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Lung Cu Flag Tower - What you need to know

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Lung Cu Flag Tower is one of the four extreme points of Vietnam and is located in Ha Giang. In addition, Ha Giang is also one of the tourist destinations that many tourists enjoy because of the beautiful natural scenery with the image of Dong Van rock plateau which is extremely beautiful and massive and comes close to this area.

Tourists come to Ha Giang like spring swallows find their nests. The land of Ha Giang makes people have too many emotions, it is impossible not to love and give all their affection. Ha Giang has Dong Van rock plateau, Hoang Su Phi terraced fields, Ma Pi Leng pass king, and the northernmost land of Lung Cu country. Do not hesitate to join Threeland Travel to explore the Lung Cu Vietnam flagpole.


Where is the Lung Cu flagpole? How many meters tall?

Lung Cu Flag Tower is the northernmost point of Vietnam with latitude 23023'N, in Dong Van district, Ha Giang province. Lung Cu is nearly 200 km from Ha Giang city, about 30 km from Dong Van by pass. The road to Lung Cu is precarious between heaven and earth, open space, high cliffs with clouds and mountains. The Northwest Pass road attracts many backpackers.

Lung Cu flagpole is located on the top of Lung Cu with an altitude of about 1,470 m, this is the highest point of the northernmost point of Vietnam. Lung Cu Vietnam is located 2 km from the extreme point. But this place has always been considered a symbol of national sovereignty, a symbol of the northernmost piece of the country. It is really a sacred experience that many people come here to feel, to absorb and soak in two hours of the country's love.


The meaning of the valley flagpole?

Lung Cu Flag Tower was restored many times from 1992 to 2010. The height of the column is about 20m, the base and pedestal are in the shape of a hexagon and at the foot of the column there are 8 reliefs with textures on the surface of Dong Son bronze drums, on the top of the column is the flag holding the Vietnamese national flag.

The way to the flagpole has a total of 389 steps. Many people do not notice and do not understand why there is such a number because usually when calculating beautiful numbers, people count nine buttons. 389 steps is 10 - "It's the final number, the pinnacle, like an oath".

Lung Cu Flag Tower, fluttering on top of the red flag with yellow star - the pride of the nation's flesh and blood. The sacred red flag with yellow star has an area of ​​54m2 - a number representing 54 ethnic groups living together. So much effort, so many messages conveyed in the shape of a flagpole.

When is the best season to visit the Lung Cu flagpole?

From January to March, the season of plum blossoms, peaches and yellow mustard flowers is brilliant. In April, flowers of truffles and ban flowers dye the vast and vast mountains and forests. May falls in the pouring water season, people prepare for transplanting.


Around June-August, summer comes with golden sunshine. However, moving weather can make you feel tired with the heat. But traveling to Lung Cu Flag Tower, you will enjoy the extremely cool atmosphere. This is also the time most tourists choose with an easy sightseeing itinerary.

Traveling to Lung Cu in September, you will encounter the golden season on the high mountains. The carpets of golden rice are eye-catching, stretching across the fields, making the mountainous scenery more poetic.

If you are a lover of gentle, idyllic natural beauty. You should definitely come to Lung Cu in October-December. To be immersed in the buckwheat flower season. Around this time, the locality also regularly organizes interesting festivals for visitors to learn more about the unique cultural beauty.

What to play when traveling to Lung Cu?

Quan Ba ​​- The famous Ha Giang tourist area

Quan Ba ​​Heaven Gate


The first tourist destination mentioned in the Lung Cu Flag Tower travel journey, surely we must mention it is the tourist destination of Quan Ba ​​heaven gate, here visitors will be able to see the whole scene of this place.

Stopping here, visitors will feel the distance to see the extremely beautiful scenery, traveling here visitors will have the opportunity to see the whole image of the Northwest mountains. At the same time, you will be immersed in the historical stories as well as important milestones of our country. Currently, Quan Ba ​​heaven gate is like a very solidly built door.

