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Top 4 interesting experiences for Vung Tau travel guide 

Posted By : Threeland Travel / Vung Tau -Travel Tips

Only less than 2 hours drive from Saigon, Vung Tau is always the first place that comes to mind for an impromptu trip. So familiar, but Vung Tau tourism is also developing beautiful hotels and new entertainment spots, making this place never out of hot. If you intend to "pack your backpack and go straight to Vung Tau beach right away, then pocket the Vung Tau travel guide below to have a fun "escape" trip!


What to see in Vung Tau

Blue beach, charming landscape painting

Vung Tau attracts visitors by its long beaches, clear blue water and poetic scenery. Traveling to Vung Tau, you will be immersed in the clear blue water, enjoy the cool blue sky, all the fatigue of life will be relieved.

Not only has a beautiful beach, Vung Tau also has countless interesting tourist attractions. You will freely explore, experience and "live virtual" because the tourist spots in Vung Tau are extremely poetic and majestic.

The sunset and sunrise on the sea are extremely romantic

Just once watching the sunrise or sunset on the sea in Vung Tau, you will surely be immersed in that dreamy space. The sunset is red in the sky, the sea breeze is abundant, space and time stop moving, all of which will make you hard to forget.


Move - Vung Tau Travel guide

Vung Tau City is a tourist city located near Saigon. Moreover, this coastal city does not have an airport, so if you move from the North or the Central to here by plane, you will also land at Tan Son Nhat airport and then move to Vung Tau. Therefore, we mainly guide you on how to move from Saigon to Vung Tau.

Vung Tau tourism by bus:

For those of you traveling by bus, you have many different ways. If you are near Mien Dong bus station, you can go directly to the bus station to buy tickets. Or you can book tickets on the online ticket booking system. The fare from Saigon to Vung Tau ranges from 80k to 120k, depending on whether you buy a seat or sleeper bus ticket.

Travel time to Vung Tau takes about 2 - 3.5 hours depending on different car companies. Buses from Vung Tau to Saigon are many, running continuously from 4 am to 7 pm.


Moving to Vung Tau by speedboat:

According to Vung Tau travel guide - For tourists who like to quickly reach Vung Tau, the option is to travel by speedboat. With the Pacific Express high-speed train, it only takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to be in Vung Tau. You are present at Nha Rong wharf to depart. The ship will dock at Cau Da port, Ha Long street, Vung Tau city. Ticket price 200,000 VND / adult 250,000 VND (weekends will be higher).

Children from 6-11 years old 100,000 VND / child, under 6 years old free of charge. Ticket price for people over 62 years old is 140,000 VND / turn. If you do not go with this company, you can choose many other high-speed train companies such as Greenlines – DP, Vina Express and Petro Express. In which, the shipping company with the most trips, the most popular with tourists is Greenlines.


Top interesting experiences for people who don't like swimming

Looks like you will be surprised when I write this title. Because as Threeland Travel said at the beginning of describe Ba Ria -- Vung Tau, this is a coastal city. What do you do when you come to Vung Tau without swimming? There are many articles that have talked about beautiful bathing places for tourists: Sau beach, Truoc beach...

However, some people do not like to swim in the sea, they like to immerse themselves in the nature here, walk around the street and see this coastal city. In this Vung Tau travel guide, Threeland Travel will introduce you to some interesting points for those who do not like swimming!


"Breaking" Vung Tau cuisine

According to Vung Tau city Introduction, besides beautiful beaches and fresh air, cuisine in Vung Tau is also an aspect that marks in the hearts of visitors who have come here. Spending time exploring and enjoying the specialties of the city is an interesting suggestion if you do not want to swim in the sea. Attractive dishes will help you recharge your energy for your trip.

One of the flavors that fascinates many diners is seafood. All kinds of snails, fish, shrimp, oysters... are fresh and delicious, with a variety of processing methods, from popular markets to high-end restaurants. You can freely choose the type of seafood according to your personal taste, satisfying the taste buds.

According to the Vung Tau Travel guide, in addition to the full dishes, diners should not ignore the famous snacks of the coastal city. Khot cake, beo cake, green bean pepper cake, salted egg sponge cake, yogurt are attractive and addictive snacks for many tourists. Vung Tau also knows how to please visitors when a series of new restaurants are constantly appearing with beautiful decorations. Cafes with sea view or elaborately decorated are being checked-in by young people everywhere.

Not only diverse options, food prices in Vung Tau are also very affordable. Especially with seafood, visitors do not encounter the situation of "hacking".

Exploring the "virtual live" coordinates

Besides the sunny blue sea, Vung Tau city also pleases tourists who love "virtual living" with ideal check-in corners.

Nghinh Phong Cape is located at the foot of Small Mountain at the end of Back Beach, a familiar stop for many people. The familiar scene never ceases to attract tourists everywhere. Unspoiled landscape, deep blue sea under the clear sky and cool air attract visitors to explore in the Vung Tau trip.

The white painted lighthouse is one of the familiar symbols when it comes to Vung Tau. Inside the lighthouse, there are stairs leading to the top, where you can capture the beautiful picture of the coastal city from above.


The alley at 107-109 Tran Phu is also a virtual living coordinate that is "hunted" by young people in the Vung Tau tourism journey. This place impresses with the slope overlooking the poetic sea. The highlight is the row of trees creating a romantic space mixed with nostalgia.

The flower streets are the background you should not ignore for check-in photos in the seaside town. Although not too diverse, the blooming seasons in Vung Tau also make visitors fall in love. In particular, it is impossible not to mention the dreamy bougainvillea road or the white cotton-covered road like the unique land of kimchi.

Sightseeing from the helicopter


To be able to Describe a trip to Vung Tau, you can choose for yourself an extremely interesting experience such as watching the scenery from a helicopter. The helicopter used in this special operation is a 2-seat helicopter, serving one passenger per flight. There are quite a few flight hours for you to choose from. However, visitors need to register 48 hours before departure time.

The pilot both flies the plane and acts as a tour guide of the tour. During the journey, the helicopter flies over famous landmarks of Vung Tau such as Christ statue, lighthouse, Front Beach, Back Beach... The price for a 15-minute flight is 3.5 million VND and a 30-minute flight is 6,000,000 VND. This price is quite high, but visitors will admire the natural landscape and famous attractions here with a new and more complete perspective.

Watch dog racing - What to see in Vung Tau


Another interesting activity in Vung Tau Trip is watching dog racing in the evening at Lam Son Stadium (Le Loi, Ward 1). The race will take place every Saturday, in the time frame 19-22h. The ticket price for the grandstand is usually 90,000 VND a turn, the ticket for the VIP stand is 180,000 VND. There are 10 races each night. Each turn, there are 8 dogs competing on the sand track, 450m long.

The most attractive point that makes the audience like to come to watch dog racing is that they are allowed to bet legally, both creating fun and having the opportunity to win prizes. You can bet as low as 10,000 VND and as high as 1,000,000 VND. In addition, guests wishing to bet on dog racing will be provided with full information such as name, height, weight, betting odds per turn. Before the race, visitors can also pet and play with the dogs.