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Thailand Travel is a vast topic, so it will be difficult to encapsulate it all in one article. Therefore, Threeland Travel has compiled information and experiences when traveling to Thailand from many different information sources.
The content is divided into two main parts, one part is for those who travel on their own, the other part is general advice and information for those who go on a tour. The article is still being updated and will expand according to each tourist destination in Thailand. Below is an Important Note (you should read it carefully).

Travel to Thailand Self-sufficient

To go to Thailand you have 2 options. One is to take a plane from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. The second is to take a bus from Saigon to Cambodia and then to Thailand.

Plane to Bangkok

To have cheap flight tickets to Bangkok, you should regularly update the websites of airlines such as Air Asia, Vietjetair, Jetstar and many others. The easiest way is to sign up for the company's Newsletter. Every time promotional information, discount they will send you an email.

Airport in Bangkok has 2 airports, Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi. Don Mueang is a domestic airport and AirAsia operates international routes to reduce the load on Suvarnabhumi. If you buy an AirAsia ticket, the destination is Don Mueang airport.
Suvarnabhumi is the international airport of the remaining airlines. From Suvarnabhumi to the center of Bangkok, traveling by Airport Rail Link (SARL City Line) is more convenient than Don Mueang. Our airline Vietjetair will come to this airport.


Sleeping at the airport

If you arrive at Suvarnabhumi airport at night. At this time, it will be difficult for you to book a hotel in Bangkok if you have not booked online in advance. There is a pretty convenient way to sleep at the airport to save money. Suvarnabhumi Airport is quite large and clean, so you will easily find a place to sleep. However, note that the temperature they keep is very cold, so it is best to prepare a sleeping bag. In front of the toilet, there are points to get clean water to drink directly. You can also find electrical outlets near the seats.


From Suvarnabhumi Airport to Khao San

There is no bus from the airport to Khao San! The only way is to take BTS (Sky train) to Phaythai and then take a taxi to Khao San for a total of about 140 Bath for one person and if you go 2 or more people better take a taxi. How to go in detail by BTS

From the airport you take the Airport Rail Link straight to Airport Link Phaya Thai. From Airport Link Phaya Thai, transfer by bus as follows: Take bus No. 59 from Phaya Thai to Democratic Monument or bus No. 2, No. 79 and No. 11 from Petchburi Road to Democratic Monument. From Democratic Monument to Khao San by walking about 3-5 minutes.


From Don Muang Airport to Bangkok

From the airport, you go out to the lobby to catch a taxi to get into the center of Bangkok. The car will be charged by the meter, remember to remind the driver to turn on the meter. The price to central Bangkok is around 200 to 250 baht, however you pay an extra 50 baht for the airport parking fee and 30/40 baht if you choose to take the highway.

Take the bus from Don Muang to Bangkok. This is my reference to Baynhe.

If you go as economical as Dust, you can go by airport bus (more luxurious than a popular bus). Take the bus of Don Muang airport, you can carry your things comfortably. From the arrival hall, you walk to the airport bus stop (see signboard or ask staff). There are a total of 4 routes into downtown Bangkok, specifically as follows:

Route 4: Airport – Silom Rd This route is suitable for those who stay in Silom area (for example, near Patpong red light district), Note: The bus runs 24 hours, always available.


Route 29: Airport – Victory Monument – ​​Bangkok Railway Station (Hua Lamphong) This route is suitable for those who stay at Khao San road (must get off at Victory Monument station) and those who stay in China Town Chinatown (get off at the point of departure) the last is Hua Lamphong station). Note: Car runs 24 hours, always available.

Route 10: Airport – Victory Monument – ​​Southern Region Bus Terminal This route is suitable for those who stay at Khao San road (must get off at Victory Monument station) and those who want to go to the southern provinces of Thailand (get off at the end point at Southern Region Bus Terminal).

