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Threeland Winter Vacation

Posted By : Threeland Travel / Luxury & Family Travel Tips

Winter is time for friends and family member to gather together, and also for us - Threelanders. 

winter vacation 2016

In winter 2016, we chose Mai Chau for a fresh and peaceful vacation. This must be the best choice for us to escape the cold in winter as well as warm up our spirit.

winter vacation 2016

Clouds drifted in the blue sky, winter scene was peaceful, rustic but attractive made our smile more glaring and shining than ever. Somewhere, the smell of kitchen warm smoke from the roof at the bottom of the mountain made the winter scene gentle, wipe away the dust in the city.

winter vacation 2016

Coming to Mai Chau, we also had chances to immerse ourselves in the local life… to eat like a local, cook like local and also dress like a local. Especially, we love the time when we can play with naïve local children, which not only memorized our childhood time but also made us feel younger and fresher. Such a wonderful way to leave all the pressure and enjoy the full life of rural idyllic!