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10 tips hunting cheap airline tickets you should know when travelling to Vietnam

Posted By : Threeland Travel / Visa, Flight To Vietnam & Indochina

Getting the best deal on flight tickets can help you better manage your overall travel budget. To assist with this, we've compiled a list of expert tips on how to book cheap flights.

As a travel enthusiast, everyone is interested in finding airline tickets. So, how can you locate inexpensive plane tickets more easily? You won't have to worry about anything with the experience on your Vietnam tours below!



1. Purchase tickets at least three months in advance

You're probably aware that the earlier you book your flight, the cheaper the ticket will be compared to booking closer to the date. Customers who book early are frequently offered discounts by airlines. So, if you have a trip planned at a specific time, you should book tickets early. Booking at least three months in advance is one of the simplest strategies to receive the greatest bargains and the cheapest flights. Prices may climb around departure dates and, at times, alter numerous times each day.
On certain routes and famous tourist sites, the gap between the highest and lowest rates might be approximately 50%. As a result, if you plan and book ahead of time, you are more likely to find low-cost flights.

2. Keep track of promotions and loyalty programs

The next method we'd like to mention for finding cheap flight tickets is to sign up for alerts from airline ticketing websites. Airlines constantly launch promotions to increase demand for tickets. Being aware of the numerous airline promos and discounts is one of the most convenient strategies to get cheap flight tickets. Try booking your airline tickets using the best-suited discounts to get the most rewards.
Similarly, taking advantage of reward programs offered by airlines and travel companies may be quite beneficial. Expedia, for example, provides loyalty programs as well as unique member-only discounts and advantages on travel tickets.

3. Purchasing midnight tickets is a wise decision

The best time to buy cheap airline tickets is at midnight or early in the morning. These are the most affordable times of the day. It will take some effort to find the right ticket because you will have to get up early (around 2-3 am) or stay up until 11 or 12 pm. Of course, when looking for cheap flight tickets, you should remember to use a device with a strong transmission line to ensure a smooth process.

4. Avoid rush hours and peak seasons

Most people wait until the holidays to take a vacation. School vacations, national and state holidays, and some festivals may be the finest times to travel, but they are often the most costly.
Nevertheless, if you can avoid busy travel seasons and select the correct month (off-season), you may be able to locate some of the best airline prices and save a lot of money. Many experts say that if you purchase your airline tickets during the week rather than on weekends, the costs will be lower.
Weekend flights are typically more expensive. Because most people who are traveling for work, pleasure, or have a need to move are available at that time. As a result, if you fly during the week or at low-flying times like early morning or evening, you will get a better deal!

5. Purchase a round-trip ticket rather than two tickets

Airfares fluctuate constantly, so you won't know how much your next flight will cost. When compared to purchasing a one-way ticket, round-trip tickets have numerous advantages, including: saving time in procedures, saving costs such as customer service fees and ticket issuance fees, and so on. So, whenever you can find cheap airline tickets, you should buy a round-trip ticket!

6. Compare all alternatives

Booking a low-cost flight takes time and thorough study. Begin by looking for flights and destinations on travel aggregators and flight comparison websites. Kayak, Google Flights, Skyscanner, Goibibo, and Cleartrip, among others, present all available flight alternatives to your intended location. You may compare rates and schedules and select the best option.
One useful technique is that Google Flights and Kayak include a price prediction option that shows whether flights will rise, fall, or remain stable.
The cheapest rates are sometimes available on the airline's own website. Flight aggregators impose a service fee, which raises the entire cost. On occasion, the airline offers unique bonuses and exclusive discounts on their websites as well. They, however, are not always assured.

7. Utilize travel points or experiment with UPI payments

Credit cards are a key tool for finding inexpensive flights. If your card is linked to a certain airline, you may earn travel points while on the go. When a certain number of points have been accumulated, they may be used to purchase discounted airline tickets. Booking platforms also provide a variety of credit cards and payment methods that may be used to buy inexpensive flights. Some credit cards provide lounge access, which may be used to unwind during long layovers.
Similarly, choices for the universal payments interface (UPI) are important for obtaining discounts. To obtain extra savings and perks, use websites such as Paytm (India), BPAY, and the POLi system (Australia).


8. Go on the appropriate day

The appropriate day and time to go make a big impact on the cost of the ticket.
According to Expedia's 2022 travel booking advice, which was created in collaboration with the Airlines Reporting Corporation, Thursday is the best day to begin your journey. According to Channel News Asia, doing so can save up to 25%. Traveling between Tuesday and Thursday might be the most cost-effective; however, going out on the weekend between Friday and Saturday can be fairly costly.

9. Extended layovers and pauses

The last thing anyone wants when starting a vacation is an unreasonably extended stopover before arriving at their destination. Yet, if you are not in a rush and can wait, select planes with longer layovers because they offer cheaper fares. Most big international long-distance flights make a stopover in a major city.
Do you know where to look for this option? Just transform a typical return flight search into a multi-city search. This does not affect the overall airfare cost and simply adds another location to your vacation itinerary.

10. Instead of booking directly with the airline, use an agency.

The simplest way to find cheap flight tickets is to visit reputable online ticket websites, where you can compare the fares of various airlines to find the best deal. Many passengers make the habit of booking cheap airline tickets through agents. Customers will be thoroughly advised about ticket prices, flight schedules, and attractive airline promotions using this form. You will have numerous options from which to select the best flight for you.
In particular, when booking tickets through the agency, you do not need to go ticket hunting; the agency will also assist you in completing the booking procedure, and you only need to receive the ticket code and be ready for the trip. To find the right flight, look for reputable ticket offices.

You can book cheap flight tickets if you've read this far, right? With just a little practice and perseverance, we wish you a fantastic trip like no other! Feel free to contact Threeland Travel hotline for free advice on tours to Vietnam to appreciate the stunning scenery.