Route 13: Airport – Sukhumvit Rd. – Eastern Region Bus Terminal This route is suitable for those who stay in Sumkhumvid (must ask the ticket salesman to see which section you need to get off, because Sukhimvid road is quite long). The end point of this route is Eastern Region Bus Terminal (another name is Ekamai bus station) - this is the starting point to the coastal city of Pattaya. In short, from Don Muang airport, if you want to catch a bus to Pattaya, take this bus 13 to Ekamai station.


From Phu Ket airport to Town

Take a bus (called airport bus): this one is a bit slow, due to having to pick up & drop off passengers. Price is based on distance. But the price to Phuket Town is 90B/person. The bus runs on an hourly basis, the last one at 8PM from Phuket airport. (Note that you do not drop off at Patong Beach, but drop off at Phuket Town - near Big C, from here you have to take a local bus or taxi back to the hotel).


Take the van: this goes fast & the price depends on the destination. About Patong Beach / Phuket Town is 150B / day. About Kamala Beach, it's 170B/day. This car will drop off at the right hotel you stay at. However, the inconvenience is that they have to wait for all 10 people to run, not running according to the schedule, so sometimes they have to wait... waiting. And if they come to Phuket at the end of the day, there is no more to wait, they will… negotiate the price to go for enough "hoi". – Take a taxi: the price also depends on the destination & must be paid with the driver. But the price to Patong Beach / Phuket Town is about 500B, so if you go from 3-4 people, you should take a taxi, don't have to wait. If you take a taxi, you should go far away from the pickup area of ​​the car companies to pay the price. Or through the Departure area, watch for a new taxi to take guests to the airport, the price will be cheaper.


Go to Thailand by bus

This is an easy and low cost way to go. I still regret going to Cambodia for not considering the combination of going to Cambodia and Thailand to save money and time.
From Phnom Penh you can buy tickets to Thailand at Virak Bunthan Express Tour bus company. Address at: No. 1Eo, Preah Moha Ksat Triani Kossomak (Ave. 106), 12202 Phnom Penh. Tel 023 998 786. This company has a night bus to Siem Reap and Thailand.
Sorya bus company: there is only one bus at 6:30 am. Driving every day, in my opinion, is a waste of time and tiring. But those who like to go on a day trip can choose Sorya (this company has an office in Saigon, you can contact to buy tickets from Saigon).
Kampuchea Ankor bus: there are trips at 21:30, 21:30, 12:30 at night. Ticket price 23 USD


After driving for 7 and a half hours, you will arrive at Poipet - Aranya Prathet border gate, go through Poipet (Cambodia) and find an Arrival card to fill in information to cross Aranyaprathet (Thailand). When leaving the Cam car, the garage will paste you a decal for the Thai garage to identify the guests, when going to Thailand, they will change the minivan because the Thai side runs on the left hand side like the UK, so it's the opposite of Vietnam and Cambodia. The Thai white minivan runs on the highway very quickly, but it still feels safe. Maybe it will drop you at Victory Monument or where you live.


Another experience: From Siem reap, there are quite a few hours and you can go to the agency there to buy tickets. 2 flights 2.30am and 6.30am are the most expensive because they will take a van (15 seats) to Poipet and another van from the Thai border gate to Bangkok, the price is $14. Other trips are cheaper because it will take a bus to poipet and also a van to bangkok, the price is $11. I took the 6.30 trip and arrived in bangkok around 3pm. There is no problem at the border gate, you can go bravely and no one will harm you. The garage will give you a color sticker so that when crossing the border, the Thai garage will recognize it. The biggest loss is at the border gate because it's usually crowded and the garages will let you wait at a restaurant near the border gate after entering Thailand. It will take about an hour and a half 2 hours there. If not, about 1 hour you have arrived in bangkok.

