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Discover Quy Nhon’s best attractions with Threeland summer vacation
Posted By : Threeland Travel / Luxury & Family Travel Tips

Summer is a season for adventure, fun, love and so much more. It’s always the best time of the year for Threelanders to start our annual summer vacation to relax, have fun and meet all Threeland colleagues from all regional offices. This August, we gathered at Quy Nhon beach in Binh Dinh province of Vietnam to celebrate Threeland’s 2019 Summer Vibes.

Not just a vacation, we also take this trip as a field trip to check out all services at the beautiful Quy Nhon beach from hotels, foods, to tourist sites. Let’s follow Threelanders to explore this coastal city.


Photo by Threeland Travel: Quy Nhon - Vietnam

About Quy Nhon: Quy Nhon in Binh Dinh Province is recognized as one of the three tourism hubs of Vietnam's south-central coastal region along with Da Nang and Nha Trang. The city is blessed with a 42km long coastline, diverse topography comprising mountains, forests, salt marshes, plains, lagoons, lakes, rivers, peninsulas and islands, abundant seafood and natural resources. January to August is the best time to visit Quy Nhon, whilst September to December is the rainy season with potentially some storms.

Hotel in Quy Nhon – Casa Marina Resort

Add: Highway 1D, Quarter 1, Ghenh Rang Ward, Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province


Casa Marina Resort private beach - Photo by Threeland Travel

We chose Casa Marina Resort for our summer vacation this time. We were just WOW when arrived at Casa Marina Resort since we were impressed by its perfection through details. Casa Resort is located in Ghenh Rang area, where there is a beautiful long beach and about 10 km away from Quy Nhon center city. This is a nice place for those who want to spend a few days by the pool and at the beach to relax. Anyway, you can have fun with kayaking and playing volleyball at the resort, or visiting Bai Xep – a small village near the beach with a lot of beach restaurants at night. The resort actually kept Threelanders busy all day and our cameras were unable to sit still by its extraordinary sceneries. We all had our own excellent shots ever. 


Sunrise view from Casa Marina Resort - Photo by Threeland Travel


Casa Marina Resort - Photo by Threeland Travel

All room types are big and clean with comfortable beds and a stunning beach or garden view. We had the privilege of observing the dawn and twilight right from our room – such an impeccable moment to cherish. The staff were very friendly, courteous and attentively. We undoubtedly recommend Casa Marina Resort for a stay when it comes to visiting Quy Nhon. 


Casa Marina Resort room view - Photo by Threeland Travel


Casa Marina Resort bungalow room view - Photo by Threeland Travel

Threeland Gala Dinner at Casa Marina Resort


Casa Marina Resort Gala Dinner - Photo by Threeland Travel

As always, Gala Dinner is the most expected activity in every vacation. By the beach of Casa Marina Resort, we had an incredible outdoor party being served with delicious seafood and being entertained with performances from the talented Threelanders and a variety of fun games. Not only being dedicated travel agents in work, but we are also proficient in dancing, singing, or playing musical instruments. The Gala Dinner had truly brought all Threeland’s co-workers closer together and left us an unforgettable remembrance of our big family Threeland. We are all proud of being a part of our Threeland family!


Threeland Summer Vacation Gala Dinner - We love Threeland big family!


We had a great night together! - Photo by Threeland Travel


We are not colleagues - We are sis and bros!


Threelander's performance 

Things to do in Quy Nhon

Eo Gio (Windy Pass):

Located along with Ky Co Beach, 20km from the town, Eo Gio is the most famous attraction in Quy Nhon. Eo Gio is situated between two tall rocky cliffs. Here, rocky structures meet the sea and stretch out into the clear water which creates a beautiful landscape to explore.


Threeland Travel at Eo Gio

Since the waves are strong, you should not swim here. However, visitors can enjoy a nice, romantic walk and catch some cool breeze on the small winding walkway built on the side of the mountain. It is an unforgettable experience as one is surrounded by pristine nature, with the blue sky above your head and blue ocean at your feet. Hold on your hat since the winds may get very strong. 

Day trip to Ky Co Island: 

Threeland's ladies at Ky Co beach - Photo by Threeland Travel

Situated on Nhon Ly Island, 25 km away and a 20-minute boat ride from Quy Nhon, Ky Co is fondly dubbed the "Maldives of Vietnam." This remote, secluded place has a wonderful beach and the calm turquoise sea at on side, and magnificent rocky mountains at the other.  

Here, you can book a day trip to Ky Co Island which includes some activities: dive in to explore the corals, have a dip in the cool water, relax on the soft golden sand of the beach, or discover other beautiful beaches in Ky Co hidden between the mountains cliffs.


A day trip to Ky Co island - Photo by Threeland Travel


Threelanders' kids on Ky Co Island - Photo by Threeland Travel

Try the local foods:

Seafood! Yes, sure, you can easily get delicious fresh seafood at this coastal city. Besides seafood, Quy Nhon is also home to plenty of delicious local specialties that have a distinctly Quy Nhon flavor. We had a food tour around the town to discover them as much as we can. To name some of the best dishes, check the list below:

Bun ca (Fish noodle):

You can easily spot a cart that sells bun ca wherever in Quy Nhon. Its flavourful broth is made from the fishbone which is patiently stewed for hours. A bowl of fish noodles is usually served with a dish of fresh herbs and the fish fillet or grilled fish. This dish will not disappoint.


We tried bun ca at Ngoc Lien restaurant – Add: 379 Nguyen Hue str., Tran Phu ward, Quy Nhon city

Banh xeo tom nhay – Jumping shrimp pancake:

The term “jumping shrimp” is actually used to refer to the freshness of the shrimp. You can also opt to eat this pancake with squid, egg, or rare beef which is then complimented by bean sprouts, onion, and green onion. And the Vietnamese sweet fish sauce is the key factor to delight the flavor of the pancake. 

Banh xeo tom nhay in Quy Nhon


With 72 kilometers of coast, Quy Nhon naturally excels in seafood. If you enjoy the freshness of seafood, I suggest boiling or steaming it to taste the true flavor. Remember to dip it in salt, pepper, and lime sauce, the flavor is even much better. Some dishes we would suggest you try are: sea snails sautéed with coconut (oc len xao dua), scallops/echinus grilled with oil and green onion (so diep/con nhum nuong mo hanh), fresh oyster served with lime (hau tai chanh), steamed sea clams (ngheu hap), Huynh De Crab sautéed with tamarind (cua Huynh De rang me), or grilled fish (ca nuong). You’ll also notice that peanuts feature heavily in toppings and dipping sauces in many dishes here. 


Hoa Hoa restaurant – good place to have some fresh seafood in Quy Nhon


Threelanders playing in Quy Nhon town

Threeland summer vacation 2019

So much fun when together

threeland summer vacation

Threeland Travel at Quy Nhon Airport - See you again :)

Pristine beach, fresh seafood, friendly people, stunning resort,… all these had made a wonderful summer vacation with impeccable moments we all cherish ever. Thanks Quy Nhon for treating Threeland Travel so good. And to the fellow travelers: this small coastal city is a must if you want to get away from the crowds and experience a bit of the truly Vietnam.


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