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Five dishes you must try when in Hanoi
Posted By : Threeland Travel / Food and Drink Travel Tips

Hanoi, the thousand –year-old city is the convergence point of numerous cultures of Vietnam, which can't forget to mention food. Along with the influence, intercourse cuisine of different regions, there are many delicious dishes for guests to choose when visiting Hanoi. However, in order to remember about Hanoi with attractive and delicate gifts, it is not difficult to name those folk dishes below.


1. Phở

Coming to Hanoi without trying its best dishes pho which has gained reputation worldwide is just wrong. Through the years, Pho has grown beyond a symbol of cuisine in this place but also of the whole nation. It is a traditional Vietnamese delicacy that has found its way into the minds and hearts of many Vietnamese generations.

The main ingredients are white rice noodle, boiled and scented broth flavored with the sweet essence of cow bone. A hot bowl of pho in the morning is just irresistable. Lemon, chili and onion are added to the dishes to enrich its taste. When being served, it is appropriate to include pho with some fresh herbs, pepper, vinegar and extra lemon juice.

2. Bún chả

Bun cha can be found almost everywhere in the city of Hanoi and still remain very appealing to visitors thanks to its special taste. Pork meat is grilled on top of the charcoal, served with noodles and fish sauce mixed with thin slices of fresh carrots and kohlrabies to reach enough sweet and sour flavors.

3. Bun thang

To prepare a bowl of bun thang, about 20 different materials are prepared and presented in a sophisticated way. The dishes itself is more than a receipt but a colorful artwork with a background of white vermicelli-resembling noodle, yellow chicken and thinly scrambled egg yolks, green onions and vegetables together with black mushrooms. One single taste lingers at the top of the taster’s tongue and memory. In the freezing winter days, nothing may be better than enjoying a hot bowl of bun thang.

4. Chả cá

Cha ca has long been a specialty of Hanoi with popular name cha ca La Vong. The fish selected are of good quality and must remain firm and tough and will dip-fried in a shallow pan. When served, the fish slices must be in good shape and perfect golden color. On the outside it should be slightly crispy while soft and delicate inside. Green onions are added to enhance both the dish flavor and appearance.

5. Cốm

Com belongs possibly to the most elegant dishes of Hanoi and even the Northern region of Vietnam. Tasters may see nothing than green rice grains inside darker green lotus leaves. However, the whole process the raw rice corns have to go through before displayed as a dish is remarkably sophisticated. Enjoying such a dish also requires the taster to have grace and sophistication. Com must be chewed slowly to feel the lotus leaf fragrance wrapped around. Since a long time Com has been a precious gift the Hanoians give to their relatives and friends.