. This area still has most of the original urban architecture, including streets, residences, temples, assembly halls, ethnic churches, and so on.

Hoi An tourism is rising by the day, with a steady influx of local and foreign visitors, particularly during peak season. The desire to experience Hoi An one-day tourism with its traditional cultures, arts, and cuisines has grown in popularity, not only among Vietnamese tourists but also among foreign visitors.

2. Ideal time to visit Hoi An

Hoi An is a city in Quang Nam province in central Vietnam's coastal plain. Hoi An has a typical climate with two distinct seasons: the rainy season (from September to January the following year) and the dry season (from February to August).

Based on previous visits to Hoi An, the tourist season runs from March through June. The temperature is relatively mild and pleasant at this time of year, and the sun is not too harsh, making it ideal for playing and exploring. Therefore, if you're going to travel, make an effort to go to Hoi An this time. This city experiences a unique rainy season in the final three months of the year, with heavy rainfall, chilly nights, and sometimes flooding.

3. Suggested itinerary for a day in Hoi An - what to do in Hoi An in one day?

3.1. Morning in Hoi An Ancient town

Breakfast with Phuong bread

To make the most of your time in Hoi An, arrive early in the morning, around 6 a.m., and begin your adventure. Breakfast with Phuong bread is one of the many great breakfast meals available in Hoi An (No. 2b, Phan Chu Trinh street).

According to Threeland Travel Hoi An Travel Guide, Phuong bread was created in the 1990s and is becoming increasingly popular among diners. This place, located on Phan Chu Trinh Street, is never empty, even if you have to wait in line to buy.

Fillings for Phuong bread include cheese, meatballs, and bacon, as well as veggies such as cinnamon, cucumber, and cilantro. A large loaf with lots of stuffing and a crusty exterior. Crispy in the mouth with a thick sauce that both wakes you up and allows you to taste this "renowned" Hoi An bread.

In addition to Phuong bread, visitors to Hoi An may have Cao Lau, Madam Khanh bread, and White Rose Vietnamese steamed buns for breakfast, all of which are equally wonderful.

Enjoying coffee in the old town

Early mornings in Hoi An are very peaceful and poetic. Therefore, in the morning of a one-day Hoi An tour, you can't miss enjoying coffee and seeing the city. In the old town, there is no shortage of beautiful cafes; visitors should visit The Espresso Station to soak up the delicious coffee flavor as well as rest and relax to prepare for their sightseeing journey. 

Nestled in a small alley on busy Tran Hung Dao Street, The Espresso Station brings peace and lightness, separate from the busy life out there. The cafe was established in 2015 and has always been the favorite address of many young people. The Espresso Station has a classic vintage style with rustic, simple, but sophisticated decor. The table and chairs, the door to the wall, the potted plants, the cushions... all have a distinct Hoi An flavor. 

Visitors to The Espresso Station appear to be returning to an exciting old memory region. Drinks like Dark Soul Latte, Ice Cube Coffee, Pink Latte, Muesli Yogurt, etc., are both delicious and beautifully decorated, making you want to just raise your camera and "flash" a few ways before enjoying. 

Some coffee shops in Hoi An are suitable for a relaxing morning, such as 92 Station (92 Tran Phu), Cocobox (94 Le Loi), etc.

Experience the basket boat at Bay Mau coconut forest

Self-sufficient Hoi An visitors continue their journey at about 8:00 a.m. to the Bay Mau coconut forest (Can Nhan village, Cam Thanh commune), which is just about 4 kilometers from the city center. Because the natural river environment resembles a garden, this location is known as Hoi An's miniature West.

Riding a basket boat along the river is the most enticing experience while visiting the Bay Mau coconut forest. The baskets are basic and rustic in appearance, but they are highly durable and safe. The river is flanked on both sides with rows of cold water coconuts, and the bottom is a nice stream of water that feels incredibly cooling and restful.

A top basket dance performance by rowing artists, in particular, is a one-day tourist attraction in Hoi An. The boatman swinging his oars and spinning the basket in the middle of the river made an indelible impact on me.

