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Looking for Travel Ideas? Check Out the Best 4 Asian Countries

Posted By : Threeland Travel / Getting around Vietnam & Indochina

The holiday season is in full swing, and if you have the chance to trade chilly winter winds for a few days of warmth, why not seize the opportunity?
If you are wondering where to go for a budget-friendly vacation with a favorable temperature, Southeast Asia is the answer! Going on an Asia tour allows you to enjoy pleasant temperatures from December to February.

Picture yourself exploring vibrant markets, lounging on picturesque beaches, and immersing yourself in rich cultures. From the buzzy streets of Ho Chi Minh City to the serene landscapes of Laos, Asia Tours calls you with its perfect blend of affordability and favorable climates.

So, why not make this holiday season one to remember? Pack your bags, leave the winter woes behind, and let the adventures unfold in Southeast Asia! Read this blog to know more about must-visit Southeast Asian countries.

Which Southeast Asian countries should you visit?


➜ Food

Vietnam is well-known for its street cuisine in addition to its stunning natural scenery. Vietnamese food is famous for using fresh ingredients with various herbs and spices in their recipes. Finding your favorite is worth the Vietnam tours, whether it is smokey bun cha, crispy banh mi, or hot pho.

➜ Friendly people

Travelers book Vietnam tours time and again because of its people. Vietnamese people always greet foreigners with radiant smiles; the majority of them find visitors from other nations fascinating. 

Mind you, while many Vietnamese people are ready to try, not every Vietnamese person you meet will end up becoming your new closest friend. Yet, you might have never encountered a group of people that is as hard-working and fun-loving as the Vietnamese.

➜ Varied destinations

The fact that no two places are the same makes traveling around Vietnam interesting. Each of the three main cities is entirely unique from the others. While the northern highlands have cold winters, the southern islands experience year-round warmth. The character and appearance of places an hour away might differ by decades. Moreover, Vietnam has more than 3,260 kilometers of coastline and is well known for its stunning beaches.


➜ Angkor Wat

A visit to the magnificent Angkor Wat is a must when planning vacations in Cambodia. The world's most prominent religious monument and an incredible feat of architecture, this landmark is now the 8th wonder of the world. 

The majority of these temples are found in the archaeological park surrounding Siem Reap town and were constructed mainly between the 9th and 13th centuries.

➜ Affordability

Travelers on a tight budget will find Cambodia to be a great holiday destination because of its exceptional value. Lodging, dining, and travel are all reasonably priced, so you can make the most of your vacation without going over budget.

➜ Nightlife

The nation is well-known for its breathtaking historical landmarks and enchanted landscapes but not so much for its vibrant nightlife. Cambodians like getting together in the evening for a satisfying dinner and a drink. Thus, you will not have any problem locating enjoyable spots to visit on your vacations in Cambodia.

In fact, the evenings are so intoxicating and the temptations so strong that you will struggle to get home at a sensible hour. The wild nights in Cambodia, which go till the wee hours of the morning, are made up of ambience bars, cafés and bistros, different performances and live bands, and other nightclubs.


➜ Captivating yet less crowded markets

You can find exciting markets all across the nation on your holidays to Laos, offering a variety of things, including household wares, fresh meats and fruit, textiles and other locally produced handicrafts.

While most markets in Laos are targeted primarily at locals, the night market in Luang Prabang is undoubtedly designed with tourists in mind.

➜ Northern Laos

Adjacent to the untamed and hilly northern Laos border is shared by China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Myanmar. The region is well-known for its outdoor activities, which include biking and trekking.

There are various ways to experience the mysterious and historically rich northern area, from zip-lining through the treetops to living with a local family.

➜ Buddhist culture

Holidays to Laos can be the best for you to learn more about Buddhism or have conversations with Buddhist monks if that's your interest.
Laotian temples are friendly places of worship as long as guests behave politely and with respect. Particularly in the larger towns, there are plenty of official and informal occasions to have conversations with monks, and many are eager to practice English.


➜ Old-world appeal

Myanmar's antique buildings and religious artifacts lend the country an old-world charm.

You can see remnants of British colonial architecture as you stroll around Yangon's streets. Many of these structures are in excellent condition and are well worth seeing. Some claim that you can visit Myanmar and take in its old-world charm if you want to feel as though you were in a Southeast Asian country thirty or forty years ago.

➜ Beach life

One of the most well-liked beaches in the world for tourists from abroad is the serene Ngapali Beach with its white sand. It does not have the rowdy bar streets or pushy merchants that many other tourist beaches have. Many activities are available, including boat fishing, kayaking, scuba diving, biking, and even golf.

➜ Rivers and lakes

The second-largest lake in Myanmar, Inle Lake, is well-known for both its distinctive culture and stunning scenery. Some fishermen row their boats on Inle Lake with one leg on the paddle and another on the boat. Their stilt-built homes and floating food plots are also a sight. 

One of the mightiest rivers in Asia, the Irrawaddy (also known as the Ayeyarwady) River flows from northern to southern Myanmar and empties into the sea via the Irrawaddy Delta. You will come across ladies who work nonstop as porters along the banks of the Irrawaddy River, hauling large loads to make a living. Their resilience and determination are astounding.

That's a wrap!

From Vietnam's street food havens to Cambodia's Angkor Wat wonder, Laos' captivating markets to Myanmar's serene beaches, Southeast Asia offers a unique blend for every traveler. 

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