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Acknowledge the Widely Celebrated Birth Ceremony of Lord Buddha With Vietnam Holiday Packages
Posted By : Threeland Travel / Festivals & Events Information

Birth Ceremony of Lord Buddha, often known through the name Vesak Day, is celebrated at different dates all over the world and each country has its own unique traditions for Vesak. In Vietnam, Buddha’s birthday is one of the most important and biggest celebrations for Buddhists. If you are planning a trip to Vietnam these days with Vietnam Holiday Package, it is a great opportunity for you not only for sightseeing but also for digging into Vietnam’s culture deeply.  


In Vietnam, Buddha's Birthday is always held solemnly with a variety of activities. In addition to organizing the main ceremony on the fifteenth day of April, the Church of the provinces and cities also hold parades, hold lectures on Buddhist teachings alternating between performances, lanterns,... Especially, on these days, Buddhist followers focus on taking part in charity activities such as giving money or presents to the poor, releasing on the river and setting free for the animals.  


The birthday ceremony of Buddha is held every year, on the fifteenth day of April in the Lunar calendar. In 2019, Tam Chuc Pagoda in Ba Sao, Kim Bang, Ha Nam is the holding place for the Great Buddha's Birthday - Vesak 2019 from May 12 to 14, the largest pagoda in the world is knowns for its attractive spiritual destination with the ancient beauty.


During the festival, many spiritual-cultural activities will be held at Tam Chuc Pagoda. If you participate in this festival, you will be able to witness the traditional Buddha bathing ceremony. It’s known as the way of commemorating the birth of Buddha as well as show respect to the Buddha’s teachings. In addition, Buddhists and visitors can also see exhibitions of World and Vietnam Heritage pagodas, Buddhist antiquities exhibitions at Tam The Palace, International Conference Building; international art performance program, international fireworks display on Tam Chuc Lake…and many others interesting activities. Enjoy a great event amidst the bustling atmosphere of the birth ceremony of Buddha with well-prepared Vietnam holiday packages is the best way to acknowledge Vietnam’s culture


Tam Chuc Pagoda in Ha Nam province, Vietnam is a harmonious combination of ancient beauty with the magnificence landscape, surrounded by spectacular lake system and stunning architecture. This pagoda is one of the most desirable destinations in Vietnam holiday packages that attract millions of pilgrimages and Buddhist followers.


The Buddhist holiday at Tam Chuc Pagoda welcomed more than 1,500 dignitaries, church leaders, scholars ... from many countries, attracting more than 10,000 Buddhists around the world. Buddha’s birthday festival is considered an opportunity for Buddhist leaders everywhere to interact and transmit the Buddha's message to mankind about peace and development. Moreover, this Vesak festival is also a great diplomatic event, contributing to improving the role of Vietnamese Buddhism, affirming Vietnam's position and responsibility in the United Nations as well as having opportunities to show images of Vietnamese people and countries to international friends.

Next year, in 2020, Global Vesak is held on 7th May.