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Ha Giang travel - Top local products in Ha Giang

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Ha Giang travels not only to discover the pink color of the buckwheat triangle, the green color of the majestic mountains, but also to enjoy the unique taste of delicious specialties. After enjoying it, you still have to bring it back and there are many specialties that should be bought as gifts when traveling to Ha Giang.

Before visiting the beautiful Ha Giang this time, invite you and Threeland Travel to review the top specialties to buy as gifts when traveling to Ha Giang 2023!


Top 4 local products to bring as gifts - Ha Giang travel Blog

In addition to Hoang Su Phi's blood plum specialty, which only has one harvest season each year (from June to August), Ha Giang travel at the end of the year or Tet, you can choose to buy 4 local products in Ha Giang: Sanh orange, shan Tuyet tea, mint honey and yellow turmeric starch make meaningful gifts for relatives and friends.

Sanh orange

Sanh orange is a specialty of Ha Giang, grown mainly in the districts of Vi Xuyen, Bac Quang and Quang Binh. Ha Giang oranges are likened to "gold in the rock" with the characteristics of thick skin with many brown spots, yellow flesh with large succulent shrimps, sweet and sour taste, very high nutritional content, organic standards, safe, rich in vitamins C, B1, B3, potassium and many other minerals are beneficial for health.


According to the Ha Giang travel Blog, the time when Ha Giang oranges are fully ripe is around December to March next year. In 2004, this local product was certified and protected by the National Office of Intellectual Property - Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam. In 2014, Ha Giang crockery was voted as one of 10 trusted products by consumers. Ha Giang oranges are also certified by the Vietnam Association of Food Science and Technology with the title of "The quintessential Vietnamese cuisine".

Orange is a very meaningful gift for friends, it is both nutritious and helps farmers here have more income and create a Sustainable tour ecosystem.

Shan Tuyet tea


In the topic Ha Giang about what to drink today for many tourists when traveling to Ha Giang, San Tuyet tea is the most popular name. Shan Tuyet tea has large gray-white buds, under the leaves is covered with a layer of snow-white fluff and can only grow in areas with high mountainous terrain and cool climate. In Ha Giang, shan Tuyet tea is distributed throughout the districts but the most popular and most famous are in Lung Phin (Dong Van), Phin Ho (Hoang Su Phi), Tham Ve, Bo Dot (Vi Xuyen).

Tea grows on mountain peaks at an altitude of 300 - 1,000m above sea level, covered by clouds all year round. The tea roots are over 300 years old, 20 - 80cm in diameter. The nutrition provided to the plant is completely from spring water containing many minerals. And processed according to the traditional manual method of the Mong and Dao ethnic groups, so it always has a very specific flavor. When enjoying, you will first feel the gentle aroma, then the slightly bitter taste and then the sweet taste of the tea.

If the South of Vietnam is famous for coffee, the North is famous for tea. This is sure to be an extremely useful and easy gift to bring back for friends on Ha Giang travel.

Mint honey


To talk about Ha Giang, I can not no- mention mint plants. On the rocky plateau of Ha Giang, mint is a plant that grows naturally, with purple-pink flowers, often blooming in the autumn and winter, a source of flowers that create delicious nectar, containing many nutritious ingredients. Mint honey is lemon yellow, bluish, thick; When enjoying, it has its own characteristic aroma, different from other types of honey, the taste is sweet, mild, not harsh, especially not hot like other types of longan honey or lychee honey.

Every year, the season of mint honey usually starts around September of the previous year until January of the following year. Mint honey is one of Ha Giang's products, popular with Ha Giang tourists and bought as a gift for their loved ones on this Ha Giang travel journey.

Yellow turmeric starch - Ha Giang travel


A specialty of Ha Giang that is equally famous you should buy as a gift for Ha Giang travel is turmeric starch. The powder is extracted from fresh turmeric roots grown in the high mountains of Ha Giang, especially in Bac Me district.

Highland turmeric gives better active ingredients than turmeric grown in the plains, because the soil and climate conditions here will give turmeric plants the highest medicinal activities and many useful uses for health. human health. Ha Giang turmeric products have been highly appreciated with a curcumin content of 57.2% appraised by the National Institute of Food Safety and Hygiene in 2019.

If you are thinking about what to buy in Ha Giang as a gift, take note of these 4 Ha Giang specialties. Threeland Travel is sure that these Ha Giang products will be a very meaningful gift for the recipient.

Top dishes to try when choosing Ha Giang travel

Ha Giang alcohol corn


Corn wine is made through the skillful hands of the H'Mong with the main ingredients being corn kernels grown on rocky mountains and traditional yeast with the sweet and aromatic taste of corn. This is considered one of the specialties that should be bought as a gift when traveling to Ha Giang, which is chosen by many tourists.

The aroma of alcohol mixed with a little breath of the Northeast mountains promises to be a meaningful gift for loved ones after a long trip, especially for those who like to drink.

Ha Giang buckwheat cake


Ha Giang travels around October - November like a young girl wearing a bright pink shirt of buckwheat petals. And there is no reason if you come here to enjoy flowers without tasting a little taste from the specialty of this wonderful flower.
Buckwheat buckwheat after harvesting is dried and can also be ground into flour to make cakes. Cakes are soft, spongy, sweet and fleshy, so they have become a specialty that many tourists should buy as gifts when traveling to Ha Giang.

Buckwheat cake is not considered excellent, but in return, it is interesting when it is made from the seeds of beautiful flowers blooming in Ha Giang.

Thang Den


This Ha Giang specialty dish sounds very strange, right? In fact, it's another name for floating cake! However, the wonton will be molded into smaller balls than the floating cake, the filling can be made vegetarian or wrapped with green beans, the broth is slightly spicy with ginger flavor, mixed from the bottom sugar with coconut milk, sprinkled with peanuts or grated coconut on the side. Above, it will be very warm if eaten on cold winter days in the highlands.

Au Tau Porridge

Au Tau porridge is cooked from tubers - a type of tuber that, if properly processed, is very good for health. It is often said that if you are insomnia or tired, you must immediately make a bowl of au Tau porridge - an extremely effective medicine.
Traveling to Ha Giang, don't forget to try this dish. Porridge will have a slight bitter taste of tubers, so it may be quite strange to tourists, consider before eating if you are not familiar with the taste.

Grilled moss - Ha Giang travel Blog


Surely this will be the dish that makes many tourists surprised and somewhat scared when listing this dish in their Ha Giang travel itinerary. However, this is a specialty dish of Ha Giang of the Tay people that is rarely found anywhere else. The moss is taken from the rock crevices by local people, thoroughly crushed to remove alluvial oil and grilled on a charcoal stove. Threeland Travel recommends you, if you have the opportunity, you should try it once. It will surely bring you an interesting experience.

Men men


Topic Ha Giang on the topic of eating, it is impossible to ignore this traditional dish. This is a famous Ha Giang specialty dish of the Hmong ethnic group. In the past, this was a substitute for rice when people here did not have enough rice to eat.

The main ingredient of this dish is corn kernels. Corn, after separating the seeds and grinding with a stone mortar, will be steamed on high heat, especially must be steamed twice to produce the correct taste. The Mong people often combine eating men men with vegetable soup or bean curd. If you have a chance to try it, you must try it, sweet and characteristic fleshy taste will make you unforgettable!