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A direct flight from HCMC to Sydney pleased more passengers.

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The direct route from HCMC to Sydney by Vietjet employs wide-body aircraft with luxurious seats, serves a range of Asian-European meals, and provides up to VND100 million in insurance.

1. Flights's information

Vietjet currently runs three direct flights each week from Ho Chi Minh City to Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, totaling eight flights per week on the Airbus A330.

The flights from Ho Chi Minh City taking off at 10:55 am and landing at 22:35 am (local time) every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Flights from Melbourne to Ho Chi Minh City on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays take off at 00:30 and land at 6:30 am (local time).

The new route will shorten travel time and create convenience for people and tourists when flying between the Ho Chi Minh city where the leading economic and cultural center in Vietnam, and Brisbane, the third largest city in Australia, which is known as the New York of "kangaroo land". Passengers may now travel, trade, and enjoy the gorgeous Queensland state from the busy capital of Brisbane to the famous coastal city of Goldcoast in under 8 hours using the market's most affordable tickets. It is becoming a more desirable source of international study and investment opportunities.

Flights will take off from Ho Chi Minh City at 10:50 (local time) and land in Brisbane at 21:55 (local time). In the opposite direction, flights depart at Brisbane airport at 23:30 (local time) and land in Ho Chi Minh City at 05:10 the next day (local time).

Vietjet's new route will make it more bustling, meeting the people's demands for tourism, trade, and investment, particularly on Australia's east coast, which is the most crowded area of "kangaroo land," with eight weekly return flights to and from Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Specifically, Vietjet's routes connecting Ho Chi Minh City with Sydney and Melbourne will increase to four return flights per week for each route beginning in September 2023 to meet the needs of Vietnamese passengers and to provide opportunities for discovery of Vietnam's beautiful nature, unique climate, and rich culture.

2. Flight's services 

There are few direct flights between Vietnam and Australia. Vietjet flights are eight hours long, with numerous flight times available during the week. Each flight has four classes, each with its own set of fees and privileges.

Vietjet offers customers a good flying experience with a variety of utilities, a wide choice of SkyBoss Business, SkyBoss, Deluxe, Eco ticket classes, and culinary services imbued with Vietnamese and international national identity served by Vietjet with dedicated, friendly fleet on a new, modern aircraft with many attractive customer care programs.

2.1. Ticket class

  • SkyBoss Business/SkyBoss – Fly Like a Leader : Welcoming stylish businessmen, Vietjet invites passengers to experience high-class business services with a 50% discount on SkyBoss and Business ticket classes, which are created and developed to offer unique and quality services to the Leaders: enjoying the luxury lounge, private cabin, 180-degree flat-bed, being served at the cocktail bar, trying organic fresh and hot food menu, carrying 18kg hand baggage, 60kg checked baggage together with a golf club set, and having a golf club set
  • The Deluxe ticket class provides for a maximum of 40 kg of checked baggage and 7 kg of cabin bags, as well as one complimentary meal. The chairs are spacious and ideal for a sleep. Many customers choose eco tickets because of the zero-dong pricing during sale events. 
  • Eco Class - Affordable and Convenient: The standard and cost-effective Eco Class has an extremely attractive price from only AUD200

The airline offers nine hot dishes and over 20 quick meals. Vietnamese cuisine such as sticky rice cake banh chung, banh mi, and pho are available, as well as Malaysian coconut rice, Singapore fried noodles, Italian spaghetti, Thai fried rice, and a variety of drinks such as fresh milk, soya milk, and juice.

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