Quan Ba ​​Twin Mountain

Traveling to Lung Cu Flagpole, don't forget to visit Quan Ba ​​Twin Mountain. Quan Ba ​​Twin Mountain is an extremely impressive place, witnessing the extremely interesting and attractive beauty for tourists. This is also an impressive place for Ha Giang people, the beauty of Tam Son region. Stopping here, visitors will admire as well as discover the beauty of this place. Come here to visit, you will hear legends related to this place.

The famous tourist attractions of Dong Van

Dong Van is known for having many majestic and unspoiled natural landscapes that are equally shimmering and fanciful. Whether you go for a short or a long day, you cannot ignore the tourist attractions here. Some outstanding places you should visit are:

Tham Ma Slope

Tham Ma slope is the first pass that you need to conquer to step foot in the land of Dong Van. Located on National Highway 4C, the slope has 9 bends 5 km long, connecting the road from Yen Minh town, Quan Ba ​​district to Pho Cao, Dong Van district. This is one of the beautiful passes you need to conquer to reach the land of Dong Van.

Dong Van Plateau

A place not to be missed when traveling to Lung Cu Flag Tower. About 300 km from Hanoi, Dong Van rock plateau is famous for its wild and poetic beauty like a "gray paradise" in the middle of the mountainous region. This is a common stone plateau of four districts of Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van and Meo Vac.
Located at an average altitude of 1000 - 1600m above sea level, the rocky plateau with gray mountains interrupts the color of cat ears to create a wild and rustic scene.

Meo King Palace


The Palace of the Vuong Dynasty is an interesting place to visit Dong Van that you should visit. The palace was built on Sa Phin valley (Dong Van, Ha Giang) with an area of ​​1,120 square meters. The two sides of the road leading to the Vuong house are surrounded by vertical and green sapodilla trees all year round. In particular, in this place, there is a high-rise land mass like the roof of a turtle, symbolizing the god Kim Quy.

Dong Van Old Town

One of the must-visit places to visit in Dong Van when traveling to Ha Giang, Dong Van Old Town. Dong Van ancient town is located in Dong Van town, Dong Van, Ha Giang dating back hundreds of years. The central area of ​​the old town of Dong Van belongs to Dong Quan canton, Nguyen Binh province, Tuong Van district, Tuyen Quang province with its architecture and culture with a history of hundreds of years of development.


Dong Van Market

The next destination that you should not miss during your trip to Lung Cu Flag Tower is Dong Van ancient market. Located next to Dong Van old town, Dong Van market is the largest center of economic, goods and cultural exchange in the Dong Van rock plateau. Each week, the market meets only one session on Sunday for ethnic minorities in the area to trade and meet each other.

Ma Pi Leng Pass

Traveling to Lung Cu Flagpole cannot ignore one of the four great peaks of the pass. Although Ma Pi Leng Pass is not long, it is the most dangerous pass in the same northern mountain, and is likened to the "king" of Vietnamese passes. The pass was completed in the efforts of tens of thousands of workers in the northern provinces in 11 months. Arriving at the pass, visitors will be amazed by the majestic mountain space, the pass road is like a soft silk strip winding along the mountainside, surrounded by jagged cliffs, absorbing the vastness of the clouds.

A few notes when traveling to Lung Cu Flag Tower


If you are coming to Ha Giang for the first time, it is best to take a bus first and then ride a motorbike from Ha Giang to save more energy. The road to Ha Giang is quite steep, so it is much easier to ride a motorbike. Before going, remember to check the motorbike and vehicle documents.
Because the climate in Ha Giang is cold at night, remember to bring warm clothes in winter, during the day the temperature is still low, so bring gloves, a long coat and a scarf.

At the same time, you should wear sports shoes or climbing shoes when going to Lung Cu flagpole, while traveling in cities and towns, just wear sandals or normal shoes.