Numerous traditional activities in the Bay Mau coconut forest tourism area are perfect for groups of visitors, such as cycling to retain balance over the river, tug of war, blindfolded bashing rice pots, and so on. Self-sufficient Hoian visitors who enjoy fishing can sign up to borrow a fishing rod. It's wonderful to be sitting on a boat while fishing and enjoying the cool wind.

Ticket prices for this tourist area are as follows:

Entrance ticket: 30,000 VND/person
Boat rental tickets: 280,000 VND/boat for 2 adults and 1 child; 150,000 VND for 2 adults.

3.2. Lunch at An Bang beach

What should you do in Hoi An in one day? If you only have 24 hours in this gorgeous city, don't miss out on visiting the pristine An Bang beach for lunch and swimming. Not only is Hoi An famed for its ancient town, but it also has An Bang Beach, which draws people from all over the world with its natural beauty and pure air.

Visitors simply need to go to Hai Ba Trung street since it is self-contained and less than 5 kilometers from Hoi An center. The environment is serene and dreamlike, with white sand beaches, crystal-clear blue sea water, moderate waves, and tall coconut palms swaying in the air.
Go to An Bang Beach for lunch and enjoy a variety of fresh seafood dishes such as crabs, squid, snails, and shrimp... The seafood, in particular, is very fresh and reasonably priced. Just having lunch, breathing in the breath of the sea, listening to the wind... the feeling of lightheadedness is indescribable.

Along the beach, there are quite a few restaurants; tourists can refer to The Deckhouse, The Shore Club, The Hmong Sisters, Nam Gia, et cetera. Don't forget to sip a glass of cool water.

What can you do on a one day Hoi An Tour? Visitors to An Bang Beach can also partake in adventurous sea sports such as paragliding, canoeing, windsurfing, water motorbike riding, and so on. In the afternoon, when the sun is getting lighter, don't forget to take a dip in the cool water before returning.

3.3. Afternoon, return to the old town to check in

Sunset in historic Hoi An is an experience not to be missed. On a one-day journey to Hoi An, this is also the optimum time to check in for virtual believers. It might be claimed that simply wandering around the ancient town, wherever, creates a wonderful photo backdrop.

The golden walls, vivid pink confetti, mossy tiled roofs, and distinctive pagodas... transport tourists back in time.

In the afternoon, head to Faifo Coffee (130 Tran Phu Street) to see the most magnificent sunset in Hoi An. Because of the spectacular view from above, this is no longer a mysterious term to travelers wondering what to do in Hoi An for a day.

The charm of the peaceful ancient street seemed to vanish from the top level. The proximity of the roofs, and the flow of people on the street... oddly attractive from above. When the sun sets, the entire street transforms into a fresh layer of romantic and lyrical attire.

Faifo Coffee's design is simple but striking, with lanterns, wooden doors, signage, rustic tables, and chairs... Every detail in the photograph is stunning. Visitors are not required to pose elegantly; there are also hundreds of images, enough to last a year.

3.4. Boat ride to drop lanterns in the evening 

What should you do in Hoi An if you just have one day? The one-day trip to Hoi An concludes with a boat ride along the Hoai River to drop lights. The river flows gently through the center of the night time city, illuminated by hundreds of tourist lights.

Several boats are waiting at the beginning of Bach Dang dock, near the An Hoi Bridge; no reservations are required. Boats with only one rower decked up with lamps, take you on a 20-minute river cruise. Visitors can buy flowers aboard the boat, light candles, and drop them into the river to pray for good fortune and tranquility for themselves and their families.

The historic town of Hoi An looks surprisingly attractive from the river. The sensation of floating on the boat adds to the richness and significance of the journey to Hoi An. Visitors on the boat can converse with the ferryman to learn more about the lives and culture of the Hoi An people.

The schedule above is a suggestion for a 1-day visit to Hoi An for you and your loved ones. Follow Threeland Travel to find out about new places to visit and beneficial travel experiences for your next trip and the best Vietnam Holiday Deals.