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Destinations that should not be missed when joining Vung Tau tour

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With its wide and open roadways, having a holiday at Vung Tau provides a sense of calm and comfort. The blue water lies below, and above are incredibly huge mountains, minor mountains, and beautiful pagodas... All of this contributes to a lovely Vung Tau tour that is not only peaceful and beautiful, but also rich of gorgeous spots and many experiences. Let's go on an adventure with Threeland Travel to discover the must-see attractions when joining Vung Tau tour.


Big Mountain (Tuong Ky Mountain), located to the north of Vung Tau, is recognized as one of the city's two most attractive mountains. Tuong Ky Mountain is like a dark blue dot in the wide sea and sky of Vung Tau, enhancing the city's seascape. The locations to visit on Big Mountain are Bach Dinh Vung Tau and Platform of Shakyamuni Buddha'


Small Mountain is the "tail" of Big Mountain, which is like a blue dragon bathing in the sea. Small Mountain, also known as Tao Phung Mountain, is located in the south of Vung Tau city, with an area of approximately 120ha and an altitude of about 170m. It is near to the sea, and at the foot of the mountain is a seaside road with numerous hotels, restaurants, stores and coffee shops. Small Mountain features two peaks: on the higher peak is the Vung Tau Lighthouse, which was built during the French colonial period, and on the lower summit is the iconic figure of God with arms spread.

Nghinh Phong Cape is located at the southern end of Small Mountain. There are two roads leading to the statue of Christ and the ancient artillery battle of the late nineteenth century, one in the north connecting with Ha Long road near Da bridge, and one in the south following 793 steps leading to the statue of Christ and the ancient artillery battle of the late nineteenth century. The road leading to the lighthouse in Ha Long is cemented and car-accessible, however the path to the statue of God is simply up the stairs. 


Vung Tau lighthouse is one of the oldest in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, having been in operation for 145 years. The lighthouse architecture is a white-painted cylindrical tower 18 meters high and 3 meters in diameter. Visitors to the Vung Tau lighthouse may zoom in on a panoramic picture of the city from an altitude of 170 meters above sea level. The historic lighthouse is an icon of Vung Tau and has long been a loyal friend to fisherman.


Bach Dinh (Governor-General of Indochina) is 27 meters above sea level. The 19m high palace features European architecture from the late nineteenth century and is bordered by a small forest with many different species of trees, including porcelain trees. Bach Dinh has eight busts with a distinct ancient Greek art style. When visiting Bach Dinh Vung Tau, visitors have the impression that the structure was built on the water.


Nghinh Phong Cape is located in the southernmost direction of Vung Tau City, and its head projecting into the East Sea resembles a massive crocodile head. Nghinh Phong Cape has an advantage: the sea is in front of it, and the mountain is behind it. Visitors may swim in the cold blue water and sunbathe directly on O Quan beach. Nghinh Phong Cape, with an area of around 500m2 on the sea and a distinctive contemporary building, is a great site for tourists due of its fresh air and lovely view.


This monument, which was built in 1974, is regarded one of the world's largest Christ sculptures, with a height of 32 m, a spread of 18.3 m, standing on a height of 170 m overlooking the sea, and an interior with 133 steps. This statue in Vung Tau is 2m taller than Brazil's figure of God with spread arms. Standing near the Christ monument and staring down at the lyrical Vong Nguyet beach, you will have the impression that you are looking at an extraordinarily huge, mysterious, and poetic area.


Ho May Vung Tau resort area is around 30 hectares wide and located on the summit of the Big Mountain 250 meters above sea level, according to the Vietnam Book of Records Center (VietKings). The tourist places in the Ho May ecotourism region are particularly unique, ranging from the Ho May cherry blossom garden to the Caribbean pine forest, the Ho May amusement park, and the entire resort to the cultural - religious area.


Dinh Co, located in Long Hai town, Long Dien district, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province, is a temple complex with massive construction and colorful colors. Dinh Co was constructed in 1930 and covers an area of around 1,000m2. The Tam Quan entrance to Dinh Co stands at the foot of Thuy Van cape and is stamped with "Long tiger festival," with "Two dragons loving the moon" and two phoenixes above. The Co Palace entry consists of 37 stairs.


Dinh mountain is located approximately 5 kilometers north of Ba Ria in the Tan Thanh district. The mountain, with a summit of more than 500 meters and an area of approximately 60 km2, is regarded one of the tallest mountains in the province of Ba Ria-Vung Tau, with numerous magnificent scenes, pagodas, and distinctive temples. Dinh Mountain visitors may visit historical places such as the Dinh Mountain Base, To Cave, Day Bi Cave, Mai Cave, Doi Cave or Bung Lung, among others. There is also a stream named Da stream on the summit of Dinh mountain, Tien stream is lovely, meandering through the forest, producing wild and unique natural scenery.

Con Dao prison, located in Con Dao District, Ba Ria Vung Tau Province, is renowned as a hell on earth and is ranked by CNN as one of the ten scariest locations in Asia. Previously, colonialists used Con Dao prison as a holding facility, torturing over 2,000 political prisoners. The Con Dao tiger cage is the most renowned location in this prison complex, featuring 120 solitary cells with strong bars and a walkway in the middle for torturing prisoners.

The typical tourist attractions demonstrate Vung Tau's harmony beauty, which combines charming natural beauty with long-standing historical and cultural qualities. These are the qualities that entice visitors have Vung Tau tour to return more than once. Spending holiday at Vung Tau is never a bad idea.