From Thailand to Cambodia by road

When taking a minivan from the Cambodian border to Bangkok, you need a business card to contact you when you return. Maybe they will pick you up where you live. The bus will take you to which bus station in Cam is unknown, but when you stop, you should ask to the bus station with Sorya bus, buy a ticket to Vietnam the next morning (if you sleep at the border). You choose many ways to go to Bus Terminal in Mochit. Bus (2 104 134 145 159), that station is called Mochit (it reads as Maw-chit-Xo), not right at BTS Mochit at Chatuchak. Done go to counter 30 inside to buy a ticket (223 baht 2012) to Poipet, the bus runs below. After clearing customs in Poipet, take a tuktuk (about 100-150 baht) to Sorya Transportation or Kampuchea (say it knows), buy a ticket to Phnom Penh. It's ok from Phnom Penh to Vietnam


Another experience: If you come from Bangkok to Phnom Penh by road, don't go to Mochit very far, go to Victory Monument, ask the car to go to RongKluea (this is the Thai - Orange border market) the fare is 230 Bath/1ng. Then you do the procedures for exiting Thailand and entering Cambodia, then catch a motorbike taxi (2ng 1 car is only about 20 Bath 1 car only) go to Cambodia Angkor Express bus station to catch a bus to Phnom Penh for about 9$ / 1 ng. Note that this company only has night buses. And if you want to take the daytime bus, catch the Free Shuttle Bus as soon as you get out of Cam Customs, it will take you to the Bus Terminal to buy a ticket to PP for 15$ / 1 person.

From Bangkok to the provinces

First of all, in Bangkok, there are 2 main transfer stations: Phaya thai and siam are the two main transfer stations in BK, from where you can go all over Bangkok. Airport – Hualamphong (Terminal) 1.You take the Airport Link to Makkasan (20p) From Makkasan transfer Petchburi MRT (15p) to Hualumphong (station). From Makkasan station you have to walk across the street to see Petchburi MRT, if you have a lot of luggage, it will be difficult. 2. Otherwise, at Airport Level 1 find the AE4 bus from Airport to Hualamphong.
Book online bus tickets to the provinces, you can refer to:

Bangkok – Chiang Mai (by train) 

You arrive at BKK 13:00, it takes more than 1 hour to arrive at the station, then you can choose the train to Chiang Mai from BKK below.


From Chiang Mai – Pai 1.You can choose a minivan of a private company such as Green bus, Bus to go!? Recently, I picked up a minivan at Ban Mae Malai intersection from Fang, this minivan does not have an English logo but only Thai. Asked Tai to tear, he said Bus to go!? New and beautiful Toyota car. 2.Bus at Chiang Mai Arcade Terminal. From Pai – Ayuthaya It is better to return to Chiang Mai and then take the train to Ayuthaya. If so, you have to plan and your timetable as follows: 1. Arrive in Chiang Mai by train, then buy a ticket from Chiang Mai to Ayuthaya by train. 2. Go to Pai by minivan and then buy tickets right from Pai to Chiang Mai. 3. Ayuthaya is fine, you can take the train or minivan, bus back to BKK comfortably. 4. I personally recommend you to take the train, anyway the safety is higher than taking the bus and sleeping comfortably. Thai trains are very clean.

Bangkok to Pattaya

From BKK to Pattaya, you can take a bus. Refer to the following link: You can go from the bus stop near Ekamai station, or Mochit. Take BTS to Ekamai station, exit Exit 2, walk a few tens of meters to the bus station. There is 1 trip every 30 minutes, the fare is 124 baht. Drive about 2 hours to Pattaya wharf. From Pattaya to BKK is similar. Pattaya is temporarily divided into 3 zones: North, Center, and South. In the South area, Walking Street is quite close in the evening, Walking Street at night is dense with Go-go bars. If you want to go to the show in the evening, go to Alcazar. If you want to go to Coral Island, go all the way to Walking Street to get to the pier. Going by boat to the island costs 30 baht/person. If you want to visit the island, get on the boat on the right, you will go to Coral Island's central wharf, from there you can go all the way to Coral Island. If you board the boat on the left hand side, you will go straight to Tae Wan beach, which is the largest beach on the island.


