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What is Hanoi’s Christmas like?
Posted By : Threeland Travel / Festivals & Events Information

For those who haven’t had the chance to spend Christmas outside the western world, Vietnam can be a bit of a surprise. Many travelers have chosen to travel to Vietnam to experience the unfamiliar culture, learn the thousand-years-old history that shaped this country, see a new perspective of Vietnam, meet new friends, create memories, and ultimately, even you’re a solo traveler you’ll never get lonely as being in Hanoi winter Xmas days.

How is Hanoi weather in December?
Hanoi can get cold during the months of November, December, January, and even last up to March or April. During Christmas time, the temperature should be around 20°C or less. For Europeans, this might be considered as summer in your respective countries. However, in Vietnam, because of the humidity it could be chilly sometimes. 
And so it’s better to pack some light jackets or sweaters to keep you warm when walking outside. It even gets colder if you get to Halong Bay as you’ll be cruising along open air by the ocean. 

Hanoi Xmas ambience? Where to go in Xmas nights?

Like other festivals in Vietnam, hotels, streets, shopping mall as well as places of interest are all well-decorated with confetti, brilliant lanterns and sparkling lights in Xmas time. Unlike most of Western nations where Christmas is the time for family members gathering, Vietnamese would prefer to flock to the city center to admire festive atmosphere. The followings are highly recommended options for you to both experience and enjoy.
1.    Saint Joseph Cathedral of Hanoi (Ha Noi Cathedral)
Add: No 40 Nha Chung Street, Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi
Entrance: Free


                                          Tourists at Hanoi Cathedral

Located at No. 40, Nha Chung Street, this Cathedral is always the most well-known for Christmas in Ha Noi. It is considered as a Christian symbol of the Hanoian’s hearts and where to spend their Noel night every year. Even those who are not Catholic, they also come here to enjoy the atmosphere and watch the Xmas ritual taking place at the Cathedral. Many young people flock to here for a photo because the Cathedral is very glittering in Xmas time. 

Tips for you:
-    For a good position, you should manage to get to the Cathedral early because people will pour to the Cathedral since evening.
-    In big and luxury restaurants and hotels, it is required to book in advance to get yourself a vacancy.
-    There are also some other Cathedrals and churches in the city you can pay visits to: Ham Long Church (21 Ham Long Street), Cua Bac Church (56 Phan Dinh Phung), Thinh Liet Church (Giap Bat Alley), Hang Bot Church (162 Ton Duc Thang), Nam Dong Church (178 Nguyen Luong Bang). 


                                                      Christmas ceremony at Hanoi Cathedral 



                                                      Gathering at Hanoi Cathedral


2.    West Lake Water Park
Add: No 614 Lac Long Quan Street, Tay Ho Dist., Hanoi
Entrance: around 10usd


                                         Christmas at West Lake Water Park

On this occasion, Ho Tay Water Park (West Lake Water Park) is attractively decorated with fascinating look, big banners, balloons and statues of Santa Claus, sleighs, pine trees and lots of colorful decorative in an exciting ambience.

A wide variety of festive activities are hold including small musical concerts, gift-giving festival day, and other various programs seducing visitors to come and celebrate. Most attractive activities in West Lake Park are musical and dancing programs, dancing with cartoon character item, circus acts, arty ball playing, prestidigitations, team-building game.

Tips for you:
-    Bao Son Paradise is another park in the suburb that is larger but less crowded than West lake water park. This park appeals to a large number of visitors who love exploring aquariums, zoos, dolphin performances, and a wide range of interesting kinds of entertainment activities, especially typical programs at the weekends and on Xmas time.

3.    Center malls
Entrance: free


                                                     Christmas at shopping malls

Vincom Building (at Ba Trieu Str.), Time City Mall (Minh Khai Str.), Royal Mall (at Nguyen Trai Str.), Trang Tien Plaze (at Trang Tien Str.) are some prominent names. The buildings will be worn a new appearance to welcome the Christmas day since the beginning of December. A giant pine trees with careful decoration are highlights of these big malls on Chrismas. With its luxury decoration, these malls seduces a number of visitor arrivals who come to go shopping, visit, take photos, and enjoy the exciting and warm atmosphere under the colorful systems of lights, decorated pine trees. There are some special programs provided for children, in which they can get beautiful gifts, paint white stature into vivid ones in accordance with their hobbies, create sand-made pictures and take photos with lovely cartoon characters.

Tips for you:
-    Big sales-off or promotion are offer in every mall which you could take advantage of it to get yourself some stuff at half price. 

trang tien plaza

                                             Christmas at Trang Tien Plaza

4.    Hanoi old quarter


                                             Christmas at Hang Ma Street

You’d better be noticed that the Old Quarters are crowed every day but it’s even crazier with locals and tourists on Xmas. Hang Ma street is the most bustling at this time due to a large numbers of souvenir shops decorated magnificently. Visiting here, people can freely take photographs with caves with Baby Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph, Santa Claus riding reindeer sleigh, princess Snow beaming under shimmering lights flashing. This street is most beautiful only in 2 occasions a year: the Mid Autumn Festival and Christmas Eve so do not miss your chance.

There is a corner so popular with tourists that is called “foreign street” – it’s Ta Hien street. Ta Hien comprises of many bars and restaurants where guests are able to sit on the pavement without obstruction, chatting with friends and enjoying some delicious desserts. You will really feel the heat and beat in this heart of Hanoi. 

This is the 3rd time I spend my Xmas Eve in Hanoi just sitting here at the balcony of this coffee house and looking at the crowd on the street. For me it’s special and enough.” – Share from a Polish tourist.
Hanoi wishes you a merry Christmas! Cheer!!!