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Playing & Laughing with children in the Mid-autumn
Posted By : Threeland Travel / Luxury & Family Travel Tips

Happy Mid-Autumn Event is one of the annual activities organized by Threeland Travel for children of its employees, expressing concern and care for future generations. This is also a festival for the children to meet, exchange fun, singing, and preserve the culture of the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival of Vietnam.


Cheers & jolly time, coz it's Mid-Autumn Festival

The mini event was a great celebration with the participation of children and parents, and all Threeland’s members.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the children participated in many interesting games such as unicorn dance performances, lanterns, stages performances ... with Uncle Cuoi and Hang Nga sister (2 folk characters in Vietnamese fairy tale) on the moon. In addition, the children are very excited to be involved in many other games such as: quiz, physical activities ... The traditional event will help children have more understanding of the traditional holidays & festivals system of their home country, as well giving the children a healthy playground, useful.



Unicorn dance performance


Taking a photo with Cuoi Uncle and Hang Nga Sis


All decorated by Threeland's members



Not only mid-autumn event, Threeland Travel also holds many event during a year as year-end party, summer vacation party, etc. because as per Threeland’s motto: It’s not just a work place, it’s more than that. We are like a big family where everyone works, share joy and sorrow together for the past over 15 years.

What is Mid-Autumn festival in Vietnam? 

The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of Vietnam’s biggest festivals and also known as Children’s Festival because of its emphasis on children. It is held on the 15th day on the eighth lunar month (September 24 this year). The celebrations are also an opportunity for family members to visit each other, very much like a combination of Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Popular activities include eating mooncakes - sweet cakes made especially for festival from meat, eggs, dried fruit, and peanuts, etc. - colorful lantern parades on streets, children wearing funny masks and having fun with traditional toys, lion dances, traditional games, and folk songs when the moon is rising.

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