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Vietnam tour in the wild sunflower season

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Wild sunflower is a common flower that grows in the Central Highlands and many northern mountainous provinces. Wild sunflower is also known by many names such as daisies or wild sunflowers. Whether it's just a wildflower living in the middle of arid soil or hiding in the morning mist, wild sunflowers still confidently stretch themselves out to bloom, attracting many eyes and holding visitors on the way to cherish and enjoy. At the end of the year, places with wild sunflower forests are often sought after by tourists. Join Threeland Travel to find out about places to check-in wild sunflowers in this Vietnam tour itinerary.


What month do sunflowers bloom?

Many visitors ask: Are there sunflowers in Vietnam? We not only have but also many beautiful places that are sought after in Vietnam tours 2023. From the end of October to November, the wild sunflowers here begin to bloom. However, the flowers will bloom most beautifully for about 10-14 days, so November is the most reasonable time for you to visit. If not too busy, visitors can go to Ba Vi on weekdays. On weekends, the national park welcomes more visitors than weekdays.

The best time to hunt for check-in photos with wild sunflowers is 9-10am, when the dew has dissipated or 17-18h, when sunset falls.

The most ideal time to take pictures and admire the flowers is in the morning, around 8-10am when the sun rises and the dew has dissipated. You can also stop by to check-in around 5pm to see the flowers in the sunse.


The wild sunflower season - best vietnam tours package

Are there wild sunflowers in Dalat?

For romantic and flower-loving souls, this season is also considered the most beautiful season of Da Lat. Wild sunflower season not only marks the end of the rainy season, wild sunflowers bloom is also the time when visitors come to Da Lat city to be immersed in the dreamy scenery. Da Lat wildflowers bloom for about 3 weeks. So, book yourself a Vietnam tour package 2023 with the destination of Da Lat right away.

During this time, you can see flowers in many places from the center to the suburbs.


The suburbs of Da Lat often have wild sunflowers growing the most. The hill in Don Duong, Da Ron commune, more than 30km from the city center or the road of Van Thanh - Ta Nung flower village - Elephant waterfall - Langbiang is full of endless yellow, favored by many traveling followers. In addition, Trai Mat - Cau Dat, Golden Valley, Tu Tra - Bong Lai ... are also destinations that many tourists love.

In the city center, you can also find the brilliant yellow color at Da Lat University, the entrance to Minh Hoa Seminary or Pham Hong Thai Street next to the old station.

Chu Dang Ya (Gia Lai)

Like Da Lat, from the end of November to December, Buon Ma Thuot puts on a new shirt to prepare for the coming winter, filled with the bright yellow color of wildflowers called wild sunflowers. From all over the way, those flowers bloomed under the bright sunshine of the dry season of Buon Ma Thuot, from the passes to Gia Lai, back up Kon Tum, into the Lake ..., You can also see the brilliant carpets of wild sunflowers running across the horizon, most famously in Chu Dang Ya, Gia Lai.


In addition to Vietnam tourist places like Gia Lai such as T'Nung lake, Phu Cuong waterfall, Yaly hydroelectric lake... Chu Dang Ya volcano also attracts tourists to visit this season, because of the beauty of wild sunflowers. covered with gold all over the hillsides, the two sides lead up to the volcano. Wild sunflowers here mostly grow wild and grow naturally, the yellow color covers the mountainside like a giant flower carpet.

Taking advantage of nature, Chu Pah locality organizes a wild sunflower festival on Chu Dang Ya mountain to attract tourists at the end of the year. On the Vietnam tour, in addition to flower viewing, you can visit festivals to participate in local cultural activities.

Ba Vi (Hanoi) - cheap vietnam tours


Ba Vi National Park is a beautiful place to see wild sunflowers in the North, this must be a destination not to be missed in Vietnam tours 2023. Ba Vi wild sunflowers usually bloom in late autumn and early winter, so coming here at this time, visitors can not only see the outstanding yellow flower carpet among the green grass, but also organize picnics and picnics in the middle of fresh, open nature.

Wild sunflowers in Ba Vi do not stretch as vastly as on the Da Lat plateau, but bloom on the blurred background of clouds and mountains. Wild sunflowers are most beautiful in the morning, when the cold early winter sun has just dawned. From Hanoi, you follow Thang Long Boulevard or Highway 32 to Ba Vi National Park, buy tickets to visit the garden and go uphill 700, where there are the most wild sunflowers. At hill 700, you go to the forest fire observatory, turn left to the wild sunflower hill of Ba Vi National Park. This point is mainly to stop taking photos, if you go to the national park for the first time, you can go to the Thuong temple, K9 historical site, the fallen church ... This must be a cheap vietnam tours.

Moc Chau – Son La


Moc Chau not only has green tea hills, white chrysanthemum fields but also wild sunflowers. If Da Lat is the paradise of wild sunflowers, then Moc Chau is no less.

The ideal Vietnam tourist place where wild sunflowers can be easily seen is the way to Tan Lap and Pa Phach tea hills. Besides, the dirt roads around Moc Chau town also stretch with wild sunflower yellow.

The ideal time for wild sunflowers in Moc Chau is from late November to mid-December. The blooming time of wild sunflowers here is later than in Da Lat. So, when you come to Moc Chau, don't forget to step out into the street in the morning. Because this is the ideal time to see the most beautiful wild sunflowers in Moc Chau.

The story of wild sunflowers in Vietnam tour

The Legend of Wild Marigolds


Choose one of the vietnam tour package 2023 with the destination of Da Lat or some of the above, you will surely hear the guide talk about the legend of wild sunflowers. Wild anemone is associated with a touching legend about a couple's love. That year, there was a drought and everything was dry. In a village, there was a healthy, gentle boy who, because he loved the villagers, decided to find a source of water for the village. He said goodbye to his lover and then left. The girl sat by the stream waiting for her lover season after season.

Until one day when she waited until evening and still didn't see him back, she was worried and then went out to find him, she kept going, going all the way to dozens of streams and dozens of mountains but didn't see her lover. She kept walking until she was exhausted and fell down.

Where she fell, a strange flower bloomed, blooming yellow. People call them wild sunflowers. Wild sunflowers are easy to grow and grow very quickly, the yellow petals are full of intense vitality like the faithful love of a girl.

Meaning of wild sunflowers


Every sight of wild sunflowers in bloom is a sign of the approaching winter because the flowers usually bloom in early winter.

Wild sunflowers are often used to living in places with harsh conditions such as arid or rocky, they will be easy to grow and grow quickly. Therefore, wild sunflowers symbolize intense love, loyalty and show strong vitality and persistence with time.

In addition, wild anemone also means to express admiration, love and respect or to show pride that is difficult to subdue.

These are the places that are considered to be the capital of wild sunflowers, yellow anemone is flooded on the roads and around the hillsides in Vietnam tour. Threeland Travel hopes that the above are useful things to help you have a perfect trip on your upcoming trip.