If you are going to Pattaya from the Airport, it is more convenient to go from Suvarnabhumi Airport. If you go from Dong Muang to Pattaya, you can take a taxi to Mochit bus station and then take a bus.

Shopping in Bangkok

Remember: all shops and supermarkets are only open from about 10-10:30 am (a few can open from 9:30 am), don't go too early but have to wait outside. The market opens earlier. 

Popular clothes, popular jewelry, electronics: Pratunam. This area has a lot of super markets crowded together selling popular clothes and jewelry; almost no price listed but also little challenge. 

The Platinium hypermarket is also quite good, has air conditioning, the price is higher than Pratunam. Pantip Plaza is too famous, selling computer components, electronics. 


High-class clothing and jewelry, high-end home appliances: Siam. This area has a chain of luxurious and beautiful supermarkets, buying it is probably less but worth seeing such as Siam Center, Siam Paragon, Central World. There are all kinds of brands in the world here: Marks and Spencer, CK, Zara, Next, Miss 60, Guess, MNG, Axara. This area is very large, it's called tired when walking, it's called blurred vision. 

You can see more high-end goods at The Emporium, Terminal21 Sukhumvit area 

Large supermarkets: can be seen on the map, in many places there are a few supermarkets, easy to walk from one supermarket to the next. the other town. A supermarket that cannot be missed is MBK, which sells everything from clothes, jewelry, home appliances, high-end and mid-range furniture, electronics, and lovely decorations, sold in top floor, cheap. Other supermarkets are highly recommended (there are a few in each type in Bangkok, the location is clearly indicated on the map): Lotus Texaco, Center, Robinson, Big C 


Chatuchak Weekend Market, also on the map. Lots of home decor and jewelry (especially silver). Nice and a bit expensive (although the market is quite affordable). Ladies, don't look at porcelain, wood, iron, and iron, if you like to be carried away, you will die of excess money. Open from about 8am to 6pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Friday is wholesale only). From the center of Bangkok to Chatuchak, you should go by Skytrain (aerial train), which is both fast, nutritious and cheap. Each crime has to queue if going at rush hour only. Mochit station, price 45 baht/person. 

Patpong: the market meets every night, go to see it, all fake goods equal to the real price. Of course, if you know how to bargain, that's fine. 

Chinatown and Pahurat market: Anyone who buys car and motorbike parts can't help but come here. But note that this market is almost closed on weekends, few shops open for sale (it's paradoxical) 

Khao San Road: selling a lot of "ethnic" goods, silverware, clothes, restaurants, bars...

Where is the best place to eating in Thailand?

In all supermarkets, centers, 4th or 5th floors are usually food towns with dozens of types of food, including Vietnamese food; There are enough desserts and drinks. In general, about 40-60k/person is good food; cheaper also. Almost pay by coupon, buy coupon when eating and if not spent can refund on the spot.


At the end of the day, you should make a few cups of yogurt and a bottle of La Vie at Seven 11 (the minimart chain is everywhere in Bangkok, cheap, open until 23:00 every night) to the hotel to eat and take vitamin supplements.
On the way, you can buy fruit on the street, delicious, cheap and cool Ice cream in Thailand is delicious - Grilled fish and some Thai dishes in front of CentralWorld are very famous and bustling.


Bangkok Hotels

Accommodation is very important when you travel in Thailand in general and Bangkok in particular. As accommodation will involve travel. You should choose accommodation near public places for easy access. In Bangkok, traffic jams are common. So most people recommend staying near the BTS line. Some areas to stay in, classified according to your purposes and interests.

