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Best tour to Vietnam and Cambodia - a world to explore

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When exploring South-East Asia, it is important to have proper guidance on what you have on your plate. With a wide range of holiday packages for Vietnam might be a challenging task as each one has its own experience.
Yet sometimes, when you explore Vietnam and Cambodia, there are some iconic places that you can never miss. 

However, what makes your best tours in Vietnam and Cambodia memorable?

We will be giving you the best tips, tricks, and insiders to make this journey one of the best ones you had. 

Why combine Vietnam and Cambodia tours?

Vietnam and Cambodia have good connections between each other. Vietnam shares the land borders with Cambodia and Laos which offers the people different ways of traveling between the countries like bus, train or even waterway. You can choose Bus to go through via Moc Bai /Bavet Border mainly. Two reliable biggest bus companies to choose: Giant Ibis and Mekong Express with daily departures at many schedules.

Halong bay cruise Vietnam tour

Cruising in Halong bay, Vietnam

Furthermore, each has a unique culture, history, religion, landscapes, and modern developments. Being closely connected, even when they are tangible, you can look at the differences closely. Traveling through the Mekong Delta and borders Laos and Thailand or Hanoi to Siem Reap gives you the right escape to experience Asia. 

Cambodia tours package

Cambodia Tourist Attractions

The physical geography of Vietnam in the south leads to Cambodia. It does not matter where you start the tour. While traveling across Vietnam and Cambodia, it takes you to some quintessential scenes. Contact Threeland Travel expert for advices whether you should travel by air or land crossing between these country based on your favorite travel style. 

What are the best destinations in Vietnam?

1. Ha Giang 

This is a remote and rugged destination that features some of the best views of the country. It has terraced rice paddies and deep valleys carved into the Limestone Mountains for thousands of years. If you are on motorbike rides, visit Quan Ba Pass and Ma Pi Leng Pass to enjoy the natural beauty. 

Nho Que River in Ha giang

Nho Que River, Ha Giang

2. Old Quarter of Hanoi

Being the capital city of Vietnam, this place is full of culture and history near Hoan Kiem Lake. It is known as the epicenter for tourism in the town, with a buzzing night-life and market streets loaded with Vietnamese food. The most important thing is to embrace the natural beauty and atmosphere. 

Hanoi Old Quarter

3. Ninh Binh 

This is a popular day trip destination from Hanoi. The serpentine rivers, lush scenery, and limestone karsts of Ning Binh are adventurous types to make a great memory for your best tour of Vietnam. Most people combine this trip to visit Trang An caves. 

Trip to Ninh Binh

4. Hoi An 

This is an ancient town where one of the things you cannot miss is the lanterns lit up on the night streets. The city used to be a port on the silk route, which has made a rich history of tailoring and hundreds of skilled tailors working till date. So, if you spend a couple of days in the city, get a tailored suit customized for you. 

Hoi An night market

5. Da Lat 

If you are looking for a soothing climate, this is your destination. The place is built on a plateau which is situated approx. 1500m above sea level. This mountain town is a great holiday destination for families and couples from Ho Chi Minh City. The place also has a rich agricultural heritage which is why it is known as the City of Flowers and Love.

Trip to Da Lat

 What are the best destinations in Cambodia?

1. Phnom Penh 

Being the capital city, the place has some great eating and dining options with some swish eateries, which are prepared innovatively. This is found on the borders of the Mekong River, making it a prime center for river cruises from the south into Vietnam and north to Siem Reap. 

Tour To Phnom Penh Cambodia

Most city attractions are situated in the central River-front district, including French-style bistros, Wat Phnom, and Royal Palace. A visit to the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum is a must which used to be a prison during the Khmer Rouge Regime. 

2. Southern Islands 

Is the island more than a wave of peace for you? Well, when you plan a tour to Cambodia it has some ideal isles in the South Coast that give you tropical vibes and unique experiences. The most popular one is Koh Rong, heaven for people who want to enjoy island parties. 

Koh rong Cambodia
While the Koh Tuch beach on the South Eastern side has some bars, cheerful hostels, and clubs within a few meters of the ocean, the Koh Rong Sanloem is small and will be less crowded, making it perfect for enjoying the sun, sea, and cocktails. 

3. Mondulkiri Province 

Right on the border with Vietnam, this is the best destination for people interested in ecotourism. Once you visit the place, time might slip away in a few moments when you begin exploring the area. There are untouched mountains and forests while some hidden hill tribes. 

Mondulkiri Province 

There are some serene waterfalls and swimming holes, making it a prime location in Cambodia. It also has animal sanctuaries that allow you to feed the visitors and wash rescued elephants. The Phnom Prich Wildlife Sanctuary is home to different species and fascinating rural communities. 

4. Sihanoukville 

This is the most visited city in Cambodia as the place is quite peaceful. It has several beaches which allow you to enjoy parties on the beach. Serendipity Beach is a favorite spot for people heading toward the Southern Islands.   

Sihanoukville  beach
During tours to Cambodia, you can also take a cookery class to whip up your feats and tastes of the place. Visit the site at nightfall and sleep inside the Mangroves to stay closer to the villagers and streets. 

5. Cardamom Mountains 

Moreover, cities and temples in this destination have some new scenery with the largest rainforest in South-East Asia. It would help if you visited the protected habitat of numerous endangered species like clouded leopards, sun bears, and Asian elephants. 

Trekking in Cardamom Mountains  Cambodia

For the backpackers, you cannot resist fitting in a trek during the tour to make it towards these peaks. You might want to indulge in guided jungle walks and engage with conservation projects, release programmes, and wildlife rehabilitation. 

The Secret of Vietnam and Cambodia Tours!

Stepping into the best holiday packages for Vietnam and Cambodia means you need to get inside the small details about every destination. Planning ahead of the visit will help to discover the harmony of this mesmerizing scenery with overwhelming hospitality and rich culture.