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Buckwheat flower festival – Reason to visit Ha Giang in November

Posted By : Threeland Travel / Ha Giang -Travel Tips

The buckwheat flower in Ha Giang is now in the blooming season. By November, the buckwheat flower will be in bloom all over mountains, reveal all the beauty and welcome the most jubilant festive season of the year. Following successes of the previous festive seasons, this year the festival will take place with the theme "FLOWER LAND – SPREADING SEASON", with the aim of promoting and preserving the unique culture of the Mong people. You will never get bored by a variety of activities as listed below: 
1.    Festival opening program
- Time: 90 minutes, from 20h-21h30 Saturday
- Location: Dong Van Stadium.
- Presiding agency: People's Committee of Dong Van district in coordination with Ha Giang Provincial Art Association.


2. Geoparks photo exhibition
- Time: November
- Location: Museum of cultural space of ethnic minority in Dong Van


3. Recreating the cultural space of the market (display booths of local products) 

- Time: 15, 16, 17 November
- Location: Dong Van Ancient Town Market

4. Performance of the stages of weaving linen and traditional costumes
- Time: During festival time, 2019
- Location: Dong Van Ancient town

6. Flower Street 
- Time: October, November, and December
- Location: Dong Van Ancient town.


7. Beefsteak fair at the Rocky Highlands
- Time: November 

- Location: Old Quarter Market
Skilled local cooks show their talent with beef steak with specialties of local beef, there is also hot pot chicken black cooked with buckwheat

8. At Vuong’s royal ancient house: Performing folk cultural activities, recreating the daily life of Vuong’s family such as cooking traditional food of Mong people, making maize wine, buckwheat wine...
- Time: 15, 16, 17 November 
- Location: Trung Dinh area of Vuong’s Residence

Buckwheat flowers symbolize love and happiness.  From late October to early November, large fields of buckwheat flowers are in full bloom, making a spectacular sight. The hills and mountains are covered by the white and pink of the flowers.