Khao San Road area - is the Western neighborhood, noisy, bustling, near the Royal Palace. But as the old Bangkok area, there is no public transportation. Check out hotels in the Khao San area here
Sukhumvit / Siam area - is the concentration of shopping malls, high-class entertainment centers, the main road of public transport such as TBS, MRT. Hotels near Sukhumvit
Pratunam area - is a wholesale market selling clothes and accessories... suitable for those who like to shop or shop.
Chinatown is near Khao San Road, so the location is similar. It is located in the old Bangkok area, not near train stations or public transport. But in return there is good food. Hotels near Chinatown. 


Many people say staying near BTS lines will be more convenient and economical than taking Taxi and tuk tuk. If you plan to go around Bangkok on your own, stay near BTS, and if you like special areas, choose from the list above. A reputable and convenient booking channel that I often use is Agoda. You can refer to some hotels in Bangkok and Thailand here.

If you intend to go to Safari world, Grand Palace or Siam Ocean World... then book in advance through; Cheaper than buying directly, usually with a shuttle. Seeing people go a lot, recommend this page.


A hotel in Bangkok you can refer to is Opera Hotel at No. 16, Lane 11 (Soi 11), Petchaburi Road, about 0.7km from Pratunam; Big C+ central world 1km; about 0.4km from BTS Ratchathewi; located in the alley with many Thai offices, very quiet and safe; at the beginning of the alley is a family mart; clean and beautiful rooms, with bathtubs; acceptable price (800 baht/ 1 night for a double room on the first floor, the upper floor will be 900B) friendly, enthusiastic staff

ARNOMA Hotel is located in SIAM area, close to famous shopping areas such as Central World, Big C, Platinum, electronic market, Siam Pragon, Siam Central….and many other shopping areas.


Sightseeing and Entertainment in Bangkok

Wat Ratchapradit Sathitmahasimaram: Located in the north of Saran Rom Park, this relatively small temple was built during the reign of King Rama IV. This place was formerly the Royal Coffee Garden during the reign of King Rama III. 

An interesting feature in this temple is Phra Wihan Luang – the Royal Picture Room – which has a mural depicting the “Royal Ritual in 12 Months” and the legend of the crescent moon. Ratchabophit Temple: The temple is located on Fuang Nakhon Road near Wat Pho built by King Rama V in 1869. 


Mahathat Temple: This ancient temple was built during the reign of King Rama I. Near Thammasat University, the temple is the location of the Academy. Mahachulakongkron Buddhism, one of the two largest Buddhist teaching places in Thailand. 

Monument to King Rama I: Built to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Bangkok's founding in 1932, the work is located just below Phathom Boromrachanuson towards Bangkok. King Rama I was the first king in the Chakri Royal Family, who established Bangkok as the capital of the kingdom of Siam. 


Monument to King Rama III: The work was built by the Faculty of Fine Arts in 1990 opposite Wat Ratchanatdaram. The bronze monument, half the size of a real person, sits on a throne. 

Statue of King Rama VI: Located opposite Lumphini Park, the statue was carved by Professor Corado Feroci. Safari World: Safari World is an attractive attraction that visitors cannot miss during their travels to Thailand. 

This is the largest natural open zoo in Asia with more than 75 species of mammals, 300 species of birds from Africa and Asia, and special animals Wat Sunhat and giant swing: Highlights of Sunhat Temple located on Bamrung Muang Road are the frescoes in the main chapel painted in the 19th century. The temple is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm. The unique giant swing outside the temple that was once used for Brahmin sacrifices has long since ceased. Many shops near this giant swing sell a variety of Buddhist offerings. Suan Pakkard 

Castle on Si Ayutthaya Road. The complex of five Thai houses set in a beautiful garden houses an important collection of Asian antiques. The lacquered pavilion is decorated with ornate gilded frescoes of the late Ayutthaya period. Queen Saovabha Memorial Academy: Located near Chulalongkorn Hospital on the corner of Henri Dunant and Rama IV Roads, the Academy for Snake Farming has a collection of venomous snakes that produce invaluable serums for the treatment of sufferers. snake bites every day. 


