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Witness sunset views from cua dai bridge at Vietnam holiday packages
Posted By : Threeland Travel / Luxury & Family Travel Tips

They say Hoi An is a little old town. Yes, right, but for me, Hoi An is a whole big world with numerous things to explore. That’s why I’ve been here for three times and still plan to come back there again. Hoi An Ancient Town holds almost intact with more than 1000 architectural monuments from streets, houses, clubs, communal houses, pagodas, temples, and ethnic houses,.. to traditional dishes, the soul of the people here. Stepping foot into this place, visitors will be taken on a journey to the past with all old buildings around. 

Furthermore, Hoi An also lures tourists by the charming beauty of its beaches and rivers streaming along with this old town. In my opinion, Hoi An is at its most glorious at sunset. As a sunset junkie, I could suggest you some good places to behold the sunset in Hoi An such as the rice fields near Tra Que Vegetable Village, An Bang beach, Co Hoa stall, or Cua Dai Bridge. And witness the sunset at Cua Dai Bridge is one must-do thing I highly recommend in your Vietnam holiday packages. Bring your camera along, I bet your camera will not stay still.

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How to get to Cua Dai Bridge?

From Hoi An Ancient Town, to get to Cua Dai Bridge you need either a bicycle or motorbike/scooter, it's a good 8km trek from Hoi An that takes you along the new main feeder road (there are far more scenic routes, but you'll need a local guide to find them). For the time being, the freeway is still relatively traffic-free, it'll take you through rice fields and a water coconut palm weaving village peppered with coffee shops and home-style cafe/restaurants should you need refuge on the way.


What special to see?

For a higher perspective of the water, Cua Dai Bridge is an excellent place to get marvel golden-lit Hoi An photos. The views in all directions are dramatic. You will be captivated by the sheer beauty of the river, the mountains and the coastline. You can capture some extraordinary shots of boats passing under the bridge as the last rays of daylight fall on the water. You just need a little patience to wait for the right subject with the right light. 


Under the bridge, you will see some significant resorts and dwelling-place, whilst looking to the south, you will catch sight of Cua Dai Beach and picturesque rural life. Look east to the vast spread of Thu Bon river mouth and look west across the old town to the distant mountain. If you may have a wretched day or burden with business, believe me, make the trek up to the top of Cua Dai Bridge, sink into the sound of waves reverberated, your mind will be free and easy. 


Cua Dai Bridge is Quang Nam’s largest bridge spanning Thu Bon River, connecting from Hoi An city to Chu Lai. The traffic moving across with its hustle and bustle of city life. The roar of cars, motorbikes, trucks may make you startle. So, take note, this isn’t a placid sunset experience. Although of that, I still love to witness the sunset here because it turns out to be a good chance to talk to the local. The top of the bridge is the best-liked destination for locals to stop their motorbike, enjoy the fresh air, take a deep breath and indulge in strong coffee, Redbull or Strongbow ciders, others may relish a cigarette before heading home for the evening. Sometimes, you want to pour your heart out to a stranger – someone who knew completely nothing about you, a big smile and a few words of Vietnamese stranger will console a little bit. 

Tips for travel: Depend on what time of the year you visit Hoi An, sunset in Hoi An may change. Therefore, to save your precious time and for the best shots, better you have a private escorted tour with the local guide who knows the land most. 


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