Dusit Zoo: Located next to the Royal Square, Bangkok's oldest Zoo features a collection of common African and Asian mammals and ornamental birds. Ban Kamthieng: Located in the garden of Siam Society on Sukhumvit Soi 21 (Asoke), this 200-year-old northern Thai building houses a collection of traditional farming tools used by farmers and fishermen.


Siam Park: Located on the outskirts of Minburi, about 30 minutes east of the Lat Phrao overpass, this amusement water park features a man-made wave, whirlpool, and high tower slides. Additional attractions include a children's playground, an aviary, an open botanical garden and a botanical garden. 

Zoo and Crocodile Farm: This is the largest crocodile farm in the world, with a wildlife conservation center, and a dinosaur museum. Snake Farm: Home to a variety of venomous snakes such as cobras, vipers... 

Dream World: Located at kilometer 7 of Rangsit-Ongkharak Road, this theme park includes a European-style square, miniature land and car rides are exhilarating, shopping, prices 


Emporium Shopping Center: is a high-class commercial area. The goods are very beautiful, unique designs but the price is a bit high. Emporium Shopping Mall offers famous brands at special prices. This is a fashionable and expensive shopping mall with stores that sell a variety of specialty products so you can buy everything in one place. Eporium has fashion boutiques, cafes, supermarkets, bookstores and several gourmet restaurants. Don't forget to complete the VAT refund procedure when buying goods at supermarkets or trade centers. 

Central World Shopping Center: You can find global brands in the city's leading fashion boutiques and the most fashionable clothing brands with a wide range of merchandise. luxury lifestyle, along with bookshops, gourmet eateries and other special attractions. With the clean and reliable BTS skytrain, you have easy access to most of the shopping complexes, where all are air-conditioned and commuting is easy.


Note when traveling to Thailand

1. Always carry your passport with you, put it in the deepest - most secret - place, do not put it together with money or other documents or withdraw.

2. Record the phone number of the Vietnamese Embassy in Thailand in case something unexpected happens. Or contact TAT (Tourism Administration in Thailand), Address of the Vietnamese Embassy in Thailand: 83/1 Wireless Road,Pathumwan, BKK 10330; Tel: 0-2251-5836-7-8; Fax: 0-2251-7203; Email: [email protected].

3. At the airport, you should go to the info center and ask for a map and tourist information…

4. In front of shopping centers or some strangers introduce themselves to this sacred temple, then guide them to buy jewelry, cloth... (main purpose). Should refuse from the beginning. They didn't do anything to harm me but made me waste my time going around for nothing.


5. Bangkok at peak hours 7-9 am, 5-7 pm is very crowded, or traffic jams, trains, buses if you have small children should avoid moving much at this time.

6. To exchange Bath money, you should change from your national currency to USD, to Bangkok, then change it back to Bath. This will save more money.

7. The Royal Palace is a place worth going to see, beautiful and wide, it takes 1 session to complete. When entering the Royal Palace, temples, pagodas, note that you should wear long pants, skirts past the knee, not "open" too much, not wearing leggings.

8. When you go shopping, remember to bring: hotel card (just give it to the driver when you return, don't explain much), wear low heel shoes (preferably light sports shoes), large backpack ( can be locked with a child key, a little advertisement: My Go Shop sells backpack locks), 1 bottle of water, 1 umbrella (a day can rain and shine many times alternately).


9. If staying in a guest house: When leaving the hotel, the suitcase in the room should be locked. Room keys are always returned to the hotel. In the evening before returning to the hotel, you should buy a big bottle of water to drink to your heart's content, don't drink in the hotel's refrigerator, 3 times more expensive.

10. Calling: you can buy sim and card, sell everywhere, about more than 100k can call back to Vietnam (of course with that amount of money you can only call for a few minutes, price 38baht/minute, too expensive) , buy sim at 7eleven cheaper than at the airport.

11. Especially: don't see anyone from your country talking to you, there have been cases of fraud already.